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Bottle Alley Battle…

GD Bottle Alley 1 I thought I would share a couple pix I have seen of my work hanging in Bottle Alley in Hastings, UK as part of the Zeroh Studio collaboration for the Coastal Currents Arts Festivals Opening Ceremony. Sadly it was defaced by bad poetry in red marker with curse words all over it & now looks like the council will take it down.
Bottle Alley 2 by GD People chilling out by my work at the opening ceremony night. Totally gutted as I will never get to see it, or even a photo with the sea behind it. Nothing. Why are people so selfish? I will never understand. I am not going to put the “poets” name up as they don’t deserve credit. But people in Hastings know who it is… Such a shame – major time and money put in this project… 🙁 GD
POST UPDATE – I was able to find a pic with the sea behind courtesy of the Coastal Currents Official FB page, so at least I get a photo of it. Not the same of course. Oh well…
Some very nice people went down Bottle Alley and painted over the bad poetry! They had to paint over it twice because the marker was so dark. Me & Booboo took a stroll this morning and it all looks brilliant so yay! 🙂


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Grande Dame Does Bottle Alley!

No, it’s not a sex act – it’s street art on Hastings iconic underground seafront promenade! The mega talented animation/ art duo – Zeroh – asked myself and about 20 other artists to contribute to their project which is also the launch of Coastal Currents Arts Festival. There are over 100 columns running along Bottle Alley and each artist has 5 to cover. The theme was “Point of Decay” – Hastings Pier and Seafront is having a much needed makeover after being in a state of decay for sometime. Before Bottle Alley gets its proper facelift, our art shall adorn the walkway. Bottle Alley was built in the 1930’s buy Hastings “Concrete King” Sidney Little. A pioneer in early recycling, he took loads of different colored broken bits of glass and made mosaic walls with concrete that line the underground deck. Not just a pretty decoration, the walls helped stabilize the beach and take the full force of the sea. Even in it’s current state, it is a treat to walk through. wecamefromthesea1
Here are a few of my images. I was inspired by some science programs I watched on how life was formed from gas, water, and heat; and how we all originally evolved from sea creatures. I call my collection – “We Came From the Sea” – this is “Early Bird” and “Tree of The Dead”. We had to work in black and white only, which was a challenge for me, but as I have said many times before – I like challenges!
These are called – “5 Stages of The Baby Coral Formation” and “Origins of Man”. There are a few more too, but you’ll have to walk down Bottle Alley and see for yourself! I must admit, this is another life goal I am ticking off the list! Grande Dame – Street Artist! Woo! Coastal Currents Opening Ceremony is August 28th. Zeroh put on quite a spectacle, so make sure you get down to Bottle Alley to witness it in all it’s glory! Art should be up for 3 – 4 months! Yay! Click Pix for info! More soon! oxo gd

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Grande Dame at The Arches & more!

qbarch Costal Currents Art Festival is still going strong in Hastings! Today I will be hanging some silk screen prints at the local print studio – The Arches. The space is open for viewing this Saturday & Sunday, as well as next Saturday & Sunday. Really excited to be a part this show, as there other super talent artists involved and I know it will look amazing!
zeroh Last Sunday’s Pop Up T-Shirt Shop with Zeroh Studio was super cool! In fact there was such a good response that they are planning on doing more similar type events and have asked me to be involved! Yay! So, my quest to cover the world in Dodo’s just might happen after all!
10x10 The 10×10 group show curated by Jeff Disastronaut is truly awesome! He really did a stellar job of bringing the local community of artists together. All out work is so different, yet compliments each other splendidly. He is open daily through out the week & weekend, click pic for more info! Ok onwards and upwards spacefans! more soon! oxo gd

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Grande Dame LTD Edition Dodo T’s Available Today at Zeroh Pop Up Shop!

10625007_10153301313005400_1754326074504930985_n Ladies & Germs! Today from 2pm to 7pm Zeroh Studio will be hosting a Pop Up T Shirt Gallery & I will have a few LTD Edition DoDo Ts available!
10635744_10153297954910400_3875089654334718573_n They were very kind to let me use their silk screen studio to whip a few up! I was a bit rusty, I must admit, but luckily screen print wizard and fellow ink_d artist Screen Prince was there to hold my hand.
16314_10153301203580400_2014184937823873675_n They came out pretty good I must say!
IMG_4351 1 Here’s some detail of my Dodo up close…
IMG_4342 As I am a detail freak, I even customised them with the Grande Dame luxury brand label! Ha Ha!
10644808_10153301186930400_3969123304388558922_n Sadly I didn’t buy enough T Shirts – at the mo only 5 are available… But did have some spare silk and managed to print myself a nice scarf… The few pix I have posted online have gotten a huge response, so you can bet I will be doing more of this design! Luckily I have the screen too! So look out for more Ts, Scarves, Cushions, Upholstery – you name it! I shall cover the world in Raphus Cucullatus! Never forget! Ha Ha! So, if you are in Hastings, come down and say hi! It’s just in the alley way off Robertson Street! And loads of other amazing artists are involved too! So Yay! More soon! oxo GD

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Grande Dame at Costal Currents!

10by10 Dear friends! I am getting excited about the big local Hastings/St Leonard’s Arts Fair – Costal Currents – which opens next week & runs until Sept 14th. So many cool things to check out and see! And I am happy to announce that I am involved in 3 super cool group shows! The first of which, 10 x 10 opens with a private view party next thurs eve! It’s at my dear friend and neighbour Jeff Disatronaut’s amazing studio space! Lots of brilliant artists are participating in this one so do have a peek!
zeroh Then next Sunday August 31st I am participating in a T-Shirt Pop Up Shop curated by fellow animators & graphic artists Zeroh Studio called Zeroh & Friends… I had initially bowed out, as I am busy working like a maniac on my upcoming show at Ink-D gallery… Then I was wearing one of my old silk screen designs & thought “wait, I really need to print this again!” So limited edition Grande Dame Dodo T’s will be available here! And I am honoured to hang my humble pieces among other great artists work!
CCArches Lastly I will have some of my silk screens on display at local hastings screen printing workshop & studio – The Arches – The studio is open Sept 6/7 & 13/14. Again truly amazing work by the other artists involved so be sure to check it out! ok back to work! more soon! oxo GD

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