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Reflections of a Golden Time

Looking back on my 2 weeks plus adventure around the Yucatan Peninsula, I wanted to share some my highlights. It’s hard to have a fave place, but I think because it was so opposite and far removed from my life and “western living” – Coba was the most interesting. It was proper Jungle life and the people there were descendants of the Mayans. Many still spoke the language. There was no wifi, huts were every where, children fished with strings. It was mega jungley. This is me in Coba with our guide Mickey. Ask for him if you go there, he was awesome!
Swimming in the ceynotes was out of this world! Really was trippy and cool and fun and invigorating and left me with this mesmerizing feeling afterwards. There’s nothing like connecting with nature. You can just make out a faint image of my ass swimming under water in the Grande Ceynote.
Seeing Chichen Itza. Alot of people said “don’t bother going, it’s too touristy and crowded” – but I was not going to miss the big daddy of pyramids from The Mayan Civilization. Because it was so dern hot, we learned quick, get up early and move early then get to air con quick. Luckily for us, no one else did. So glad we saw it. Def check it out, just remember – Early bird catches the worm!
The art of Mexico is so meee! I loved every bit of it. But top highlight was seeing and learning about the Alebrijes of Oaxaca. So trippy, weird and wonderful! I got this guy on the way out. His name is Fluffy.
Of course the embroidery was absolutely gorgeous! Loads of diff styles, colors and variations. As a amateur embroiderer I was totally blown away by the craftsmanship, detail, and time these ladies put into their work.
Sadly my tummy bothered me before I even arrived in Mexico. But I didnt let that stop me from sampling the delectable morsels. The Pork Pibil was my fave main and in Valladolid at Taberna De Los Frailes – the water melon and grilled cheese appetizer blew my taste buds to the moon!
The nature, plants, flora, fauna, animals, birds, bugs, turtles, fish, dogs, goats, roosters, unidentified creatures, and iguanas were mind blowing to see. It was like being in a National Geographic special. Esp the lizards tho, they really got in my psyche and gave me strange visions. I cant say what I saw, as it might get me locked up, but I shall try and draw them on my return.
The beaches of Tulum were the most beautiful I have ever seen. Just white sand and turquoise azure waters. Pure heaven. Again if I were to go back it would be between Dec – March tho. The heat killed us. But all and all we had a super fab time! Thank you goddess for so many experiences of so many lifetimes rolled into one! More soon! oxo gd

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Vibrant Valladolid

We made our way from Chichen Itza on Sunday to the beautiful town of Valladolid and to our temporary living quarters at the elegant and fragrant Coqui Coqui Spa and Guest House.
Later that evening we dined in the most fabulous resturant called Taberna de los Frailes – Tavern of The Frail. It was at the convent at San Bernadino de Siena Church, the largest and oldest in the area, built in the 1500s. It is also above the oldest ceynote in Mexico. We had yummy food, most notably grilled cheese and watermelon! Yum! And I tried mescal for the first time, which I must admit was very smooth, but gave a great buzz in return!
The next day we walked around the town looking at the nik naks and artifacts.
So many cool things to buy! So colorful and vibrant!
This skull is life size but covered in thousands of beads!
A massive embroidered tapestry adorns a courtyard wall.
We walked around and admired the architecture. Valladolid style has a middle eastern flavor to it. All the buildings are mainly one story dwellings, but with massive ceilings that are most likely 25 feet high or more.
Many have beautiful courtyards with massive banana plants.
As well as adjoining back gardens that resemble a jungle and stretches a mile back.
And of course saints are everywhere…It is quite beautiful here, but I won’t lie, I have had a hard time dealing with the heat. Luckily, today we are setting of to Tulum, right on the beach and we will have that cooling sea breeze. More pix of lovely Valladolid here on my instagram… oxo gd

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