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Rad Photo & Write Up

Before my opening the other night, I told myself a dozen times to make sure to get photos on the night – and if nothing else – of my outfit! Ha – priorities! Of course once the party kicked off I was so busy scurrying around from person to person, mingling, checking the music, making sure the vids were playing, etc; that like always – I forgot! I even tried to take a selfie in the downstairs toilets but they didn’t turn out. Then right near the end of the night I happened to meet a photographer named Nathan Thomas Jones – who asked could he take my pic and directed me in the middle of London Road for a very dramatic shot! Also the one above – I’m standing infront of the Co-Op Supermarket with the Dallas Fried chicken reflecting on the windows – drama! Anyhoo, click the pic or here to see his other amazing shot and write up – Thanx Nathan! More soon oxo gd

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At Home with Grande Dame

Grande Dame as Veronica Lake

Turquoise Dame

It’s been exactly 1 week since I returned from my South American travels, and it’s taken me that long to get my groove back. Going from extreme heat to frosty chills has been a shock to the system to say the least. I’m doing everything I can to stave off the cold. One thing has made me all warm and cozy – I received out take photos from my Pretty Litter Photo Shoot! You may recall I did an interview in their last issue. The photo shoot was a gruelling 7 hours and I did a zillion outfit changes! So I am very pleased to see them!!!

Mistress Dame & Booboo

Mistress Dame & Booboo

The pictures were shot by the very talented Richard Hanson. One of my passions is collecting vintage clothing. I have a fab dealer who I get many pieces from. It’s rare that I get the opportunity to wear most of my ensembles, so it’s nice to have a little photographic time capsule of the outfits, grand regency splendour of this magnificent building, and of course the precious pix of my darling Booboo Beebee! Thank you Richard Hanson for the BRILLIANT IMAGES!!! Made my year! oxo gd
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