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Grande Dame VIDZ Avail NOW!

Dear Friends! After several requests for my videos, I have finally gotten my files together. These are just the visuals, no sound – when I have some time I’ll do one with sound. This is more as a visual light feature. You can either get a USB stick or download the link and save them to usb. Press play on your flat screen TV and they loop for infinity! It’s great for parties! I am selling them for £50. It may seem like a lot of money for an hours worth of vids but – it takes me one month per minute. So that’s 60 months worth of work! 5 years basically! So impress your friends with my psychedelic projections. For personal use only, bars, clubs and visuals people must purchase a different agreement. Ok, click the paypal button and I will email you the download link, or send you the USB stick – whichever you prefer – and free shipping anywhere on the planet! Whoa! That’s a deal!!! Or just fill in the contact form with your email & instructions. Easy! Ok more soon! oxo GD

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Friends & Comrades! Back in June, I did a post marking my passing 10 Million Views on Giphy! Well in 5 months I’ve passed the 66 Million Mark! WHAT??? Amazing!! Inching closer to 100 Mill!!!

Now that Facebook & Twitter have integrated gifs in the post sections, it’s totally easy to access my Giphy library! You just type in – #grandedame – and voila! My work magically appears! Apart from 2 girls at the top, dunno what they’re doing there? I’ll speak to someone about it… Crazy though! 66 Million is more than all of the UK! So world domination is happening – aww – dreams do come true!

So grab a trippy gif from me by typing in – #grandedame – and impress your friends, and help me take over the world whilst doing it! Thanx! More soon! oxo GD

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Grande Dame Presents Electric Crazyland 2!

Friends & Comrades! The show at The St Leonard Pub is going so swimmingly, I decided to go ahead and let the buyers collect their pieces. And beginning of Oct I will do a lil switch around and replace the ones that sold with some other works!

Including my very first light – the piece were it all began – THE ELECTRIC CRAZYLAND LIGHT! Designed by myself and made by legendary lords of light, the world famous – GOD’s OWN JUNKYARD!!! WOW!!! Only 3 of these babies were ever made. And only 1 available! Come & bask in her magical glowy illuminations!
Seeing that there will be a rearrange with new pieces, it’s a perfect excuse for a party! Myself and Jo Perfect will be playing groovy sounds from way out! And there will also be a draw with a chance to win a signed print! Woo! So if you are in the area Thurs Oct 5th – COME DOWN AND PARTY! oxo gd

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Grande Dame Permanent Video Installation!

Ladies & Gentlemen! I am very pleased to announce that my video installation at The St Leonard Public House has been such a success, that the owners have asked to make it permanent! Wowowow!!! My second permanent video installation in the UK! Of course Brighton folk will be familiar with my installation at the Joker Pub – Next the world! ha! Funny, cos it was a last minute idea. I had planned to have projections on the PV night. But using their projector & screen would mean a big wall of work would have to be covered. I toyed with the idea of bringing my own projector and leaving it up for the shows duration, but projectors are fiddly and can be diff to operate. Then it hit me – flat screen telly! I did a post on fb asking if any friends had old ones they wanted to sell. And it just so happened my lovely neighbors and collaborators in couture shoes – The De havilland’s – just happened to have a telly which fit perfectly in my fancy gold frame! Kismet! Yay! So, if you are in the St Leonard vicinity, pop in for a drink & Tune In & Turn On! More amazing news soon! oxo GD

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Grande Dame GIF Comments for Twitter & Facebook!

As I continue my rise to world domination & sticker stardom, my GIFS are also gaining momentum! In fact my Interstellar Slaughter GIF has had over 10 million views! WOO!

In the past year Twitter has added a new gif button feature for posts & comments, and just recently Facebook added the same thing for comments and messenger as well. At first I just entered Grande Dame in the search, and all though many of my GIFS appeared, they were jumbled in between, Arianna Grande & Notre Dame football – ha! So, I spent 3 days last week going through all 204, tagging them with “#grandedame” and voila!

Above is an example of how to access my GIF library on Giphy. It’s that easy! Awesome! So no more boring reg type memes! All though, yes most of my gifs are arty animation loops from various works, you can use them for expressions as well!
This could be Werk, Slay, Fierce, Flawless, Diva, Relax, Chill etc…

This could be Party, Celebrate, Drunk, Sick, More Wine, Happy New Year, Birthday etc…

Yass Queen! Yes, Ok, Badass, Fierce, Gotcha, tough, etc…

As I mentioned, there are 204, so something for everyone! Make it what you want! At the end of the day, they are fun and colourful, and make you feel good, and we all need some color to make us feel better in these dark times. My small contribution. Just type – #grandedame – in the box and colorful, fun gifs galore! Enjoy! More soon! oxo GD

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Grande Dame Q&A with Sticker List!

My rise to sticker stardom continues! Recently I did a Q&A with Sticker List on my accidental bump into success. I spoke about artists I dig, and current projects I’m working on, how the sticker empire came about etc… Click the pic or here to read. And if you have an iphone and don’t have my app – what’s wrong with you? It’s like having trippy art to send to your friends! Get it here! Woo! More soon! oxo GD

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Grande Dame Psychedelic Animated Emojis!

Several months back, a friend suggested I make Facebook Stickers. I didn’t even know what they were, so I ignored her – sorry Amelia! Ha! But she kept suggesting it to me. I finally figured out what they were – illustrated emojis you can post for Facebook comments rather than words. I looked into it and found out – it’s impossible to make THOSE particular stickers. You have to be asked by Facebook, they don’t let just any sticker maker upload their work. I was disappointed, but sniffed around and found this great app called imoji. It lets artists upload their own art, as well as, allows other people share it. So I uploaded tons! At the mo – it works best in messenger. All the emoji stickers are fully animated in that platform. There are other sharing options available too – instagram, text, what’s app etc… BUT in the other platforms, it grabs a still from the animation and posts that, rather than a moving loop like it does in messenger. Hopefully soon it will work in the Facebook comment section and soon I will dominate the world with my psychedelic, animated emoji stickers! Still have tons more to upload! Stop sending boring smiley faces! Be cool and share a veiny skull, bouncy clown, alien & more! Click here to get the free app! Once installed type Grande Dame into the search and all my trippy emojis will appear like magic! Enjoy! Happy sharing! More soon oxo GD

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