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Grande Dame Psychedelic Animated Emojis!

Several months back, a friend suggested I make Facebook Stickers. I didn’t even know what they were, so I ignored her – sorry Amelia! Ha! But she kept suggesting it to me. I finally figured out what they were – illustrated emojis you can post for Facebook comments rather than words. I looked into it and found out – it’s impossible to make THOSE particular stickers. You have to be asked by Facebook, they don’t let just any sticker maker upload their work. I was disappointed, but sniffed around and found this great app called imoji. It lets artists upload their own art, as well as, allows other people share it. So I uploaded tons! At the mo – it works best in messenger. All the emoji stickers are fully animated in that platform. There are other sharing options available too – instagram, text, what’s app etc… BUT in the other platforms, it grabs a still from the animation and posts that, rather than a moving loop like it does in messenger. Hopefully soon it will work in the Facebook comment section and soon I will dominate the world with my psychedelic, animated emoji stickers! Still have tons more to upload! Stop sending boring smiley faces! Be cool and share a veiny skull, bouncy clown, alien & more! Click here to get the free app! Once installed type Grande Dame into the search and all my trippy emojis will appear like magic! Enjoy! Happy sharing! More soon oxo GD

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Devils Plan

Getting ready for my Radio Show & for the Satanic Mojo 2 comic launch tomorrow! Tres excited! I was asked to bring some vids with witchy imagery. Growing up in the deep south, you’re constantly bombarded with fire and brimstone images and proverbs everywhere you go. Even if you didn’t grow up in a religious family (I certainly did not), there is no escaping it… It def made an impression on me as I use devils in almost everything I do… Anyhoo I whipped this lil number up today, it’s really just a mashup of clips of other vids, but to a track from my Crazy Girl album – Devils Plan. I wrote it in 1992, after the Rodney King riots.. I was living in Venice Beach at the time and my friends and I thought it would be a good idea to drive to the middle of South Central and get right in there with the mob. We were very lucky nothing happened. We blasted Public Enemies first album riding with the crowd as they threw molotov cocktails at shops. You could feel the flames on your face. One image that sticks in my mind is an Indian owned pawn shop with 6 sons outside with bullets strapped to their chests like Zapatas holding machine guns while another relative quickly welded iron bars over the windows… To me it seemed like LA was the modern day Rome, the TV was the colosseum, the gladiators were the cops… A few years later I was recording signage for a doc in my hometown, it was a Sunday and I heard this amazing music & testifying sermon going on nearby, so I stood by the back door with the vid camera and recorded the sound, so that’s what it is at the end & that’s where Devils Plan came from… I must admit it’s pretty cool. It’s nice when you leave something you made awhile back and revisit it again. Anyhoo have a listen! more soon. xxgd

DevilsPlann from Grande Dame on Vimeo.

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Grande Dame’s Art Show Debut in Hastings

notion3You are cordially invited to join me at the Dragon Bar in Hastings for my debut show! The Private view is weds Sept 25th from 6:00 PM. The show runs until Oct 8. On display will be my usual array of bright colours. Lights, Silk Screens, Giclee’s, Porcelain Plates, Blotter Art and hoping for just the night of the PV to rig up a projector and display my psychedelic animations…
Many of you may or may not know that the majority of my work for sale originate from my animations. I tend to suffer from over detailitis… That is why my latest 5 min offering has taken over a year!! Ha Ha! Because of this compulsion to over detail, I use images from the videos and make them into tangible objects – prints, plates, t shirts, etc…
If you arent familiar with my audio/ visual work – here is an example. Hope to see you on the 25th! Details HERE! 🙂 oxo gd

Grande Dame – The Shakes from Grande Dame on Vimeo.

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Now I live INSIDE the computer!

971417_10152473642415400_1982415174_n Apologies for sporadic posts, but I am back to animating/ editing mode. I am at the very end of my short animation that I have been working on for over a year!! Ok to be fair I haven’t been working on it consistently for the last year, but if I added the time up, it’s easily pushing over 7 months!! For 5 minutes!! Agh!! I literally am at the very, very end. Instead of editing it and getting it perfectly on the timeline, which a normal brain would do – I have spent the last 3 days having fun with color.
543890_10152472998345400_776030695_n In fact too much fun that I have totally confused myself and have to go back and retrieve my old files and kinda start over.. But no worries I know exactly how to do it in my head!! It’s been so long since I have worked like this. Before I could work 15 plus hours a day for weeks on end. Now after 3, 4 days my brain turns to mash potatoes and I have to step back. On saturday I went out to walk the dog and bumped into people and could not put sentences together! When I’m pressed up against the big computer screen flashing super hyper colored animations over and over for 15 plus hours, for days on end; it’s like my brain goes inside the computer and I live there now… Only I sprained my brain and cant go back inside for a few days.. I will finish soon! Might end up in a psych ward tho! But hey art buy any means right!! oxo gd

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