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Virginia Spencer Carr R.I.P.

I heard that Virginia Spencer Carr passed away. Allthough I did not know her, (my mother did) I was a fan of her work, especially her wonderful biog on Carson McCullars – The Lonely Hunter. If you are not familiar with Carson McCullers amazing Southern Gothic writings, then I suggest you check her out! My fave is Ballad of The Sad Cafe. Carr’s excellent biog, really takes you into the world of Carson McCullers – her quirky close knit family upbringing in Columbus, Georgia (my hometown), her frustrations of growing up there and not fitting in ( I can relate!), her inner demons and struggles, and wild partying nights in New York (been there!) – all of which contributed to her dark art & writing style. Virginia Carr’s book really captures that. She also became quite close with Tennessee Williams in the process of her research, as he was a close friend of McCullers.  William’s said of Carr – “Her face had a certain smile which gave it a certain charm and within a minute or two I had dismissed my reluctance to share with her my many reminiscences of Carson, for I knew at once that this lady from Georgia, Carson’s native state, was someone who valued the spirit and the writing of Mrs. McCullers as deeply as I did.” Aww Sweet! After McCullers books, I definitely wanted to know – who is behind this brilliant dark mind? This wonderful biog brought me a little closer and made me think – “Wow! She’s like me!” Thank you Virginia for an informative, enjoyable read! Hope you are having fun with Carson,  Tennessee, and Truman. oxo gd



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