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Stuckey’s Ltd Edition Print Available Now!

Dear Friends! I have a new print available for purchase! Introducing Stuckey’s ltd edition giclee by Grande Dame. Stuckey’s – the mecca where bad taste and confections converge to break up the monotony of your road trip. That magical oasis from many American childhoods, reimagined in a pop art, hyper colored, classic car fantasy.

Printed on Somerset Velvet Enhanced 255 GSM Paper. Print is 11″ x 14″ and comes unframed. An edition of 60 for £60. These babies are going fast, so order yours now! Click any pix or here for more info. More soon! oxo GD

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Pilgrimage to The Crescent City Part 1

IMG_9457Apologies for the gap in my posts, but our little trip to the Big Easy was so chocked full of things to do that I couldn’t keep up! In fact there was so much going on I’m gonna hafta break it down into five parts!!! It was an 8 hour drive from my mothers to New Orleans. We passed many religious billboards along the way, like this marvelous anti-evolution ad!!! It was everywhere! WTF?
IMG_8440 It’s a long journey, so one must amuse themselves with shopping! Here you see me modeling my silly sock purchase – Mr Spock! Not pictured my Wonder Woman socks that come with their own capes!!
Holy House As you can see I am absolutely giddy with excitement! Because we made our way to the redneck MECCA – Stuckey’s! So many useless things to look at!
IMG_8457 Lovely greetings at the door of this majestic, holy temple!
IMG_8472 So many Jesus t-shirts to choose from, this was a fave!
IMG_8471 Not to brag, but I nailed it in my animated short THE TRIP. This was just one random case – A tin box with a cross and bible, pepper spray pen, and knives all for sale at Stuckey’s! I heart that place!!
IMG_8510 1 I did manage to score a Free Masons Ski cap!! Total randomness from that weird & wonderful store!!
IMG_8526 We made it just in time to catch the lovely sunset on Lake Ponchatrain right outside the city…
IMG_8539 And had a yummy fried feast at New Orleans institution – Liuzza’s! I had fried dill pickles, fried green tomatoes, and fried oysters! With Abita Amber beer in a frosty mug! Nomm…
IMG_8565 Of course you gotta have desert when you come to New Orleans and we had yummy ice cream & gelato & pastries from Angelo Brocato! I had the chocolate Saint Anthony! It was scrumptious as well! Ok Part 2 tomorrow! Click pix or here to see more on my instagram! oxo gd

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Stuckey’s a Study…

This is an image from my short film I am working on. I don’t want to share too much, but I just couldn’t help myself. It’s kind of a road trip movie set in the Deep South. If you have ever driven around the southern United States, then surely you have been to a Stuckey’s. It’s a truck stop/ candy store/ souvenir shop. They make their own candy, and are famous for their pecan logs and peanut brittle. It was an oasis on the drive from my hometown of Columbus, Georgia to New Orleans. I couldn’t wait to go in and look at all the aisles of crap! It broke up the monotony of that long boring drive. I remember them being filled with fringed t shirts and rebel flags. They also sold Alabama Snow Globes, thimbles & bells with Alabama on them, as well as Georgia Turd Birds – Cow manure covered in polyurethane with googly eyes glued on. Alabama & Georgia hate each other, kind of a Hatfield and McCoy thing. Anyhoo, I havent been to a Stuckey’s in years, so don’t know if it’s as tacky as I remember, but I am so happy about my pic. You’ll hafta wait until next year to see the film tho… oxo gd


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