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Ladies & Gentlemen! The date is fast approaching – next Thursday Dec 7th at the fabulous St Leonard Pub – I will be making my first stage debut in 6 whole years!!! EEK! I won’t lie – I’ve was terrified at the prospect, and thought to myself “Have you lost your mind? What are you doing?” Mainly because I’ve been a bit under the weather and it has been 6 long years since I’ve graced a stage, except karaoke – and karaoke counts goddamnit! But I had an amazing rehearsal with my writing partner – keyboard virtuoso – Pete Z “King of Shag!” And after I listened back to our set I thought “Yeah! this sounds awesome! I can do this! This is fun!” I’m happy to say I’m feeling a lot better and excited to be working again in the powerful medium that is SOUND, so – it’s on!

I made a new lightbox too! Hoping to have that up and radiating Grande Illuminations. Myself, Pete & the wonderful Jo Perfect will be dropping killer tunes for you, and I am having another raffle on the night! This time I’m giving away Grande Dame Originals – but you have to be there to win. So come on down people and PARTY! Live show commences at 9pm – raffle at 9:45. So mark your date and be there to witness this rare spectacle that is Grande Dame LIVE and lets ring in the holiday season together and have some big fun! Click the pix or here for deets! Woo! oxo GD

Top pic by Nathan Thomas Jones


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Rad Photo & Write Up

Before my opening the other night, I told myself a dozen times to make sure to get photos on the night – and if nothing else – of my outfit! Ha – priorities! Of course once the party kicked off I was so busy scurrying around from person to person, mingling, checking the music, making sure the vids were playing, etc; that like always – I forgot! I even tried to take a selfie in the downstairs toilets but they didn’t turn out. Then right near the end of the night I happened to meet a photographer named Nathan Thomas Jones – who asked could he take my pic and directed me in the middle of London Road for a very dramatic shot! Also the one above – I’m standing infront of the Co-Op Supermarket with the Dallas Fried chicken reflecting on the windows – drama! Anyhoo, click the pic or here to see his other amazing shot and write up – Thanx Nathan! More soon oxo gd

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Thank you to everyone who came down last night to help me celebrate my opening!! Great to see so many familiar faces and meet many new ones! A FAB time was had by all! I cut myself, bruised myself, & even shocked myself with this show and will now today remain in bed, horizontal, licking my wounds… The show is up for a few months so if you didn’t see it – have a look! At The St Leonard Pub 16-18 London Road. Thanx to Oliver Crowther, Allen Clarke, Jo Perfect, Liz de Havilland & The St leonard for all your help… oxo GD

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I will NEVER tire of this…

booboopalace Another glorious sunny morning in Hastings!!! Today Boo Boo & I took our second proper long walk in a month. I have a had a chest infection & my walking abilities have been limited, but thanks to antibiotics, I am on the mend; and with weather this gorge, I must take advantage. Here is my little fluffy beach bunny frolicking in front of our fabulous Palace!!
gargoyle We walked down the beach & I treated myself to a half pound of fresh scallops!! The first time I bought fresh fish since I have been here. We meandered back along the old town. Here is a cool gargoyle carved in wood on an old building. That’s something you never see, a wooden gargoyle!
coolwindow There are lots of cool antique, junk & interiors shops in the old town. I have no idea what this one is, but every time I pass it, it reminds me of my uncles apartment in New Orleans. It was filled with strange old theatre props like this!
musicstore I always stop and stare into the window of this cool music memorabilia shop. I love the Elevators Bass Drum! They have cool books & rare 7’s too! One day when I have money to spare, I’ll go in and buy something!! Ahh, I will never tire of days like this!! More soon… oxo gd

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Reasons to be grateful

myview To wake up on a sunny morning to this incredible view of the horizon is such a privilege! This is why I came to the sea side – for days like this!
myboys And to watch my little furry boys play together with the morning sun streaming through my grand palace windows is pure heaven. I am so lucky and grateful to experience such pleasures. Ahh… Life is good! Thank you universe! oxo GD

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Settling in…

IMG_2336 Well It’s been 2 weeks since my move to Hastings and I must say, so far so good! This place has everything that appeals to me – extreme natural beauty, gorgeous opulent architecture, kitch fairground attractions, and it’s inhabited by colorful characters! 252294_10151985225095400_435513015_n
Waking up to views like this is amazing. It really takes your breath away. I never paid that much attention to the sky before. But it is such a spectacle to behold – the universe’s theater – it’s really moving! Sometimes when I look out onto the sea & there are cloud formations on the horizon, I start to think it’s a landscape to a far away fairy land. It looks that way to me…
66775_10151996024990400_1389679309_nI really lucked out finding this space. It’s beyond my wildest dreams. I always fantasized about living living in a space like this, but then with the views too, it’s just like WOW! It kind of reminds me of the 3 Stooges. I hated them growing up. I couldnt watch (except when Shemp fell in love with the person in the bird costume) because they would always seem to arrive at these opulent, glamourous hotels and then completely destroy them!! It really upset me when I was little. It kinda feels like Im at the hotel before the 3 Stooges show up…
IMG_2302 I also love the fair ground attractions! It reminds me of my childhood when the “Goodings Million Dollar Midway” would roll into town every fall. My favorite time of year! I loved the rides, and lights, and sounds!! This fresco is from the boardwalk kiddie carousel! I kid you not! The entire ceiling is covered in hermaphradidic semi nudes!! Ha Ha! Brilliant!
IMG_2268 And the glow from all the arcade amusements also brings me back to childhood! This game plays Green Onions as it’s sound track!!
IMG_2264 Boo Boo has been a star! He has really taken to his new home. There are loads of dogs here and he’s made new friends. I wasn’t sure what he would think of the sea, but he absolutely LOVES IT!!

IMG_2325 Tom cat had a harder time adjusting. The first week he meowed incessantly from 2am to 10 am!! But after I bought some herbal kitty valium, he’s now adjusted and seems quite content. He’s now sleeping with boo boo & I, something he never did before. I quite like it too! I like my animas cuddly!
IMG_2352 I won’t lie, the first week was pretty hard, I felt isolated, as I had no net, phone, sporadic mobile reception and know very few people. But the people I have met have been very friendly. There are A LOT of characters here, which I always seem to gravitate towards. This is Noel. He busks under a bridge for money. He has a border collie named Snowy with the most beautiful tiger colored eyes. Noel is serenading me with one of my fave tunes – Summertime. He is really good!! Oddly enough, I nearly bought the sweater he is wearing from a charity shop, as it’s covered in dogs and says “woof” all over it!
IMG_2226 It is truly a privilege living here and being a custodian to this magnificent space! Everyday is a joy. I am so lucky to have found this slice of heaven. oxo gd

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