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Friends & Countrymen Lend me your ears! Due to a schedule mix up at St Leonards, my PV night for Electric Crazyland – has been pushed back a week to Weds the 23rd instead of the previous Weds! Yesterday I even made loads of posters up to paste up around town – agh! Luckily they contacted me before I did that! Phew! Anyhoo, please make a note – I updated the previous blog. It’s going to be a fun night so come down and celebrate with me! More soon oxo GS

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Grande Dame Solo Show at St Leonard Pub!

UK Friends, esp East Sussex & Stingz area peeps – I am happy to announce that Weds August 23rd I have a solo show opening at the fabulous St Leonard Pub on London Road. I am going to have a new print or 2, as well as a new lightbox! Yay! On the opening night I will be showing my crazy, psychedelic projections, including clips from my soon to be cult classic – A Star Named Carson – which premieres in Rome next week – EEK! So please come down & celebrate with me! Groovy sights and sounds to be seen and heard! Be great to see some faces, esp as I have been hidden away working myself to near death the entire year! So mark the date – Wed Aug 23rd 7pm till late, at St Leonard Pub 16 – 18 London Rd St Len! PARTY! Woo! more soon! oxo GD

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Grande Galleries Open!

This is a long time overdue, BUT I finally got around to putting my art archives up online! To be honest, it’s not EVERYTHING I have done, but a good majority of my work. I joined this new site PRZM. It’s cool because unlike ETSY, you can feature work for sale, but also show previous sold works, which is great, as I have many! And unlike Flickr, where you just have images, you can also have buy options! Pretty cool! It took me ages to put it together, and I am still adding to it, but a good portion of my creations are up and viewable to the world. There is a lot to see! So make a cup of tea and have a gander! If you see anything that catches your eye, get in touch! Click pic or here! More soon! oxo GD

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Grande Dame at The Arches & more!

qbarch Costal Currents Art Festival is still going strong in Hastings! Today I will be hanging some silk screen prints at the local print studio – The Arches. The space is open for viewing this Saturday & Sunday, as well as next Saturday & Sunday. Really excited to be a part this show, as there other super talent artists involved and I know it will look amazing!
zeroh Last Sunday’s Pop Up T-Shirt Shop with Zeroh Studio was super cool! In fact there was such a good response that they are planning on doing more similar type events and have asked me to be involved! Yay! So, my quest to cover the world in Dodo’s just might happen after all!
10x10 The 10×10 group show curated by Jeff Disastronaut is truly awesome! He really did a stellar job of bringing the local community of artists together. All out work is so different, yet compliments each other splendidly. He is open daily through out the week & weekend, click pic for more info! Ok onwards and upwards spacefans! more soon! oxo gd

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Grande Dame on Amelia’s Mag

electriccrazyland Uber cool art blog and long time Grande Dame associate – Amelia’s Magazine did a sweet feature on my upcoming show!! Again it runs Sept 25 – Oct 8 at Dragon Bar, Hastings. Also on the opening night I am doing a psychedelic animation mash up projection! So be sure to check it out! As I mentioned before most of my art comes from animations first! Yes, it is a long and drawn out process, but hey, that’s how I roll! Click pic for info. More soon! oxo gd

Grande Dame – The Funeral from Grande Dame on Vimeo.

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Queen Bee – The Green Goddess – Ready For The World!

A few weeks back I posted a pic of my latest offering in the medium of silk screen printing – Queen Bee. You might remember, I mentioned I nearly drove myself to a stroke? Yes that one! Well, I am happy to announce I finished the edition last weekend! Yippie! To be honest, I have been really down about what’s going on with the bees for some time now. In fact a few months back I was in a right state worrying about the future of the world & what will become of the bees, I was paralysed with fear for a few days… So I decided to channel my frustration into my art.
Introducing my latest screen print – Queen Bee – The Green Goddess – a humble tribute to mother earth and the tireless creatures that help her flourish – the bees! Limited run of 6/ printed on 10.8″ by 15″ Langton Aquarelle 300 gsm paper. Hand pulled and each of the 4 colours hand mixed by moi.
Available in a stylish silver swept frame or unframed. See how nice she looks on the wall blessing the plants! This could be yours!
All hail the power of The Queen Bee! Click any pic to go to the shop! More soon! oxo gd

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killing myself for art…

photo This is my new screen print – Queen Bee. I hadn’t planned on doing a 4th design, but when I finished early last sat with 2 more classes ahead, I began piecing together a new print…When I started I couldnt stop. The last week has been hell actually, sitting at the computer tweaking dot sizes, printing tests going over my lines, getting everything just right for class on sat. I literally worked from sun to mid friday, 10 – 12 hours a day on this… I nearly drove myself mad. Dishes piled up, everything fell by the way side as I had tunnel vision. It was like my life depended on it & I would die if it wasnt absolutely perfect! Well I did have a deadline to get my layers in order… Unfortch I went about it the wrong way. I thought I could tape together pieces of acetate (since my printer wasn’t big enough) and have my positives that way. I really made myself jump through rings and hoops… Of course when I got to class I learned you can’t tape acetate together!! And I could have saved myself 2 days of hassle by just printing out the image on paper first… ugh… luckily I scrambled around and was able to do that at the college… Making me 2 hours behind to print… It was a mad rush to get the last layer done, as the last class is 3 weeks away! I did not work that hard for the last week to not witness the fruits of all my exasperating labour! So I went into overdrive… And luckily managed to get a few done… Not sure how many I will have in total, maybe 10, maybe less 6?? 7?? It was a very tricky print to do… 4 layers!! Whew! but I did it! Now I could deal with a spa treatment and relaxation therapy! xox gd

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