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Tonight’s Soiree!!!

Well I am happy to report that after 4 hours of hard manual labour yesterday, the new work has been put in it’s places and is ready for the world to see! Yay! Unfortch I left my phone at home all day yest and was not able to take a snap, but will take loads tonight! Of course as I mentioned before myself and Jo Perfect will be playin some choice tunes and there will even be a raffle or 2 to win a signed Grande Dame Print! So please come say high! Be nice to see some faces! It’s at the St leonard Pub London Road from 7- 11PM FREE! Click pic or here for Deets! More soon! oxo GD

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More UV Goodness…

ChickenmanUV Yesterday I went down and snapped some more pix of my work! I still can’t believe how awesome it looks in Blacklight! Wow!!
legendtemp Sadly the proper camera battery died and I just had to use my phone, but still!!! How cool!!!
StAgathaUV I’m hoping I can get back down there and snap some proper hi-def ones while I’m still here…
mstemp Seriously I’m blown away! UV is soooooo me!
LadyisadameUV It all really pops!
StomachFlutterUV Love it all! yay!

And I even got a shout out on Creep Machine Magazine! Woo! Hopefully I can get some proper images, cos I wanna make a little promo vid of it all… Or if I can’t perhaps I can sweet talk a SF based photgrapher to help… Fingers crossed! Shot some vid projections too.. Everything looks ace! yay! Stay tuned! And if you’re in San Francisco, make sure you get down to 111 Minna Gallery to check it out! oxo GD

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Grande Dame Private View at Ketchum Pleon

Dear Friends! I am very excited for my debut art show coming up very soon at Ketchum Pleon. The show runs from March 5th to April 27th, with a private view reception on March 8th. All the info is listed below, so if you’d like to come, click the pic and join us on face book! It is a small event, so best to RSVP if you can! Photos of my new work coming soon! oxo gd


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Xmas Fares and Other Wares

So I did the Circus Xmas Fare this last Saturday. It’s been nearly 8 years since I’ve done a market stall, I forgot how much work it is. It was a last minute idea for me, so I wasn’t really prepared. It was kind of a high-end design show, so people were going all out building sets to display their goods. I just brought a table and my products. It looked fine, maybe a bit sad compared to the others, but the products stood out. My work is so particular tho, not everyone has a taste for it, & I think the color really scared people. But I got alot of super poz feedback too and even sold a print! Saw lots of gorgeous things I wanted to buy, met alot of nice people and got some ideas for other creative enterprises to pursue, like making fabric and scarves!!! I hope it was a success for everyone yesterday, and who knows maybe I’ll try it again next year. oxo gd

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My First Art Show!!!

OMG! I can’t believe I forgot to announce this, BUT I have my very first art show coming up! I am really pinching myself about it too, as I expected it to be years before I would be able to do such a thing, but no!!! It opens March 5th to April 27th, with the private view opening reception on March 8th at 35-41 Folgate Street London E1 6BX (around the corner from Spitalfields)… So be sure to mark your diary!! Going to have big prints, small prints, electric prints, porcelain prints, psychedelic projections and more! I am so excited! It’s a super amazing space. My dear friend Sue, who asked me to do it, made a mock up of what it could look like – BTW, this is just one wall, the space is huge!!!! Thank you Goddess! 2012 is going to be an amazing year I can feel it already!

oxo GD

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People of Barcelona Have Great Taste!

Josué Mellado Pascual, of Barcelona, in Limited Edition Black Leather Grid T-shirt next to a Kali Print! How cool is that? What a pad! So groovy! I love it!!!!

oxo gd

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Ladies & Gentlemen!

Black Leather Vinyl is officially available to purchase!! Yay! So I wanted to share the video with you!! I was inspired by old bondage cartoon greats like Eric Stanton and Gene Billbrew, but added my own psychedelic signature twist to it. A tongue in cheek celebration of all things leather! I should warn you this video is NOT WORK SAFE! Unless you work some where super cool and laid back!

So Black Leather 7″ Vinyl is available to purchase now. Each 7″ of yummy colored vinyl, comes with a ultra cool sheet of blotter art, designed by me and made in collaboration with Mark McCloud of The institute of Illegal Images, San Francisco. Each package comes with a stamped, signed, and numbered certificate of authenticity, in a hand stenciled sturdy 7″ mailer. Made with loving care, by me Tiff McGinnis.

This isn’t just a single, it’s a piece of art with a soundtrack!

Click the Pic to go to our online shop!

Single will be available on itunes shortly!

oxo GD



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