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Countdown to Spiritland!

London Friends and Comrades! In less than 2 weeks time I shall be playing records on the BEST SOUND SYSTEM ON EARTH at the incredible Spiritland! I can NOT wait! Been buying loads of new/old/rare tunes for your listening pleasure. I’m even having my records professionally cleaned – It’s that heavy! And what a treat it will be for our ears. Even Vanity Fair gave them a write up – wow!

Also joining me on the decks for an hour or 2 is the amazing, gorgeous bass playing, rock and roll powerhouse Simone Marie of Primal Scream and Soho Radio! Click the pic to hear her bad ass radio show! It’s gonna be a killer night, the system is so heavy, there will be loads aural pleasures to experience!
Check out the video below of their set up. OMG – I’m not worthy Garth! Ha! Again the event is Weds, Feb 1st, from 8pm – 1am. And it’s Totally Free!!! Spiritland 9 – 10 Stable Street, N1C 4AB – See You there! oxo GD

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Grande Dame on Youtube!

I am sooo late to the gate on this one! Kinda pathetic ha! There is a reason behind my tardiness – I was never keen on youtube. When it started (yes I remember that far back!) the compression did not look favourably on animation. Esp mine! It was all so pixelated and blocky and fuzzy, I just didn’t see the point in bothering with it. To me it was just a place to watch cats playing keyboards and people falling over, not to display my art! My art that I had painstakingly worked on for ages, so that it could look like a big ol sloppy mess! I was a Vimeo disciple – it was created by video artists, for video artists & it’s compression always looked great! But over the years things have changed. Youtube’s compression has improved dramatically. Also whilst going over a recent ASCAP statement, I was taken aback to see that I receive royalties from youtube plays because they have ads! Vimeo does not have ads, so no royalties there. So I thought – what are you waiting for?

I put together some visual mash ups to more songs from the Grande Dame Album and more. I also put my critically acclaimed animated short – The Trip up – NSFW FYI! Not all are “music videos” more psychedelic visual montages. In fact some are super rough – my computer broke down while I was rushing to put bits together for Burning Man. It went into kernel panic and ate up all my RAM! I couldn’t properly edit. So I wrote down the seconds where the time changes were and dropped the clips in that way! Some are not as smooth as others – but still cool as SHIT! Anyhoo, I made a playlist above – nearly an hours worth of rockin tunes & twisted/ psychedelic animations! Some with stories, some just trippy visuals! Perfect for Halloween too! So have a play, listen and share with your friends so I can get paid! Ta oxo GD

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Free Download of Chicken Man!!!


Back down south in Georgia & I’ve been getting ready for my trip to New Orleans. Leaving tomorrow!! It just dawned on me that I accidentally deleted my track Chicken Man!! If you don’t know it, it’s pretty awesome if I do say so myself. Taking major influences from Hearts Barracuda and 70’s Prog/Space Rock – this track was made with 100% love! It is about a real person too! The Chicken Man was known as The Voodoo King of New Orleans. I used to see him all the time when I lived there, he had his own Voodoo shop in the French Quarter and many followers too. Some say his ghost still haunts the quarter streets. Read about him here… To download click buy button. Might have to enter 0, plus your email… Totes free! My gift to you for the next week! Rock out to a new genre – FOWL SPACE ROCK – by Grande Dame! Enjoy! oxo gd

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Grande Dame Album Out Today!

Wow! It’s finally here! 5 years of work is now officially out in the ether! And we’re itunes featured artists in Japan & Australia for new rock releases! Before Bryan Adams even! Ha Ha! What an incredible week! best of my life thus far! I don’t know what I’ll do now… Well I do, I actually have one more animation for this project I want to finish THEN I’ll be done! It’s been a long, hard, rocky road, but so worth it in the end. I am so proud of this project. Many thanks to give – to Pete Z – my long suffering writing partner, Ade Meehan – production maestro, Kirsten Caufield – executive producer, all the great musicians – Jonny Gorilla, Tom Askaroff, Nichol Thompson, Jim Hunt, Melvin Duffy, Errol Linton, Mike Clip Payne, Joey Eppard and more… Thank you also to my publishers – Touch Tones Music, Sophie at Awal, Nerdbomb Promotions, and all the people who have taken the time out to listen and get behind my work – THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH! and last but not least – thank you mamma once again for helping me to live my dream! Love you all! Mwah! So – no more streaming! Now you gotta buy! Click here for itunes download! Box Sets, Comics & CD’s available here! oxo gd Grande Dame_Australia. Rock New releases

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Electric Crazyland Ep 5 Is Your Mornin Jam!

Friday was a crackin show for sure! My buddy PJ Crittenden from Dirty Water Records dropped by and played some killer tunes of bands on his label and had some proper chat time. If you didn’t have a chance to listen live, do not fret, you can hear it right here! Track listing below! Enjoy! oxo gd

Electric Crazyland – Ep 5 by Soho Radio on Mixcloud

Track listing for Electric Crazyland Episode 5
1. The Parliaments – Poor Willie
2. Tom Waits – Romeo is Bleeding
3. ? & The Mysterians – 96 Tears
4. Super Super Blues Band – Ooh Baby Wrecking My Life
5. The Milkshakes – Please Dont Tell My Baby
6. Peyotes – El Humo Te Hace Mal
7. Evolution Control Committee – Whipped Cream Mix
8. Save – Rainy Days
9. King Salami & The Cumberland 3 – Do The Wurst
10. Gonn – Need Your Lovin
11. The Standells – Dirty Water
12. Ike Turner – The Rooster
13. 13th Floor Elevators – You’re Gonna Miss Me
14. Thee Vicars – Everyday
15. The Routes – Do What’s Right by You
16. The Pirates – Cuttin Out
17. Jessie Hill – Om Pah Pah Do
18. Hoyt Axton – Double Dare
19. Los Chicos – We Sound Amazing But We Look Like Shit
20. The Thanes – Dishing The Dirt
21. Dr Feelgood – Milk & Alcohol
22. Violent Femmmes – Gone Daddy Gone
23. Grande Dame – Ledgend In Your Mind
24. MFC Chicken – Get Outta The DJ Booth
25. MFC Chicken – Voodoo Chicken
26. Dustaphonics – Big Smoke London Town
27. The Electric Chairs – Fuck Off
28. ZZ Top – La Grange
29. Riddles – Bag of Bones
30. Hank Williams – Be Careful of Stones That You Throw

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Newly Discovered – Rare Crazy Girl Box Sets!!!

BD – Before Dame there was Crazy Girl, a rude, crude, rough and ready menace on the London Club scene. She was in your face and tough as hell. She took no prisoners. Anything could happen at a Crazy Girl show – from nudity, to hurling insults at the crowd, to downright violence against the audience! What can I say? It was many moons ago and feels like a very different person to the one I am now!
Anyhoo, under my former moniker Crazy Girl, a ltd edition box set was released on Tummy Touch Records. Only 100 were made and all thought to be sold out years ago. Then the label was moving spaces and about 20 were discovered! Like a buried treasure from ancient times! And you too can get your mitts on one!
Each box comes numbered and signed – with the Crazy Girl – Southern Belle From Hell Album (nearly an hours worth of Rock & Roll with early CG recordings as a child!), A full length DVD (with music, videos, animations, and even some totes hilarile comedy skits!), Eclectic Crazyland Radio Show (an hours worth of rare golden nuggets of tuneage!), 5 crazy girl badges, and the creme de la creme – an 8 color silk screened crazy girl designed
t- shirt!! (American apparel) All for the low low price of £30! And FREE SHIPPING ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD!!!
This is a special opportunity to own a slice of history. Click any pic or here And also by purchasing one of these beauties, you are actually helping me pay for my new album production costs! So kill 2 birds today won’t you? Video evidence of sheer brilliance below! Thanx! oxo gd
Watch the infomercial here –

Some of the Killer Tunage here!

A million Laughs here –

Legendary Animations –

And soooooo much more!! 🙂

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Hot Child in the City

cock Yesterday I had to take a trip to London. I got off at Charing Cross and I am embarrassed to say, in over 12 years of living here, I have never been to that station, or around that area at all. I know it’s super touristy, but so many amazing buildings. Got kinda mad at myself for not venturing out of the ghetto and discovering more of this great city. I have have a special place in my heart for cocks, so esp loved this big blue one in Trafalgar Square. mentell22
I had a very important meeting with Terry de Havilland at his soho HQ to be measured for shoes. Over the years Terry has spoiled me with many pairs of high heels. It was always assumed I was a model size and that is the size they have many samples of. But it turns out I am actually thinner than model size. I have the right length but extremely narrow feet. So unfair! Why just my feet? Why not my waist or hips or thighs?? Anyhoo, I havent been able to have any of the shoes I designed, because I needed to be properly measured. So from now on all my shoes have to be custom made. Which is pretty cool…
One pair fit perfectly though – The Isis. Can not wait to wear them!! Like fun fair/ disco/ pinball heaven. I am so proud of these beauties. And TDH is having a mega sale on them at the mo. Click the pic to shop!!
studio1 After shoes I stopped by my drummer & producer Ade Meehan’s super cool studio – Toolshed Music – on Great Windmill street, to discuss our project and some other interesting musical tidbits. If you’re looking for a great place to record, this is your joint. Very cool knowledgeable people, and a super vibey area! can not wait to go back! more soon… oxo gd

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