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Grande Dame in Paper Mag!

I recently did an interview for Paper Mag on my animation career and rise to Sticker Stardom – Ha! I am totally shocked by the response I have received from this endeavor – but hey – I will take it! World Domination continues – Woo!  Thanx again to imojiapp, Giphy Arts and Apple for this life changing opportunity – and to Paper Mag for featuring me! Click pic or here to read. More soon oxo GD

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My VOODOO Sale at Fee Fee La Fou

Having a special sale on my original piece – My Voodoo On You – you can grab it for a limited time only for £1250! Savings of £250! Woo! Inspired by track 7 from the Grande Dame Album- Hand Painted Silk Screen with 24CT Gold Leaf Overlay Mounted on Wood in Gilded Frame 26″ x 30″ 1 of 1. Sale ends soon so click pic or here for deets! Hoppy Halidays! oxo GD

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Grande Dame Solo Show at Whistle Trago!

Stingz, St Leonards and South Sussex Coast peeps! I will be having a solo show at The Whistle Trago on George Street in The Old Town. PV night is Nov 17th and it will run until early January. Expect my usual hyper colored framed treats, a new light box, embroideries and more! Also on the night I shall be projecting my mind melting visuals and providing the soundtrack to accompany. So come join me for a drink or several won’t you – And grab yourself a bargain! Click pic or here for deets! oxo GD

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Grande Dame in Palace Show!

Finally a blog post ha! I did not go away! Nope, I have been busy down in my bunker for the last few months creating a new video for The Alabama 3! Woo! Yes! That is correct! And I have to say it’s the coolest video I have ever made! Can not wait to share it with you! In the meantime I am happy to announce I will be showing work alongside some very talented local artists in the ballroom of my old building at Palace Court! It’s part of the Coastal Currents Arts Festival. Opens this Saturday and runs until the 11th. I’ll be there with Booboo & bells on, so come say hello and grab a deal! Click flyer or HERE of deets!! oxo GD

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Grande Dame in Preserve Magazine!

I’m a week late with this post, as I like many others around the world have been distracted by the UK imploding on itself… But I was pleasantly surprised when I received a copy of the superbly printed Preserve Magazine by my friend Jack Booth. I am truly honoured to have been asked to be featured. There are several amazing works by many other inspiring artists inside too! I can honestly say I have never seen my work printed to such a high standard as Jack has accomplished in a magazine. The colors are spot on and the paper weight is SO LUSH! Seriously, these pages are good enough to frame and hang on the wall! Well done Jack! It’s really more like an artbook than a mag! And at £10 – a bargain! So Click HERE or the pix to get your copy! FAB! More soon! OXOGD

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End of Another Era…

Normally, if someone asked me to create an original piece of work during a time whilst I am in the middle of preparing to move, I would politely decline, or not so politely. But when ink-d asked me to create an original piece for their closing show – yes you read that right they are closing – I gladly accepted their invitation. I actually got the news that they were shutting down less than 24 hours after I received my eviction notice. To say I was devastated, is an understatement. I was more upset by this news than my home situation. I literally sobbed in bed for a week straight. Not only has ink-d been instrumental in transforming my art career, but also turning me on to new artists that I probably would not have heard of. And most importantly, I have grown quite close to them all, so it’s been very sad, like a family breakup or a good friend who is terminally ill… But, like the Chinese proverb “from the ashes – the phoenix rises”… I am happy to report that I have some exciting art projects in the pipeline & I know that everyone at ink-d are also gearing up for their new adventures. And they will go down in UK history as one of the most important contemporary art galleries who introduced the world to new hot talent, and changed the business model from stiff & stuffy to laidback & fresh – breaking the rules and writing new ones along the way!  
The piece I created for the show is called The Poppy Empress – 10″x 20″ Mixed Media – Silk Screen/Acrylic/ Airbrush/Spray Paint. I will be doing a series of these in different colours. This is a one off for The Best Ink-d Show EVER. Make sure you get down to see it! There will be loads of super amazing artists in this one, and some big names as well! Thank you ink-d for bringing me into your world, believing in me and PUSHING me to go beyond my limits. Boy did you PUSH! Ha! I will treasure these last few years for my lifetime! oxo GD
PS – Show opens April 30 and runs until May 29th!


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Grande Dame In Loverboy!

I did an interview for international glossy “Queer Culture” Magazine – Loverboy. I wax philosophical on my early influences, vintage blacklight posters, my art processes, fave camp films, career highlights, LSD and more! Check it out! Cool! Thanx Loverboy! oxo GD 🙂

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