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Culture Night

Last night my husband and I made the art show rounds. We started off at The New Curiosity Shop at 28 Redchurch Street to check out Chris Bracey’s neon show. It was SPECTACULAR! My fave was a massive skull made out of light bulbs!! All the lights are fantastic though, plus there are some other cool willy wonka type sculpture pieces, and interesting portraits. It’s up until March 17th, so check it out! The vid above is some previous pieces by Chris, amazing!!

After that we headed to Orbital Comics for the Stripped show. Very cool stuff there indeed! My fave was Dennis Franklins work. He did the above drawings, click the pic to read his interview with Jason Atomic. There was loads of cool stuff by other super talented artists and if you’re in the west end, pop in Orbital Comics to check it out!

Since the show was comic influenced I put this poster in – Creeps & Freaks. I was inspired by vintage 60’s horror comic covers like Strange Mysteries & Terrifying Tales, and came up with my own.. Maybe one day Ill write a story for it! Limited run of 50. Also available on Etsy. Click the pic! More soon! oxo gd

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I’m Stripping Tonight!

Ha Ha! Made you look! I’m not doing THAT kind of stripping! Nope, tonight I’m heading down to Orbital Comics in the West End, to attend the exhibition – Stripped – a celebration of Comics and comic inspired art, curated by my dear friend, the amazingly talented – Jason Atomic! There are loads of cool artists participating – including me! Ha Ha! I’m looking forward to seeing the other artists work & meeting them. So, if you’re free later, pop in and check it out! It starts at 8pm & it’s up until April 1st at Orbital Comics, 8 Great Newport Street. Click the top pic to read cool interviews from the different artists, and click the bottom pic for the facebook page and directions! Hope to see you there! more soon! oxo gd

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Final Preparations…

This weekend my husband and I began framing 14 pictures!! 13 for my debut show & 1 for the group show I’m in this thursday at Orbital Comics – Stripped. I knew it would be a tedious and nerve wracking job, but we are making progress! The hardest bit is making sure there are absolutely no flecks on the glass! But luckily my husband is super thorough and likes to do jobs like this. The frames are really beautiful too! Swept / ornate/ victorian/ black/ wood – very me!! I put a few images of some of the finished pieces up on facebook, but thought i would share them with my non facebook friends.

Karl holds framed Ganesh

Karl was here – holding framed Cherokee Nation

Karl hold LSDiva framed

A smoldering Karl holding Raphus Cucullatus (latin for Dodo)

A couple of people have complained that Im sharing too much & spoiling the surprise of the show… But these are the only photos of 13 prints I will be displaying, plus the lights, which you really have to see in person to appreciate, 5 porcelain plates, super trippy animations, and on my private view night – my gorgeous Terry de Havilland shoes!!! So, there will be plenty for people to see and not be bored! I promise!! Ok, no sleep till March 9th! More soon! oxo gd


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Baby Disco Madness

I have a new TV obsession! Channel 4’s Strictly Baby Disco! I’d seen this phenomenon last year from another tv show and found it absolutely riveting! It’s about these child dance competitions called “freestyle disco”. I would hardly call it dance, it looks more like seizures! The kids jump and flail there limbs wildly around the floor. You can tell they are all very athletic, but the moves are as far away from graceful as you can get! It is so bizarre. And the OUTFITS!! OMG! These girls put the pageant brats to SHAME! Watching it on Channel 4 last night, I couldn’t help but think many of the girl’s looks were very similar to the outfits I wore when I did my Crazy Girl schtick back at Nag Nag Nag. The parents are pushy and over bearing. One poor girl was ill with a kidney infection and hurt ankle, another with a back injury, and their mothers pushed & yelled at them to the brink of collapse. It reminded me a bit of a documentary I saw about children in the Chinese circus. So much pressure to compete at such a young age. I suppose on a positive note, these kids are involved in something, and that’s a good thing. And if I were a kid today, I would want to be dressing up in those mad, blingin costumes dancing like a maniac too! Click the pic to watch, all though it may not be viewable outside the UK. oxo gd

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Modern Family

Sometimes in life an image strikes me so hard, that I must immortalize it. Such is the case with the new pic above. Of course many of you internet junkies will know the lovely ladies – June & Honey Boo Boo Child from the scary reality show – Toddlers and Tiaras. My friend Jamie begged me to put him in as well, so voila! Enjoy! ha ha! oxo gd


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Double Happiness Aries Plate Design

I made an Aries plate a few months back, part of my Zodiac Dinner Ware Series, and well it didn’t turn out the way I wanted. When you’re working with fire and kilns and ceramics, it’s anyones guess what the end result will be, and I wasn’t happy with it. Plus the Ram looked a little demonic & like it was staring at a double barreled shotgun, so I thought I would go for a different look. Happy Rams! With cloud flowers!! Fingers crossed it works!! more soon! oxo gd

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Starting My Shoe Designs Today!!

Well last week I picked up some patterns for my first shoe design collaboration with the amazing Terry de Havilland!! So excited I can hardly contain myself!! This is every girls fantasy!! Totally top secret for now, but all will be revealed soon!! Yay! Thank you universe!! more soon! oxo gd


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