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Grande Dame in Paper Mag!

I recently did an interview for Paper Mag on my animation career and rise to Sticker Stardom – Ha! I am totally shocked by the response I have received from this endeavor – but hey – I will take it! World Domination continues – Woo!  Thanx again to imojiapp, Giphy Arts and Apple for this life changing opportunity – and to Paper Mag for featuring me! Click pic or here to read. More soon oxo GD

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Honey Boo Boo Junk Portrait by Jason Mecier!!!

My dear old friend and world renowned portrait collage artist – Jason Mecier – has a Honey Boo Boo obsession! So do a lot of people I know! Anyhoo, he has just done a wonderful portrait of her out of junk. Jason has shown his work all over the world and has immortalized Snoop Dog from Marijuana, Michael Jackson from pills, Tammy Faye from Nails and Nail Polish; and even me in beans & noodles!

Check out this great video he did on the making of Honey Boo Boo Portrait. And go to his site to see more of his wonderful creations! I heart him! You will too! oxo gd

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Merc is Retro time to get busy!

Mercury is Retrograde until April 4th, but I’m quite enjoying this one! The main thing with merc retro, is it’s a good time to stay in & work, and that’s what I’m doing! After the success of the opening, and the month leading up to it, I had a little crash. It’s hard to work maniacally for a month plus, and then – nothing. I always take a few days or so to regroup after a big job, but have a hard time adjusting, cos I’m not used to leisure pursuits, and if Im not creatively busy, I get depressed… But luckily, after my 3 day Judge Judy marathon session, I’m back to work on my shoe collab with Terry de Havilland, and I am LOVING it! I’m starting to get to a point where instead of counting sheep, kaleidoscope images twirl around in my head over and over until I fall asleep. That always happens when I do visual things, they plague my brain, but in a good way! I’m starting to look at loads of things and think “Hmm that would look nice on shoes!” Ha Ha! Almost done with pair number 2, even starting to work on number 3 today!! This is a dream job! Life is good! more soon! oxo gd


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I am woman hear me Roar!

Today is International Womans Day! Of course I’ll be celebrating my womanliness at my debut art show – Grande Dame Presents – Electric Crazyland – Private View Reception! I’m so excited for tonight (esp because I’ll be wearing my new shoes – eek!). Again it’s from 6 – 8 at Ketchum Pleon 31 – 45 Folgate street, right by Liverpool St Station & Spitalfields. Best time to show up is after 7, as it will be darker and the animated projections and lights will be at a much higher visibility! Hope to see you all there! I will be the blond in the black dress, with upswept hair and totally amazing shoes!! Can’t wait! oxo gd

photo by Kim Jakobsen To


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Wow! What an exciting day!! Did all my final preparations for my debut show and then I got the magic phone call that my first shoe design collaboration with the AMAZING Terry de Havilland was ready!!! So I skipped over with the biggest grin on my face ever and when I opened the box I nearly died!!!!

OMG! It’s like a box filled with the crown jewels!! Tremble!!!!

The gold leather and purple suede lining is sooo ultra LUX!!! They look like Mardi Gras! It’s a party on your feet yall!

I put them on & it’s like Carmen Miranda on Acid!!

1940’s Vamp Psychedelic Fiesta!

There’s also a fun pic for the back!

Me & the ledge!!!

But you have to see them in person!! The colors pop so well!! Of course, wearing them is a whole other story!! Instant glam!! They make you feel like a million bux! I’m so very excited about this new venture!! More shoes soon!! oxoxo gd

ps – you can see them in the flesh tomorrow night!


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Thursday Night is the Night!

Well everything is nearly done! We spent all day Saturday hanging and placing things and I have to say, it looks amazing!! It is such a nice space & my work fits really well in there! I still have a few final preparations to tweak, but should be ready to go on thursday! Again, on the night there will be prints, plates, animations and LIGHTS!!! Also I will be debuting my first pair of shoes from my Terry de Havilland collaboration!! So, fingers crossed the weather is nice! Again, it’s from 6 – 8 (maybe a wee bit later) at Ketchum Pleon, 31 – 45 folgate Street E1. So please come join me for a celebratory drink! Hope to see you there! oxo gd


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Dalston – keepin it klassy!

Whilst on my way to the grocery, I passed this uplifting window display at the off license (liquor store to non uk peeps). Red Army Vodka in Kalashnikov Machine Gun bottle! With “fine herbal liqueur” in hand grenade shaped glass flask! Comes in green wooden ammunition box, with four cans of 9MM Energy Drink in shape of bullets! For only £140! What a deal! Nice! Keep it klassy Dalston! ha ha! gd

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