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Tonight’s Soiree!!!

Well I am happy to report that after 4 hours of hard manual labour yesterday, the new work has been put in it’s places and is ready for the world to see! Yay! Unfortch I left my phone at home all day yest and was not able to take a snap, but will take loads tonight! Of course as I mentioned before myself and Jo Perfect will be playin some choice tunes and there will even be a raffle or 2 to win a signed Grande Dame Print! So please come say high! Be nice to see some faces! It’s at the St leonard Pub London Road from 7- 11PM FREE! Click pic or here for Deets! More soon! oxo GD

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Electric Crazyland is a Success!!!

Not to brag but… My show is going very VERY well! In fact many classic GD pieces have been sold and will soon be leaving for their new homes; including – Shady Ladies, Big Top Light Box, Kal-Eye-De-Skull No 1, & many others! No more Hire Car Pink! Only one more Queen Bee, and 2 more Skull No 1’s! Going to have to do another big themed show just so I have some bigger pieces! WOWOWOW!!! And it’s only been 2 weeks! Thank you so much to The St Leonard for inviting me to exhibit! Ok Back to work! Woo! oxo GD

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Grande Dame at Sentient Gallery

I have been meaning to blog this for ages, but as I was working on a new animated vid for the last 4 months – everything in my life fell by the way side – oops! Anyhoo, the amazing neon light designer and all around glamour puss Rebecca Mason has opened up a new gallery in Folkestone called Sentient Rooms, and I am happy to say they are stocking my work! Super stoked to be showing in such a cool space with so many other rad artists! And pleased to tell you, that my work has been flying outta there! Yay! She really has a great eye and there are a lot of pieces that I would like to have in my home too. So, if you are in the Folkestone area, pop in and have a look! There is something for every taste and budget! More soon! oxo gd

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Grande Dame Solo Show at Whistle Trago!

Stingz, St Leonards and South Sussex Coast peeps! I will be having a solo show at The Whistle Trago on George Street in The Old Town. PV night is Nov 17th and it will run until early January. Expect my usual hyper colored framed treats, a new light box, embroideries and more! Also on the night I shall be projecting my mind melting visuals and providing the soundtrack to accompany. So come join me for a drink or several won’t you – And grab yourself a bargain! Click pic or here for deets! oxo GD

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Grande Galleries Open!

This is a long time overdue, BUT I finally got around to putting my art archives up online! To be honest, it’s not EVERYTHING I have done, but a good majority of my work. I joined this new site PRZM. It’s cool because unlike ETSY, you can feature work for sale, but also show previous sold works, which is great, as I have many! And unlike Flickr, where you just have images, you can also have buy options! Pretty cool! It took me ages to put it together, and I am still adding to it, but a good portion of my creations are up and viewable to the world. There is a lot to see! So make a cup of tea and have a gander! If you see anything that catches your eye, get in touch! Click pic or here! More soon! oxo GD

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Happy Clients = Best Feeling!

msmom Last Sunday I had a fun afternoon, when I finally was able to deliver an order of framed prints to my dear friends Mark & Sue. You might remember the collaboration I did with them last year on the Queen Lizzie Jubilee Fabric for their clothing label Charles of London. Anyhoo, a year or 2 ago, Mark had posted a pic online of his glamorous mother Joan (on the right in leopard) and I was so enamoured with her beauty, that I was instantly compelled to draw her in my blue people style. Sue gave me a photo of her equally gorgeous mother Muriel, and I drew her as well. I am pleased with how they turned out, but I can’t take the credit here, when subjects are that beautiful it’s not hard to make it look nice. Luckily Mark & Sue are really happy with them too! And that’s what matters to me, that they are happy. The best feeling ever, more than monetary gain, is that something I created can bring joy to others. That is my life’s mission! So yay! Result! Click the pic if you would like your loved one immortalised too, but take note, no orders will be processed until after Nov 16, as I will be away. thanx! More soon! oxo gd

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My Carson McCullers Portrait!

cmcullersframeIt’s national book week! Recently I was commissioned to do a portrait of Carson MCullers. If you are not familiar with her work, I suggest you get your hands on a copy of Ballad of The Sad Cafe, it is the epitome of “Southern Gothic Literature.” I’ve always identified with her. Born and raised in Columbus Georgia, an outsider, left the south in my early 20’s, yet still have this deep connection with my homeland, and much of my work is inspired by where I grew up. Just like The Sad Cafe, I seem to attract odd characters in my life. Prob because I am one! Sometimes when I do a portrait It comes rather easy and I can finish in a matter of hours, other times it takes days. Such was the case with Carson. It was my own fault as I took artistic license and did the opposite of I had agreed too, it took me a few more drafts until my client was happy. I did at one point think “Who does he think he is the world’s number one authority on Carson McCullers?” But I immediately stopped myself because my client is the worlds leading scholar on Carson McCullers – Dr Carlos Dews. Ha Ha! Luckily I can confirm that he is pleased and has it hanging on his mantle. So yay! Result! If you would like a special Grande Dame Pop Art Portrait Click Pic or here. More of my portrait work on display at my show opening next week at Dragon Bar!! oxo gd

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