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Electric Crazyland Xmas!!!

Dear Friends! I have had a truly incredible show at the lovely St Leonard Pub! It’s been an amazing run, with so many sales – I have nearly run out of stock! Seriously! I sold 3 light boxes – including the very first one I did with God’s Own Junkyard – the Electric Crazyland Lady Light! And I am down to a handful of my silk screen editions! It’s been a huge success! But even more than the financial rewards, getting to know the owners – Phil & Chris – and all the friendly locals, has been so wonderful! So I decided to have another soiree to celebrate the holidays! I’m going to have a few new pieces up, plus myself and the ultra-cool Jo Perfect will be playing sonic sounds for your listening pleasure, there will be a raffle with a chance to win a Grande Dame original, and – OMG – I am going to do something I have not done in 6 years – Brace yourselves — I am going to perform live! WHAAT??? That’s right! Myself and my writing partner & keyboard virtuoso – Petar Zivkovic (King of Shag) – will be doing a little lounge act. So, mark your dates for this rare and special occasion! Thurs Dec 7th at The St Leonard Pub, 16-18 London Road, 7-11! Click here or pic for more info. Woo! More Soon! oxo GD

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Grande Dame Presents Electric Crazyland 2!

Friends & Comrades! The show at The St Leonard Pub is going so swimmingly, I decided to go ahead and let the buyers collect their pieces. And beginning of Oct I will do a lil switch around and replace the ones that sold with some other works!

Including my very first light – the piece were it all began – THE ELECTRIC CRAZYLAND LIGHT! Designed by myself and made by legendary lords of light, the world famous – GOD’s OWN JUNKYARD!!! WOW!!! Only 3 of these babies were ever made. And only 1 available! Come & bask in her magical glowy illuminations!
Seeing that there will be a rearrange with new pieces, it’s a perfect excuse for a party! Myself and Jo Perfect will be playing groovy sounds from way out! And there will also be a draw with a chance to win a signed print! Woo! So if you are in the area Thurs Oct 5th – COME DOWN AND PARTY! oxo gd

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Tonight is the night! I can’t believe it! Nearly got it all together! Just going down in a bit to fix a couple of things and hang the flat screen telly. I was just going to have a projector on the night showing visuals, but then it hit me – no – get a flat screen tv and have all the animations on a USB stick and play it throughout the duration of the show. The animation thing is so integral to my working process. In fact you will see many of the works I have in frames moving in the videos – it’s how I roll!

Here’s a few sneak peak pix. Big thanx to Oliver Crowther, Allen Clarke, & Jo Perfect for the hanging help!

How bout them lightboxes eh? Rad! So so so pleased! They really work in that space so well! Yay! Anyhoo, the other day I thought I would make a little ad for my iphone app to play in between the videos. Of course my app is the same name as the show – I kinda name every thing Electric Crazyland, it just kinda fits my lifestyle ya know? Ha! Anyhoo, it was just meant to be a lil visual addition for my show, but then I thought “why not upload it to Facebook? But then realised – it’s a minute long – I gotta have a sound track! I dug around my folders looking for old jam/ riffs – and then I found my old Soho Radio Theme Song of the same name – Electric Crazyland! I threw it in at the last minute – and it just happened to be the same length and the images change on the beat! Total accident – meant to be OBVS! So turn it up & enjoy! And if you are free tonight & in the East Sussex area – pop in and experience my colourful Electric Crazyland vibes! Ok ciao for now! Toodles oxo GD

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Dalston Illuminations!!!

My lights arrived today!! And all I can say is WOW! WOW! WOW!!!! They are incredible! It’s a life long ambition ticked off my list & hopefully the beginning of more! I just took these on my iphone, so not the best camera work, but I will be getting a professional in to help with my exhibition!

Hand forged, brushed steel case, duratrans printed plexiglass, with fluorescent bulbs. They even look cool not lit!

This one reminds me of a psychedelic Empire State Building!

The mad thing is, when you take a picture of them lit in the dark, they look EXACTLY like my digital drawings! You can’t even tell they’re lights in photos. But in real life, the colors are AMAZING!! Plus they give off such an awesome glow!

Makes me a little sad, cos I know I won’t be keeping them… But hopefully the show is a success and one day I can get one made for myself! Fingers & toes crossed! oxo gd

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Then there was LIGHT!!


My lights are done!! The light man – Chris Bracey aka Mr Neon, just sent me these images from his phone… Better pix on the way! OMG!! I’m getting closer to my pinball fantasy! Yay! Thank you Goddess! More soon! oxo gd

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There are no words!

Well, I can think of one – Perfection!! Click the pic to see more mega awesomeness… Pinball take me away! oxo gd

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Living in a Pinball Fantasy

I’ve been looking at A LOT of pinball art lately. Getting inspiration for my art show in March. OMG! I’m having an Art Show! Still can’t believe it! Yay!┬áDid you know pinball was invented in the 1700’s?? Crazy! This pic made me laugh. It’s off a game commissioned by Sky Channel for a 1990 top 40 music show by artist Stephen May. Mad, Bad & Totally Rad! more soon!

oxo gd

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