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Electric Crazyland is a Success!!!

Not to brag but… My show is going very VERY well! In fact many classic GD pieces have been sold and will soon be leaving for their new homes; including – Shady Ladies, Big Top Light Box, Kal-Eye-De-Skull No 1, & many others! No more Hire Car Pink! Only one more Queen Bee, and 2 more Skull No 1’s! Going to have to do another big themed show just so I have some bigger pieces! WOWOWOW!!! And it’s only been 2 weeks! Thank you so much to The St Leonard for inviting me to exhibit! Ok Back to work! Woo! oxo GD

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Grande Dame Art on Coastal Currents Official Poster!

Coastal Currents Arts Festival Official 2017 Poster is out & what a pleasant surprise to see my work from Point of Decay Installation in Bottle Alley (Coastal Currents 2015) as a featured image! WOW! WOW! WOW! It’s the black and white columns to the left! Super proud! Yay! The festival is the biggest arts festival in the Hastings/ St Leonards Area which runs from Sept 1 – Oct 2! Really looking forward to the Zeroh installation, they always pull out the stops and were the brains behind Point of Decay. I had originally planned to do an open studio during the month, but then the offer to have my show at The St Leonard Pub came up at the same time, so I did that instead. Friendly reminder – my show – Electric Crazyland opens next week Weds Aug 23rd and should be up for a few months. Going to be a fun PV – I can assure you, so if you are in the area this coming weds – pop down and say hello! New work – including 2 light boxes, plus mad visuals, screen prints, hand painted originals limited editions and more! So see you there! oxo GD

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More UV Goodness…

ChickenmanUV Yesterday I went down and snapped some more pix of my work! I still can’t believe how awesome it looks in Blacklight! Wow!!
legendtemp Sadly the proper camera battery died and I just had to use my phone, but still!!! How cool!!!
StAgathaUV I’m hoping I can get back down there and snap some proper hi-def ones while I’m still here…
mstemp Seriously I’m blown away! UV is soooooo me!
LadyisadameUV It all really pops!
StomachFlutterUV Love it all! yay!

And I even got a shout out on Creep Machine Magazine! Woo! Hopefully I can get some proper images, cos I wanna make a little promo vid of it all… Or if I can’t perhaps I can sweet talk a SF based photgrapher to help… Fingers crossed! Shot some vid projections too.. Everything looks ace! yay! Stay tuned! And if you’re in San Francisco, make sure you get down to 111 Minna Gallery to check it out! oxo GD

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I’m A Juke Box Hero!

Bad Kleinen Jukebox Wow! Wow! Wow! A major milestone has been reached in my life! The jukebox light panels I designed have been printed and installed and I am happy to announce that the first prototype has been finished! And I must say it looks RAD, Bad & totally MAD! I was contacted by Sven Tepperwein of Troglodyt Records in Berlin to illustrate his Jukebox. It really couldn’t have been a more perfect collaboration! He went for a 70’s style design which is totally up my strasse! It’s coin operated. Instead of records, it pulls up mixes from several different djs – including yours truly! At the mo, it’s kept in the Troglodyt HQ. But Sven is planning to make more and set them up at festivals, bars and other pop up events. So far the feedback has been great with the sight, sounds and mechanics! So YAY! If you are in the Berlin area, you may just stumble upon it! Inching ever closer to my Pinball design dream! SICK! More soon oxo GD

Photos by Sebastian Mayer


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It’s Official – My Show is A Success!

My Voodoo On You

My Voodoo On You

ink_d Gallery did a lovely write up on me lil ‘ol show on their blog! Well chuffed! Wow! Still in shock by all the response! Wasn’t expecting it! As I mentioned earlier, the show has now been extended until Nov 30th! So, if you haven’t had a chance to see it, there is still plenty o time! And also there are a few seats up for grabs for my talk on Nov 22nd!. So click the pic to read their sweet write up & book ur tix now for my Animation Odyssey!! Ok I’m off to do a glam photo shoot in the space! Wish me luck! More soon! oxo gd

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Grande Dame Art Show A-Go-Go!

Ladies & Gents! Very pleased to announce that my World of Grande Dame Exhibition at Ink-d Gallery Brighton is on track and coming together rather swimmingly! As many of you know I am a musician first, well songwriter. The show is in conjunction with my album release. Each picture is an illustration of a song title. The above picture is called Always for Pleasure.
amost&m I was influenced growing up by the 60’s black light posters my dad had on our music room wall. Specifically “I Aint Gonna Work on Dizzys Farm No More”. I stared at that image for years. So in a way it’s a tribute to my youth, but with my own stamp I suppose.
voodoo BC – before adding color – here I am with “My Voodoo On You” picture. I will have 6 paintings in this style – large silk screens with 24kt gold leaf overlay, hand colored with fluorescent inks.
In addition to the silk screened paintings. I am hoping to have this massive embroidery – named after my song “When I’m Dead” as it will probably kill me to finish it. Ha Ha! It really is big! 1 meter by 2 meters!
BSA I’ll also have a vintage hifi listening station set up so you can hear the lovely turquoise vinyl. Plus box sets for sale. Each one comes with a ltd edition riso graph print called “Dame With A D”.
trippcomic And I’ll have a special reading chair in Grande Dame designed fabric, you can sit and read The Trip Comic! Plus Grande Dame wallpaper & Animation projections on show the entire exhibit! And maybe even a new light…Definitely something for everyone! So mark your date for October 30th – World of Grande Dame – debuting at Ink-d Gallery Brighton! Yippie! More soon! oxo gd

Grande Dame – The Shakes from Grande Dame on Vimeo.

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Ink-d Gallery Signs of Light Opens Friday

Ink_d Gallery

Ink_d Gallery

Hello All! Ink-d Gallery, Brighton are having a very special show – Signs of Light – that opens this friday March 21 & runs until April 21. Andy Doig, Carne Griffiths, Dan Baldwin, Tina Keane, Magnus Gjoen, Myself and other artists that work in illuminations will have glowing works on display. There is a PV tomorrow for you locals. This is a special one you don’t wanna miss! Click here or pic for more info!
oxo gd

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