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Scary Preachers

  The other night on Nat Geo channel was a program – Pint Sized Preachers. Being from the south, this is something fairly common. When I was a kid there was a boy in my home town named Little Michael Lord who was popular. All though I was raised Catholic, I was surrounded by evangelist preaching, and actually became quite obsessed with it. Every sunday on channel TBS, before Little Rascals, this guy called Ernest Angley would come on and heal people. I was fascinated by it! I would practice his accent and sermons healing my dogs.

Bout 20 years ago I started collecting preaching records. A friend gave me one, that is the scariest thing I have ever heard in my life! It’s by a very famous Pentecostal “Fire and Brimstone” preacher A Allen. The guys voice sounds like the devil himself! I can’t imagine being a little kid and being dragged to a tent revival at night having to hear his chilling words! I’ve listened to it so many times I can recite both sides. It’s the most haunting monologue ever! It’s a super rare record featured in Research Publications – Incredibly Strange Music Volume 1. Sadly if it was not as scratched up as mine is, it would be worth $500!

A few years ago, me & my husband were playin around and decided to make a dubby mash up of it just for fun. Thought I would share it, the comedy value is a high up there…Click on the pic to read about his twisted life! Died at 59 from liver failure!

Watusi – Barrel of Serpents

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