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Pam Hogg Army

My dear friend and old karaoke partner Pam Hogg has a video of her collections from 2009 to now and it’s amazing! Her creations just get better and better! The bonnets are from her – Intergalactic Pioneer line. I love her clothes, they’re like one part super hero, one part vamp, one part bondage queen, with a bit of satanic alice & wonderland thrown in. Super Fun & Bolshy! Wow! Now I am going to hook myself up to a drip and go on a liquid diet & maybe in 6 months I’ll be skinny enough to be able to wear something. Wish me luck! Ha Ha! oxo gd

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Glammin in London

Last night my husband & I went to Pam Hogg’s birthday party at the legendary Scotch of St James in Mayfair. It was the place to be in the swinging 60’s and Jimi Hendrix played his first ever gig there! It was a very fun night out. Unfortch I had waaaaay too much to drink and it’s all a bit of a blur. But luckily we left before things got too messy. The theme was Burns night, I didn’t have a decent tartan look, but I did finally get to wear my vintage Paganne dress! I met some nice people and I learned that I can take the 38 bus from Dalston all the way to the Ritz! oxo gd

Photo by Kim Jakobsen To

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