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Young Southern Belle from Hell

I have been going through a lot of old photos lately. This is one of my faves. I could kick myself for not taking care of it! I hope my mom has a better copy somewhere. I think I was about 9 years old. My uncle made the dress, it had a matching rhinestone encrusted parasol! It was one of my Scarlet O’hara looks. The pic was taken in my uncle’s amazing apt in New Orleans. It was like a film set inside. Lots of antiques and statues and props he stole from old theaters. I loved being there it was a fantasy world. I told the photographer not to get my feet cos I didn’t have my boots on. But he did anyway. Good times. oxo gd

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Grande Dame Sessions

This is a video of my song writing partner, piano player and dear friend Pete Z warming up for a recording session on our album for our track “Legend in Your Own Mind”. It has an old New Orleans Roots Rock & Roll sound to it, so Pete went for a Killer/ Fats Domino kinda vibe. Pete is a brilliant player, I don’t tell him too much, cos I don’t want him to get a big head, but he tells me I’m great all the time. Ha Ha! The whole band is brilliant! We’re available for live shows if your looking for a swampy voodoo experience! Get in touch! oxo gd

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Red Hot Bergen & Marching Band Origins…

My grandpa was a trumpet player and band leader from New Orleans – Stu “Red Hot” Bergen. When I was little, he was the band leader of the New Orleans Shrine Circus! Growing up in a drab little bible belt town in Georgia, visiting him and my amazing costume designing uncle in the beautiful New Orleans, was more than a treat. It was always a surreal experience, one that would stay with me. Music was always part of the daily program with gramps. Either I would accompany him to other old men players house for their practices, or we would have a jam sesh at his house, with me either on maracas, or I would be the dancer! But going to visit him at the circus gig, was out of this world! All the┬ápageantry, animals, the shriners in their little cars, even the clowns didn’t bother me, and there would be grandpa leading the musical fanfare. It was heavenly!

So making the marching band track was kind of an homage to him. 2 years ago, when I was writing the album and havin a session with my writing partner, Pete Z, I mentioned that I had an idea for a marching band number and we began to flesh it out. We wrote it all on the keyboard with lots of cheesy fake horn synths!! Ha Ha Ha! The original sounds so funny now. We were just having fun at the time, and I never in my wildest dreams imagined I would be able to have proper musicians to replay it. But, as luck would have it, Pete introduced me to Adrian Meehan, who is an amazing drummer, and producer, and who also knows many top UK horn players. And the rest is history!!

Grandpa’s symbol was a devil playing a trumpet. When I was making the vid, I had to give him a cameo! I bet he’d be proud if he could see it! So, that’s is where it came from. See if you can spot him!

oxo gd

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Confederacy of Dunces in my Vid!

Ignatius P Reilly Photo Bomb!
Any fans of Ignatius P Reilly? The hapless but loveable protaganist in John Kennedy Toole’s classic Confederacy of Dunces? Well he’s made a cameo appearance in my latest animated offering… See if you can spot him! Click the pic to view!

oxo gd

ps – free download of the track available too! Marching bands are the new black!

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Welcome To My Funeral!

Dear Friends,
You are cordially invited to my funeral. Thank you for your support over the years and see you on the other side!

Welcome to the funeral of Crazy Girl. A girl who for 10 years ran rough shod over the London club scene, sticking 2 fingers up to authority and trampling all in her path. She lived fast and died young like so many greats before her. So, rest easy Crazy Girl and thank you for the memories. Crazy Girl 2000 – 2011 R.I.P.
Taking over the reigns from Crazy Girl, is Grande Dame, she’s a lady, she’s refined. Her sound is big, her style is large she is Grande Dame.

It’s tradition of the New Orleans Jazz Funeral to play a slow somber dirge on the way to the cemetery and once the body is buried, change the tempo to an upbeat celebratory number, with the congregation marching in a second line behind the band.

So to send off Crazy Girl, and introduce Grande Dame to the world, enjoy this animated short – Grande Dame – The Funeral.

As a special gift for your attendance, click the picture above to receive a free download of this track!

oxo gd

ps – for the highest quality viewing, click 720p under settings on the bottom right of the play bar/
on mobile devices click HQ

Also feel free to share this invite! oxo

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Video Killed The Video Star

Apologies for not posting too much, but I’m back in video mode… This one is a killer too! I’ve been working from 6 am to 10 to 11 pm 3 days this week and much of last week… It will be the death of me, but it will be worth it! It’s hard cos I’m trying to do the work of 20 people. I can’t do anything else. Clean, bathe, taxes. I’m taking a few days breather just to organize my life, as I’ve neglected my husband & dog, plus other life responsibilities. And I really need to clean the layer of filth off my house and body… Ugh… Luckily my friend ladypat has helped me a bit. But he’s away in India, so Im on my own for the next 2 weeks… In the meantime enjoy this oldie but goodie collab from way back when…

more soon!


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