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Who is the face of the new iphone7 campaign? Um ME!!!

Literally my face is in the ad, well, an animated version of my face – ha! OMG! I have been dying with anticipation to formally share the most exciting news of my life with the world!!! If you are unlike me and have a television, you may have seen the latest ad from Apple, showcasing their new feature for iphone with imessage animated stickers. And my work is all over it – Even in the main image! The Gorilla, Swamp Creature, and a little stripey fly on the girl’s shoulder. There’s tons more too!
Here are a few of my aliens from Weird Creatures of The Deep Game.
My hand from The Rebel vid and look there is my logo on the right! Not pictured – My lady in curlers, my fish and humming bird. There are probably loads more, but it all moves so fast.
These are some of the stickers I have available in my pack – Electric Crazyland. It was only last December I blogged about uploading some sticker packs to this app called imoji. It was at the urging of my friend Amelia Gregory, from Amelia’s Magazine. For months she bugged me to make them. After so many times, I relented, assuming like everything else, it would be a fruitless affair – HA! How wrong was I! Thank you Amelia! I even joked in that post about world domination in the sticker world, but I guess the universe heard me! Because now I’m a bonafide sticker star! OMG! So amazing to think, I taught myself animation on a mac, and now, years later, they are using my work to promote their new feature! Wow! And that is just the tip of the iceberg, I have lots more sticker news to share soon! So, if you are one of the 1 billion iphone users on the planet – stop sending boring smiley faces and be the coolest kid on the block with an animated Gorilla, aliens and more! And it’s only $.99! Affordable art for everyone! Big thanx to imoji, Giphy Arts, and Apple! Woo! Watch the ad below! Click the pix or here to get to the app store! More soon! oxo GD

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R.I.P. Steve Jobs

A pioneer has left the earth. I don’t know where I would be right now if it wasn’t for the apple computer. I┬áremember┬ámy school got given some of the first ones back in 1984. Only the super geeks used them, I wasn’t the least bit interested. All through high school, I steered clear away from the nerdy computer room. After I graduated and flip flopped around the states, my mom kept praising the value of computers. But I wasn’t buying it. “It makes uncreative people creative, not interested!” I told her. Then in 1994, my mom asked me what I wanted for christmas, my boyfriend at the time said “Tell her you want a computer!” So I said “I want a computer”, and I got my first mac. I got it, cos all my friends had one, and they could show me the ropes. He used it to play games and harass people online. I didn’t really use it too much, but I started to play around with drawing caricatures of people in photoshop using the mouse ( I still draw with the mouse!).

After my father died in 97, I moved to NYC and got a better mac, and spent a year really teaching myself things. How to record music, edit video, animate. It has enhanced my creativity ten fold. I can do the tasks that would normally take loads of people and years to do, all on my own! I often think of creative friends and family that died before the advent of computer technology, and think to myself “they would have LOVED this!”

R.I.P. Steve Jobs! Thank you for the innovations, and thank you for allowing me to further advance my ideas!


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