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Grande Dame Talks to Whistleblower Gallery!

There’s a new gallery in Brighton and I am very happy to be one of the represented artists. Whistleblower Gallery is Dan Hipkin’s new project. Dan is a super amazing guy and was the former head curator of ink-d Gallery, Brighton. It was Dan’s keen eye for upcoming talent that really helped put ink-d on the map. He curated shows for Ryan Callanan, Carrie Reichardt, Modern Toss, Eelus, James Cauty, Jake-Wood Evans, Eine, Jon Burgerman, Peter Kennard, Sir Peter Blake, Sarah Shaw, Dan Baldwin, Lady Aiko, Paul Scott, Matt Smith, Maria Rivans, Alex Binnie, Pinky, Petro, Jamie Hewlett, Ian Hodgson, Andy Doig, Snub, Sten & Lex, Req, and myself; as well as many more talented artists.
I sat down with him a few weeks back and discussed many things, from growing up in the deep south, to early influences, animation, embroidery and more! Click either pic or HERE to read. So excited to be a part of this new artist hub! Watch this space! oxo GD
*Pics @whistleblowergallery

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Alien Faces, Moths In Flight & Other Workshop Wonders!

Last Saturday’s Psychedelic Stitching Workshop at ink-d Gallery was a total blast! Above are some of the examples of the pieces the ladies made! I love what they did so much! It’s amazing how a bit of thread can transform an image! I see so many different things – mainly Alien Smiley Faces & Moths in Flight! They are like embroidered Rorschach Tests! WOW!!!
In fact their work inspired me to hand stitch accents as well! As an artist, it’s easy to get stuck in a routine of working. I am a colour depositor – I fill up areas with as much as poss! So this was a new technique for me too! I love it all!
myegg2 Thank you ladies for coming down and taking part! And opening my eyes to new ways of doing things! Lovely to meet you all! And also thank you to ink-d gallery for hosting the event! Fab day all round! Result! oxo gd

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Win A Free Space at My Workshop!

Ink-d Gallery
in Brighton are giving away one free spot to my embroidery  workshop – Psychedelic Stitching – this Saturday! It’s going to be a fun class! You don’t even need to know how to sew! I didn’t when I first taught myself – anyone can do it, trust me!

A video posted by grandedame (@grandedame) on

Here’s a little video demo of me in action working on The Cosmic Collar Gown! See – easy peasy! In order to win – you just have to answer one question – What was my moniker before Grande Dame? Hmmm… Click the pic or here to enter! oxo GD

Photo by Luke Mescalito

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Psychedelic Stitching With Grande Dame!

Dear UK Friends! As I currently have a new body of fabric work on view at ink-d gallery, they thought it would be fitting for me to give a talk. I am happy to announce Saturday Dec 12th I will be doing a workshop called – Psychedelic Stitching With Grande Dame!

Learn freehand machine embroidery with me by stitching on one of my psychedelic fabric designs from Burning Man. Also hear about my adventures in the desert at the wildest art festival on earth!
In this workshop you will instructed in basic satin stitching – an integral part of all my embroidery work – by adding a top stitch embellishment to one of my psychedelic fabric cuts. In the end you will have your very own embroidered piece of Grande Dame Fabric Art – that you top stitched – to take home, in a hoop frame!
This entire collar was done with satin stitching. I just love everything about it – the way it catches the light, the tactileness of it, you just want to touch it!  It is indeed, a very sensual stitch! And pretty much the only one I do on all of my pieces!

The cost of the class is £30, it’s 3 hours long, and refreshments will be served. What a bargain & in the end you get to take a little piece of Burning Man 2015 home with you! So click here or the pix to sign up! Only 10 spaces available! oxo gd

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Grande Dame’s Fabrics of Burning Man at ink-d Gallery

Dear Friends! I am happy to announce that I currently have a new body of work at ink-d Gallery Brighton, as part of their Xmas show – Never Mind The Baubles. The pieces I have on display are from fabric remnants I reworked from my Dang Gang/ Burning Man collaboration. These pieces are exclusive to Dang Gang and this will be the only time any of them will be available to the public. The piece above is called The Cosmic Collar Gown. I was inspired by Dang Gang of course! And old Anna May Wong films, and my hero – Bob Mackie! It’s a free machine embroidered fringed collar. Over a 1930’s 100% silk, bias cut gown that I hand dyed black.
The collar itself was made from the Mandala Cushion cover pictured below. I cut out the circle and went to work with stitching. It’s amazing how a bit of thread & color can transform an image! Looks nothing like the original. But super pleased with the result! A one of a kind couture creation, size small/ medium. Make a dramatic entrance to any party in this show stopper!
The next piece on show is called The Patchwork of Life! A reversible quilt/ wall hanging/ elephant’s head dress/ percussion instrument. This piece was quite a challenge on so many levels. I attempted to do things I had not done before – mainly quilting! Crazy patchwork style quilting & traditional quilting!
The front is made from cotton & velvet with sequins and bells, the back is hand dyed turquoise silk, with quilted bamboo batting, with handmade tassels & bells, on a wood rod with hand carved wooden dragons, with Indian trimming and fringe. It measures 35″ by 65″, and can displayed on either side.
My inspiration for this was 3 fold. The crazy quilt side (which was comprised of Dang Gang cushion scraps) was inspired by my ancestor Mary Barry & her amazing velvet crazy quilt made in 1910. I have treasured this piece for years! And quite pleased with myself, as it is one family heirloom I have not destroyed or given away! My other muse for this piece was the fantastically decorated elephants headdresses of India. A year ago I saw this incredible piece in a local ethnic antique store. I went back to inquire about it, but it was long gone. I didn’t know what it was, then the lady explained that it was an elephant’s head dress & it got my curiosity going. Perhaps that is my true calling? To be an elephant’s headdress designer? I can see it! ha! Of course the amazing Dang Gang Imperial Cruiser played a big part in my vision!

A video posted by grandedame (@grandedame) on

I covered the back & front in brass bells, so it’s a percussion instrument as well! Yesterday I had a play around looping the bells with different sounds. Very rough, as I am not familiar with the audio program, but I will make a proper song with this! So stay tuned!
My other big piece from the show is my Kaftan of The Sun Gods. The colors radiate like the glorious rays of the sun! This full length garment measures 44″ x 60″ and is one size. Printed in technicolor hues of orange/ pink/ red/ yellow and blue on 100% luxurious silk twill. A true statement piece which transforms the wearer instantly into a god or goddess!
The printed detail on the fabric is exquiste! Big thanx to Fab Pad for their incredible work once again!
My last fabric pieces on show are the Vortex Cushion above. A 20″x 20″ 100% cotton cushion with a firm hollow fibre insert. Printed in bold blues/ pinks & reds and also seen on The Dang Gang Imperial Cruiser!
And the Mandala Cushion – also measuring 20″x 20″ in greens/ yellows/ reds/ & oranges – and if you look closely, you can see where the Cosmic Collar Gown originated from.
In addition to my fabric pieces, I have some mini prints for sale. 2.5″x 3.5″ giclee printed version of some of my larger original works. There are 5 different prints in all. Only £5 each unframed – £25 each framed – buy all 5 get one free! Woo! And today only save 15% by copying this code at checkout – BLACKFRI. Several people contacted me inquiring about purchasing Dang Gang cushions and Kaftans. But as I mentioned before, these are exclusive to Dang Gang and not available to the public. This is a one time chance to own one of these designs. They will not be for sale again anywhere – so now is your chance! The show is up until Xmas eve, so if you are in Brighton, go check it out! Upstairs at ink-d Gallery 96 North Rd, Brighton, BN1 1YE. Happy Shopping! More soon! oxo gd

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Grande Dame at The Arts Desk!

Ladies & Germs! Many apologies for my long blog lapses… I have been so busy getting ready for Burning Man (OMG!!!) that I haven’t been able to think straight. Also I have been suffering technical difficulties with ye olde blog. But I am happy to report that I have everything under control and my blog issue is solved! Yay! I did a Q&A with journo extraordinaire Joe Muggs from The Arts Desk on my humble art career! Of course, like always, my answers were long winded and rambling! Ha! Find out my likes, dislikes, turn offs, turn ons, and all other things GD by clicking the pic or here! You might wanna get a cuppa before tucking in! Did I mention I rambled on? More soon! oxo gd

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Grande Dame Print Editions At Art Republic!

Legendary Print Gallery Art Republic have just added my work to their roster of artists! Wow! And they did a smashing blog post about me too! You can read it here! So honoured to be in the company of so many mega icons of the art world! WOWOWOW!!! Still a few days left to get your gifts in! Check out my gallery on their site here! Awesome! 🙂

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