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Grande Dame in Paper Mag!

I recently did an interview for Paper Mag on my animation career and rise to Sticker Stardom – Ha! I am totally shocked by the response I have received from this endeavor – but hey – I will take it! World Domination continues – Woo!  Thanx again to imojiapp, Giphy Arts and Apple for this life changing opportunity – and to Paper Mag for featuring me! Click pic or here to read. More soon oxo GD

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The Trip Comic Coming Soon!

Just finished the Art Work for the Poster of my Short Film – The Trip. Now begins the long and complicated task of taking shots from it and turning it into a comic. Might not be up for much air in the next few weeks, but it will be worth it once completed. Stay tuned as Burnt Offerings gets ready for comic publishing! Woo Hoo! More soon! oxo gd

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Gerald Dog Army at London Design Fest!

bodog1 Dear Friends Lazerian’s Gerald Dog Army hit’s London Design Festival next week! Part of the Designersblock showcase at The Clore Ballroom in The Southbank Centre. Over 100 artists participated in designing their own dog. Above is one of my dogs and tribute to my best friend in the whole world – Boo Boo Bee Bee Ba Ba Bo Bo. I repeated his adorable face along with pink lipsticks, to create a landscape of the always funny – doggie lipsticks!

cat-geralds And this is my doggy Kushi. Inspired by the east, I looked towards Hindu deities and mysticism, particularly the God Hanuman – the monkey God & incarnation of Lord Shiva. I was compelled to make my female version – Kushi – the Goddess Monkey Dog of happy living!

pegweb This is Peggy. I took a diversion from my usual colour palette and decided to push myself in foreign territory by only using black and white. I drew inspiration from swinging London in the 1960’s, Pink Floyd’s UFO Club, Carnaby Street, Mary Quant, and model du jour – Peggy Moffet. And next week I will be able to see my darling doggies and all their doggy friends! The festival runs from Sept 19 – 22, from 12 – 8pm daily. Click the pix or here to register. It’s free to enter, but if you register, you get a map and makes it easier to find! Ok hope to see you all there! woof woof! oxo gd

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Silk Screen Overdrive!!!

allhcprints Well I just completed my 8th class of Silk Screening at East Sussex Coast College & I have to admit, I am astonished by how much I have produced. I really didn’t think I would get all my ideas done in time, but I’ve finished early & have 2 more classes left!!! So I am planning another piece!! Yay! Next one – 4 color!!!
I did about 25 diff versions of Hire Car, and about 30 of Black Leather. In fact the prints are so big, I had to cut & paste the images so I could fit them all in one!!
massiveprimt This is going to be a one off, that I hopefully fill in with embroidery, but if that fails, I shall paint it and stretch it on a frame. The pic above and the Black Leather prints, were so massive!! 30″ x 40″ & 20″ x 24″!!! I had to do them with my instructor as they took 2 people to pull the squeegee!! But, more is more! That’s my motto! I really thought I would be rubbish at this. I even told my wonderful instructor Myles Calvert – “do you know I Love Lucy? That’s me!” I pictured myself failing miserably and sabotaging everything, but I think I’m getting the hang of it!! And can’t wait for the next class!!

I’m still going through the editions, but will have them up on my etsy shop soon! In the mean time Ink-d Gallery has some up for sale… Check em out!! More soon! oxo gd

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Hey NYC! Check out Gerald!!

photo 1 To all my New York familia!! Lazerian’s Gerald Project officially opens to the public today!! Over 100 artists collaborated with the Manchester based collective on their paper dog sculpture… I did 3… Kushi above… Anyhoo, if you are in the soho area, go to 60 Reade Gallery and check it out! On until Sun… Click pic for more info.. oxo gd

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