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Friends & Countrymen Lend me your ears! Due to a schedule mix up at St Leonards, my PV night for Electric Crazyland – has been pushed back a week to Weds the 23rd instead of the previous Weds! Yesterday I even made loads of posters up to paste up around town – agh! Luckily they contacted me before I did that! Phew! Anyhoo, please make a note – I updated the previous blog. It’s going to be a fun night so come down and celebrate with me! More soon oxo GS


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Grande Dame Solo Show at St Leonard Pub!

UK Friends, esp East Sussex & Stingz area peeps – I am happy to announce that Weds August 23rd I have a solo show opening at the fabulous St Leonard Pub on London Road. I am going to have a new print or 2, as well as a new lightbox! Yay! On the opening night I will be showing my crazy, psychedelic projections, including clips from my soon to be cult classic – A Star Named Carson – which premieres in Rome next week – EEK! So please come down & celebrate with me! Groovy sights and sounds to be seen and heard! Be great to see some faces, esp as I have been hidden away working myself to near death the entire year! So mark the date – Wed Aug 23rd 7pm till late, at St Leonard Pub 16 – 18 London Rd St Len! PARTY! Woo! more soon! oxo GD

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Grande Dame Interview for Amelias Mag!

I did an interview for Amelias Mag about my obsession with Saints, My show at ink_d Gallery, my OCD, and how I like living by the seaside in merry ‘ol Hastings! There are 3 days left to help fund her amazing kickstarter project and own my original work – Saint Agatha – The Patron saint of Breast Cancer Patients, Rape Survivors, Bell Ringers, Bakers, Jewellers, Martyrs, Wet Nurses, Fire and Volcanic Eruptions! Also available in 10 – A3 size giclee ltd edition. So click the pix to read about moi! And here to check out the offer! more soon! oxogd


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RIP Leee Black Childers

A legend has left this earth – Leee Black Childers – New York underground photographer, manger of The Heartbreakers, friend to Andy warhol, Lou Reed, David Bowie, Iggy Pop, Jayne County and many more. A very sweet, southern genteel man, kind and warm; I was lucky to meet him albeit briefly! He truly holds a special place in underground cultural history. A true icon. RIP LEEE! oxo gd

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Kal-Eye-De-Skull Icon Series!

A few months ago I posted my Kal-Eye-De-Skull Print Series. I really liked them. But then one day I got an idea to try my hand at gold leafing. I looked around and pondered what to gild, and then thought to myself “lets try a Kal-Eye-De-Skull”… Once I saw the result, I knew that was the look for the images. The gilding really brings them out. They are like a relics left by civilisations from the future! Dug up in the present!
Each Icon is printed on 16″ by 20″ photorag paper 308 gsm. Hand gilded with 24 CT Gold Leaf overlay. Available in gilded frame, or unframed. Limited run of 10 per color. 3iconssm Also available as a set. Buy all 3 and save £175! Click the pix to go to the Icon shop! Order soon, because they are going quick! More soon! oxo gd

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Paul Williams – Still Alive!

paul-williams I’m turning into a movie review blog lately! Seems like that is all I’m writing about… But I saw another corker of a doc and thought I would share. Paul Williams – Still Alive is a sweet almost love story of one mans obsession with the 70’s legend. Being a child of the 70’s I remember him well, guest starring on the Hollywood Squares, Love Boat, Fantasy Island, Love American Style, The Partridge Family, Brady Bunch, Sonny & Cher, Carson, Merv, Mike Douglas – he was everywhere! A bit of an odd sex symbol, and certainly wouldnt happen now. But not only was he all over the tv screen, he wrote some of the biggest hits in music – We’ve Only Just Begun, A Star is Born, Rainy Day & Mondays, Out in The Country, and one of my all time faves – Rainbow Connection!! He was a massive influence on me and I didn’t even know it until 15 years ago. I was at a club in NYC watching a blue grass band and I asked them if they knew any songs from Emmet Otter’s Jug band Xmas. They looked at me with disgust and replied “That’s not bluegrass! That was written by Paul Williams!” Well excuse me! As you may recall – I mentioned previously how River Bottom Nightmare band’s theme song – inspired me to teach myself the riff on the piano when I was 8. It spoke to me! Still does… As the 80’s gave way Williams lost his path to drug and alcohol addiction and disappeared from tv. But super fan Stephen Kessler never forgot him, and this sweet film is one man’s journey to find his idol. Rent it from itunes for only $3.99! Enjoy!!

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When I learned of Phyllis Dillers passing, my first thought was to draw her portrait. But then I talked myself out of it, as I am too busy working on my film. But then my buddy Conard sent me a message saying “You gotta do a portrait of Phyllis Diller”! And he was right! Look at that face! I couldn’t resist! And what can I say? A legend has left this earth!! As someone who grew up with her, it’s strange not having her here. I know she was 90, but she was a part of my life and most people who grew up in the 60’s and 70’s. I’m not gonna lie, she scared the shit out of me as a kid. I think it was her eye brows!! But you gotta give props to a lady who began her career in the 50’s because she was a “bored housewife”. She paved the way for funny lady comediennes since. Rest in Peace Phyllis, I’m sure you’re makin em laugh where ever you are! oxo gd

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