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New Print – Capote Vibes – Avail Now!

Dear friends! I have a new print available – Introducing Capote Vibes LTD Edition Giclee by Grande Dame. Of course it is the image of my current show – Electric Crazyland which is on at The St Leonard Pub for the next few months.
Make a statement with this Pop Art Portrait of Truman Capote – the legendary Southern Gothic author & party host extraordinaire! It’s LUSH TO THE MAX! The colors, as per usual, are bright and vibrant & lift you up to that feel good place! Ltd run of 100, 16″ by 20″. Printed on gorgeous Hahnemuhle Photo Rag Archival Paper 308 GSM; and will never fade! Add some fun to your walls now! Click pix or here for deets!
More soon! OXO GD

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Rad Photo & Write Up

Before my opening the other night, I told myself a dozen times to make sure to get photos on the night – and if nothing else – of my outfit! Ha – priorities! Of course once the party kicked off I was so busy scurrying around from person to person, mingling, checking the music, making sure the vids were playing, etc; that like always – I forgot! I even tried to take a selfie in the downstairs toilets but they didn’t turn out. Then right near the end of the night I happened to meet a photographer named Nathan Thomas Jones – who asked could he take my pic and directed me in the middle of London Road for a very dramatic shot! Also the one above – I’m standing infront of the Co-Op Supermarket with the Dallas Fried chicken reflecting on the windows – drama! Anyhoo, click the pic or here to see his other amazing shot and write up – Thanx Nathan! More soon oxo gd

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Grande Dame Sportswear, Houseware and More!

Ladies & Gentleman! I am very excited to debut my line of printed EVERYTHING! Well pretty much everything – Ha!

For ages I have seen various sites where you can have your designs printed on pillow or iphone cases, but I wasn’t interested in either.

Then one day I started thinking – I would like to make my own leggings – and through the magic of google I found the site RageOn. Not only do they print on leggings, but drawstring pants, boxers, yoga pants, socks, high tops, low tops, sweatshirts, tanks, dresses, hoodies, duvet covers, towels, blankets, t shirts and so much more!

And it’s totally affordable! Prices start at $8 for ankle socks and go up to $100 for a Duvet cover! Wow! Unlike fast fashion, where they make tons of articles of clothing – this is made to order, so no waste! Yay!

It’s produced in the States and Eastern Europe. And it’s a 25 day turn around.
There are so many items – literally something for everyone and I want one of everything! Seriously dying!

OMG! WANT! No – NEED! So click any of the gifs or here to get to my shop. At first you see a series of hoodies, if you click on any, at the bottom of each pic you can scroll through all the different products!

Everything looks SO LUSH! It was difficult to choose what images to make gifs of. These are just a few of my faves, but there are dresses, shower curtains – even fleece blankets! Tons of items! So Perfect for Xmas! So get ordering so I can get some outfits PLEEZE! Happy Shopping! oxo gd

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How To Beat The Winter Blues…

pool I’ve discovered the perfect antidote for winter blues! I feel like Ponce de Leon! I’m telling you, it really works! First you must come to Palm Springs, California and position yourself by the pool for as long as it takes.
flinstones2sm Once your nice and relaxed and ready to move, go for a walk and take in the fabulously stylish homes dotting the landscape…
robo1 The flora and fauna will begin too look like Dr Seuss drawings… Like Robolights really does!
car1 Or check out the local car dealer and go for a spin…
chinaking Or maybe have some Chinese food…
cottoncandyicecream Or Cotton Candy ice cream that should really be called Blue Cheer 🙂
blackcherrysm Try this simply scrumptious black cherry beverage!
showerjewelssm Or have a shower in the tiled rainbow disco pods… Where bathing is an experience! The water hits the tiles and makes the colors bounce around like dance floor strobe lights!
blue2 Or go to a thrift store! I got this fab Silk Jumpsuit for $8! Perfect fit too! Like it was made for me!
parker2sm Or relax in mid century splendor…
tempsm Or take a jacuzzi, there I am testing the water, it’s just the perfect temp too!
sunsetvolcano Don’t forget to watch the sunsets! You will truly be in awe of natures majesty!
stellafiresm Yep, that’s how you beat the winter blues… Isn’t that right Stella? oxo gd

More pix here!

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Mid Century Marvels & Magic

Did I mention I was in heaven? Where every single angle makes a picture perfect snapshot? With turquoise doors that open into never ending bliss? Yep I’m there all right…
Some abodes remind me that if Mattel ever had a Palm Springs Barbie – she would totally have a house like that!
parker1sm Interiors that drip in elegance and style… As seen above at the fabulous Parker Hotel.
gdsplashsm I can see Grande Dame Designs fitting in with Palm Springs quite nicely! A bit of colour splashes to break up the white!
tiffcrimescenesm Oh yes Grande Dame and Palm Springs go together perfectly! It’s kismet! It’s totally meant to be!
You just can’t help but be stuck in your lounger, only thinking about “pool/jacuzzi/jacuzzi/pool” and making sure you turn every so often to get an even tan…
reallyit And when the sun sets on the other side of the the San Jacinto Mountains, it really looks like this – but times a gazillion! Like volcanic lava suspended in the air all around you… Yep, I’m in heaven… oxo gd

More photos of my exploits HERE

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I Give Good Gift!

Apologies for my lateness, but if you are looking for a truly unique gift for a special someone this holiday season, then you must take a gander at my new offerings! First up I have a fab new print edition – Funtime Follies. Like a Pop Art Deco Party on your wall! Colorful swirls and Dancing girls! It’s Fun Fun FUN!
3funtimessm This LTD Edition Giclee print comes in 3 colors and is available in 3 sizes. Also a framing option for UK residents. All 3 look smashing together if I do say so myself! Click pix for info!
Also newly added are my Luxurious Baroque & Roll Silk Cushions! Handmade with loving care, these 16″ by 16″ cushions scream style! One part Hollywood Regency, with a dash of Versace, and a heaping of EXTRAVAGANCE!
pillies1 These cushions will add a touch of drama and opulence to any chair, sofa, bed, or chaise lounge they rest on! 65 GBP, save 10 if you buy 2! Click the pix!
candy3 Last but not least, I give you my Lucky Magic Voodoo Candle! Do you have a deep desire or wish? Then light this candle and concentrate on the flame. Watch the bouncing light illuminate the colors and wait for your dreams to come true! Hand painted in flouro acrylics. Made as always with love. Click pic!

Of course there are more items on offer, so have a peak at my Burnt Offerings Shop on Etsy! All unique items & something for everyone! Hoppy Halidays! oxo gd

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Happy 2 Year Anniversary To Me!

Wow it’s been 2 whole years since I literally fled The Big Smoke and made my way to the quiet seaside. A move, as I mentioned before that I was not 100% on… But what wonderful changes it has brought into my life. I have a great group of friends and am making new ones everyday! I still miss my London family too tho! Being here has allowed me to have the space and affordability to pursue and experiment with other artistic channels and mediums. Living right on the sea & horizon is very calming, not just for me but for my fur babies too! And yes, I am as in love with this wonderful flat today as I was 2 years ago! It is my little piece of heaven on earth. Like living in a fantasy world, except it’s not a fantasy – it’s my life! I am so blessed! Thank you Universe! oxo gd

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