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LEMMY IS GOD Print Available Now!

Dear Friends! I have a new print available for purchase – Lemmy is God. The Lord of Rock and Roll immortalised in a psychedelic, pop art, holy shrine. His body may have left us, but his power lives on! All hail The Kilmister!
I made this print an open edition, as I wanted to make something more affordable to fans of my work. There are 3 sizes on offer – A5 for £10, A4 for £20, & A3 for £45. All Printed on Somerset Velvet Enhanced 255GSM Paper. As per usual the colors are bright and vibrant and is printed on archival paper and will never fade! So click the pics or here and get yours today! More soon. oxo GD

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Metal Evolution

Really diggin the Metal Evolution doc mini series on sky arts every night at 9 this week.. I could watch footage of Black Sabbath and Deep Purple over and over.. Plus many metalers wore funny outfits and several are still hanging onto pony tails when they really should let go. The first 3 episodes so far have focused on the origins of metal. Oddly enough Sabbath and Deep Purple really don’t seem to care for the association, where Judas Priest owns it.. Ha Ha! They interview the Nuge (Ted Nugent) who looks amazing for his age, killer guitar player, shame he’s such a crazy right winger. There is super killer footage of Blue Cheer, MC5, and everyone from Yardbirds to Aerosmith doin their cover version of “Train Kept A Rollin” ( i effin love that track!!!). I wouldn’t call myself a metaler… But I certainly enjoy many aspects of metal music. Heavy guitars, Head banging, studs and leather! yeah! Here’s the trailer… check it out if you can! oxo gd

Editors Note – Boy did it all go wrong in the late 80’s until now! The last few episodes have been painful to endure!! That’s an understatement!


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Grande Dame – Heavy Metal Hero

Been playing around with tryin to make Grande Dame into a super hero. Kinda like the comic vixens in Heavy Metal, the animated movie from 1981. I snuck in the movies to see it when it came out. Another MAGE influence. Don’t think this is the look I want exactly, but it’s gettin there. Click the pic to see the Heavy Metal Trailer. oxo GD

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