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Grande Dame Presents Electric Crazyland 2!

Friends & Comrades! The show at The St Leonard Pub is going so swimmingly, I decided to go ahead and let the buyers collect their pieces. And beginning of Oct I will do a lil switch around and replace the ones that sold with some other works!

Including my very first light – the piece were it all began – THE ELECTRIC CRAZYLAND LIGHT! Designed by myself and made by legendary lords of light, the world famous – GOD’s OWN JUNKYARD!!! WOW!!! Only 3 of these babies were ever made. And only 1 available! Come & bask in her magical glowy illuminations!
Seeing that there will be a rearrange with new pieces, it’s a perfect excuse for a party! Myself and Jo Perfect will be playing groovy sounds from way out! And there will also be a draw with a chance to win a signed print! Woo! So if you are in the area Thurs Oct 5th – COME DOWN AND PARTY! oxo gd

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Grande Dame in Paper Mag!

I recently did an interview for Paper Mag on my animation career and rise to Sticker Stardom – Ha! I am totally shocked by the response I have received from this endeavor – but hey – I will take it! World Domination continues – Woo!  Thanx again to imojiapp, Giphy Arts and Apple for this life changing opportunity – and to Paper Mag for featuring me! Click pic or here to read. More soon oxo GD

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Grande Dame Stickers for Facebook!

World Domination is happening! Introducing Grande Dame animated stickers for Facebook! The universe heard my call and sent all the biggies at once! When it rains it pours – Ha! I custom designed this sticker pack especially for them. It’s called Kaleidoscope. There are a cast of fun characters to help you express yourself in my signature trippy color palette. Above is Jazz Cat. Not pictured – Lamby, Owl Babies, Milly Mandrill, Bouncy B’day Alien, Sowwy Rooster, Chick and Spidey. I designed this pack as a more all an ages/ kid friendly collection, as I have a more rock and roll one dropping on there later in the year. Massive thanx again to Amelia Gregory for setting me on this life changing path! And to Facebook & the FB sticker team for being so cool. Here’s a little promo vid I made. So click the pic or here and start stickin!

PS – Google, Adobe, Epson- let’s talk! 🙂

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Grande Dame Sportswear, Houseware and More!

Ladies & Gentleman! I am very excited to debut my line of printed EVERYTHING! Well pretty much everything – Ha!

For ages I have seen various sites where you can have your designs printed on pillow or iphone cases, but I wasn’t interested in either.

Then one day I started thinking – I would like to make my own leggings – and through the magic of google I found the site RageOn. Not only do they print on leggings, but drawstring pants, boxers, yoga pants, socks, high tops, low tops, sweatshirts, tanks, dresses, hoodies, duvet covers, towels, blankets, t shirts and so much more!

And it’s totally affordable! Prices start at $8 for ankle socks and go up to $100 for a Duvet cover! Wow! Unlike fast fashion, where they make tons of articles of clothing – this is made to order, so no waste! Yay!

It’s produced in the States and Eastern Europe. And it’s a 25 day turn around.
There are so many items – literally something for everyone and I want one of everything! Seriously dying!

OMG! WANT! No – NEED! So click any of the gifs or here to get to my shop. At first you see a series of hoodies, if you click on any, at the bottom of each pic you can scroll through all the different products!

Everything looks SO LUSH! It was difficult to choose what images to make gifs of. These are just a few of my faves, but there are dresses, shower curtains – even fleece blankets! Tons of items! So Perfect for Xmas! So get ordering so I can get some outfits PLEEZE! Happy Shopping! oxo gd

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My Geisha Shoe Design in This Months Vogue Italia!!

I can totally die now! Something I designed is in the Holy Grail of fashion mags! My Geisha designs for Terry de Havilland’s AW 13 Collection made it into the Summer 14 “How To Become a Voguista” Issue! Woop Woop!
Now I can check this off my dream list of things to accomplish before I die!! Wow!! Awesome! Next to YSL & Gucci, I’m in good company! Now, Where can I get an actual copy??? Anyone?? oxo gd

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My Poppy Shoes in Spanish Fashion Weekly Mujer Hoy!

pic Apologies for the sparse posting, but I am in the US and have been suffering from extreme jet lag! Always gets me going west, as I wake up super early back home in the UK. But I was pleasantly surprised to receive an email yesterday with some new press of the shoes I co-designed with Terry de Havilland!
Mujer Hoy web These of course are the Poppy design heels! Featured alongside Tom Ford, Peter Pilotto, Dolce & Gabbana and Bulgari, I would say we are in pretty good company! Yay! If only I could read Spanish tho! More soon! oxo gd

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Silk Screen Overdrive!!!

allhcprints Well I just completed my 8th class of Silk Screening at East Sussex Coast College & I have to admit, I am astonished by how much I have produced. I really didn’t think I would get all my ideas done in time, but I’ve finished early & have 2 more classes left!!! So I am planning another piece!! Yay! Next one – 4 color!!!
I did about 25 diff versions of Hire Car, and about 30 of Black Leather. In fact the prints are so big, I had to cut & paste the images so I could fit them all in one!!
massiveprimt This is going to be a one off, that I hopefully fill in with embroidery, but if that fails, I shall paint it and stretch it on a frame. The pic above and the Black Leather prints, were so massive!! 30″ x 40″ & 20″ x 24″!!! I had to do them with my instructor as they took 2 people to pull the squeegee!! But, more is more! That’s my motto! I really thought I would be rubbish at this. I even told my wonderful instructor Myles Calvert – “do you know I Love Lucy? That’s me!” I pictured myself failing miserably and sabotaging everything, but I think I’m getting the hang of it!! And can’t wait for the next class!!

I’m still going through the editions, but will have them up on my etsy shop soon! In the mean time Ink-d Gallery has some up for sale… Check em out!! More soon! oxo gd

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