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Ladies & Gentlemen! The date is fast approaching – next Thursday Dec 7th at the fabulous St Leonard Pub – I will be making my first stage debut in 6 whole years!!! EEK! I won’t lie – I’ve was terrified at the prospect, and thought to myself “Have you lost your mind? What are you doing?” Mainly because I’ve been a bit under the weather and it has been 6 long years since I’ve graced a stage, except karaoke – and karaoke counts goddamnit! But I had an amazing rehearsal with my writing partner – keyboard virtuoso – Pete Z “King of Shag!” And after I listened back to our set I thought “Yeah! this sounds awesome! I can do this! This is fun!” I’m happy to say I’m feeling a lot better and excited to be working again in the powerful medium that is SOUND, so – it’s on!

I made a new lightbox too! Hoping to have that up and radiating Grande Illuminations. Myself, Pete & the wonderful Jo Perfect will be dropping killer tunes for you, and I am having another raffle on the night! This time I’m giving away Grande Dame Originals – but you have to be there to win. So come on down people and PARTY! Live show commences at 9pm – raffle at 9:45. So mark your date and be there to witness this rare spectacle that is Grande Dame LIVE and lets ring in the holiday season together and have some big fun! Click the pix or here for deets! Woo! oxo GD

Top pic by Nathan Thomas Jones


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Electric Crazyland Xmas!!!

Dear Friends! I have had a truly incredible show at the lovely St Leonard Pub! It’s been an amazing run, with so many sales – I have nearly run out of stock! Seriously! I sold 3 light boxes – including the very first one I did with God’s Own Junkyard – the Electric Crazyland Lady Light! And I am down to a handful of my silk screen editions! It’s been a huge success! But even more than the financial rewards, getting to know the owners – Phil & Chris – and all the friendly locals, has been so wonderful! So I decided to have another soiree to celebrate the holidays! I’m going to have a few new pieces up, plus myself and the ultra-cool Jo Perfect will be playing sonic sounds for your listening pleasure, there will be a raffle with a chance to win a Grande Dame original, and – OMG – I am going to do something I have not done in 6 years – Brace yourselves — I am going to perform live! WHAAT??? That’s right! Myself and my writing partner & keyboard virtuoso – Petar Zivkovic (King of Shag) – will be doing a little lounge act. So, mark your dates for this rare and special occasion! Thurs Dec 7th at The St Leonard Pub, 16-18 London Road, 7-11! Click here or pic for more info. Woo! More Soon! oxo GD

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Grande Dame Headline Weirdsville Sat May 25th!

jamieglampic Ok, let’s try this again shall we!! Very pleased to announce Grande Dame are booked to headline Weirdsville Sat May 25th at The Fiddlers Elbow in Camden!! Might even be doing an audio/ visual set! Woo Hoo! So mark your date & prepare to be entertained!! And if this gig falls thru I shall retire from the stage and drift into oblivion like Greta Garbo!! It’s not going to though! So click the pic for more info on the event!! Stay tuned for more.. oxo gd

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So gutted to wake up this morning and check my messages to find out our gig is off! Apparently the venue lost it’s live music license and the council & police have threatened to shut them down!! There will still be DJ’s playing Cramps sounds, but just no Grande dame Live…So, that’s that… So disappointed! I have been practicing & learning the tracks, fasting to fit into my pvc dress, and have abstained from alcohol or any contact with humans out of fear of getting a cold!! Waah! Oh well, that’s rock & roll! We will be back soon! Watch this space! oxo gd

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Grande Dame LIVE Nov 22nd!

Ladies & Germs! In 1621 the surviving Pilgrims in Plymouth, Mass celebrated the harvest festival in America. Local Indian tribes joined them and brought Burnt Offerings. This tradition later became known as Thanksgiving. This Thanksgiving, Nov 22nd, Burnt Offerings brings you a night of Dirty Sleazy Swamp Rock Blues Trash! With a rare performance by Grande Dame! And special guest – One Man Destruction Show! Plus DJ set from Charlie Houndog! So come join us and give thanx and revel in our Burnt Offerings at the Stags Head Hoxton – 55 Orsman Road, Hoxton, London. N1 5RA. Nearest tube/station Haggerston (London overground). And it’s TOTALLY FREE! Yay! Join us on the Facebook page here! oxo gd

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