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Grande Dame Stickers for Facebook!

World Domination is happening! Introducing Grande Dame animated stickers for Facebook! The universe heard my call and sent all the biggies at once! When it rains it pours – Ha! I custom designed this sticker pack especially for them. It’s called Kaleidoscope. There are a cast of fun characters to help you express yourself in my signature trippy color palette. Above is Jazz Cat. Not pictured – Lamby, Owl Babies, Milly Mandrill, Bouncy B’day Alien, Sowwy Rooster, Chick and Spidey. I designed this pack as a more all an ages/ kid friendly collection, as I have a more rock and roll one dropping on there later in the year. Massive thanx again to Amelia Gregory for setting me on this life changing path! And to Facebook & the FB sticker team for being so cool. Here’s a little promo vid I made. So click the pic or here and start stickin!

PS – Google, Adobe, Epson- let’s talk! 🙂

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New Video for Alabama 3 by ME!!! WOO!

Ladies and Gentleman! I am very pleased to share my new work with you! I directed the latest video for Alabama 3’s new single – (I’ll Never Be) Satisfied. I kinda can’t believe I just wrote that! But yes – it’s true! I had a 3 year break from videos after The Trip, and honestly wasn’t sure when or if I would ever do another one – but was over the moon when they got in contact and plucked me out of video retirement! Of course it is psychedelic and a bit rude – natch – that’s the way I roll! Ha! It’s a killer track and was honestly a labour of love! I am super proud of it and still pinching myself that I got to work with my heros! Woo! Big thanx to Steve Finnerty from A3 for making it happen! And ladypat for the special fx help! Please share the link and as always – ENJOY! oxo gd
Facebook Vid Below click pic or here for you tube!

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Grande Dame Tattoos!

Ladies & Gents! Very pleased to officially announce that Monkey Paw Tattoo Parlour in Hastings now has Grande Dame tattoo designs available! My first flash sheet is from my Nature Series. Deffo going to bring out a Nature Volume II, as I have loads more images from the genre, as well as a Voodoo/Magic Series, A Love Series & A Western Series, An Anatomy Series, Horror, maybe even I Heart 80s… Very excited about this new venture, what a mad rush it will be to see my work on people’s actual bodies! Wow! Anyhoo, if you are in the UK and fancy a Grande Dame Tat – get down to Monkey Paw Tattoo Parlour! Ok stay tuned… oxo GD

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Grande Dame on Youtube!

I am sooo late to the gate on this one! Kinda pathetic ha! There is a reason behind my tardiness – I was never keen on youtube. When it started (yes I remember that far back!) the compression did not look favourably on animation. Esp mine! It was all so pixelated and blocky and fuzzy, I just didn’t see the point in bothering with it. To me it was just a place to watch cats playing keyboards and people falling over, not to display my art! My art that I had painstakingly worked on for ages, so that it could look like a big ol sloppy mess! I was a Vimeo disciple – it was created by video artists, for video artists & it’s compression always looked great! But over the years things have changed. Youtube’s compression has improved dramatically. Also whilst going over a recent ASCAP statement, I was taken aback to see that I receive royalties from youtube plays because they have ads! Vimeo does not have ads, so no royalties there. So I thought – what are you waiting for?

I put together some visual mash ups to more songs from the Grande Dame Album and more. I also put my critically acclaimed animated short – The Trip up – NSFW FYI! Not all are “music videos” more psychedelic visual montages. In fact some are super rough – my computer broke down while I was rushing to put bits together for Burning Man. It went into kernel panic and ate up all my RAM! I couldn’t properly edit. So I wrote down the seconds where the time changes were and dropped the clips in that way! Some are not as smooth as others – but still cool as SHIT! Anyhoo, I made a playlist above – nearly an hours worth of rockin tunes & twisted/ psychedelic animations! Some with stories, some just trippy visuals! Perfect for Halloween too! So have a play, listen and share with your friends so I can get paid! Ta oxo GD

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Halloween is approaching! I thought I would have a little sale to commemorate. If you had your eye on something, now is the time to buy! Just copy this code when you check out – SPOOKYSALE16 – any questions, lemme know! Click the pic or HERE to shop! Happy Halloween! Boo! oxo GD


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Grande Dame Live on The Radio!

Grande Dame - My Voodoo On You @ink_d gallery
Ladies & Germs! Next Tuesday Oct 20th I will be LIVE in the 1 Brighton FM Studios as a guest on Mick Robinson’s Monty Platters Show (formerly Pelirocco Platters)… I shall be playing some tracks from my album and other vinyl rarities & influences. It’s been over a year since I have done live radio… Should be cool! Click here to tune in – show is live from 5pm – 7pm. Ok sports fans, mark your calendars & be sure check it out! Later! oxo GD

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How To Beat The Winter Blues…

pool I’ve discovered the perfect antidote for winter blues! I feel like Ponce de Leon! I’m telling you, it really works! First you must come to Palm Springs, California and position yourself by the pool for as long as it takes.
flinstones2sm Once your nice and relaxed and ready to move, go for a walk and take in the fabulously stylish homes dotting the landscape…
robo1 The flora and fauna will begin too look like Dr Seuss drawings… Like Robolights really does!
car1 Or check out the local car dealer and go for a spin…
chinaking Or maybe have some Chinese food…
cottoncandyicecream Or Cotton Candy ice cream that should really be called Blue Cheer 🙂
blackcherrysm Try this simply scrumptious black cherry beverage!
showerjewelssm Or have a shower in the tiled rainbow disco pods… Where bathing is an experience! The water hits the tiles and makes the colors bounce around like dance floor strobe lights!
blue2 Or go to a thrift store! I got this fab Silk Jumpsuit for $8! Perfect fit too! Like it was made for me!
parker2sm Or relax in mid century splendor…
tempsm Or take a jacuzzi, there I am testing the water, it’s just the perfect temp too!
sunsetvolcano Don’t forget to watch the sunsets! You will truly be in awe of natures majesty!
stellafiresm Yep, that’s how you beat the winter blues… Isn’t that right Stella? oxo gd

More pix here!

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