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Electric Crazyland Xmas!!!

Dear Friends! I have had a truly incredible show at the lovely St Leonard Pub! It’s been an amazing run, with so many sales – I have nearly run out of stock! Seriously! I sold 3 light boxes – including the very first one I did with God’s Own Junkyard – the Electric Crazyland Lady Light! And I am down to a handful of my silk screen editions! It’s been a huge success! But even more than the financial rewards, getting to know the owners – Phil & Chris – and all the friendly locals, has been so wonderful! So I decided to have another soiree to celebrate the holidays! I’m going to have a few new pieces up, plus myself and the ultra-cool Jo Perfect will be playing sonic sounds for your listening pleasure, there will be a raffle with a chance to win a Grande Dame original, and – OMG – I am going to do something I have not done in 6 years – Brace yourselves — I am going to perform live! WHAAT??? That’s right! Myself and my writing partner & keyboard virtuoso – Petar Zivkovic (King of Shag) – will be doing a little lounge act. So, mark your dates for this rare and special occasion! Thurs Dec 7th at The St Leonard Pub, 16-18 London Road, 7-11! Click here or pic for more info. Woo! More Soon! oxo GD

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Tonight’s Soiree!!!

Well I am happy to report that after 4 hours of hard manual labour yesterday, the new work has been put in it’s places and is ready for the world to see! Yay! Unfortch I left my phone at home all day yest and was not able to take a snap, but will take loads tonight! Of course as I mentioned before myself and Jo Perfect will be playin some choice tunes and there will even be a raffle or 2 to win a signed Grande Dame Print! So please come say high! Be nice to see some faces! It’s at the St leonard Pub London Road from 7- 11PM FREE! Click pic or here for Deets! More soon! oxo GD

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Grande Dame Presents Electric Crazyland 2!

Friends & Comrades! The show at The St Leonard Pub is going so swimmingly, I decided to go ahead and let the buyers collect their pieces. And beginning of Oct I will do a lil switch around and replace the ones that sold with some other works!

Including my very first light – the piece were it all began – THE ELECTRIC CRAZYLAND LIGHT! Designed by myself and made by legendary lords of light, the world famous – GOD’s OWN JUNKYARD!!! WOW!!! Only 3 of these babies were ever made. And only 1 available! Come & bask in her magical glowy illuminations!
Seeing that there will be a rearrange with new pieces, it’s a perfect excuse for a party! Myself and Jo Perfect will be playing groovy sounds from way out! And there will also be a draw with a chance to win a signed print! Woo! So if you are in the area Thurs Oct 5th – COME DOWN AND PARTY! oxo gd

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Electric Crazyland Lightbox

Electric Crazyland Lightbox

I learned about the passing of Chris Bracey (God’s Own Junkyard) over the weekend and have been completely heartbroken. He was a warm and generous being with absolutely no airs and graces about him! So mega talented and sweet. He helped me realise a dream – to have my work illuminated – and I will always be forever grateful for that. Chris was a LEGEND. He was also known as Mister Neon from lighting all the strip clubs in Soho. And many people don’t know this but he also made Planet Krypton in the original Superman Movie!! He was just a teenager when he did that!! He learned his trade from his father who had the first neon company in London. I am so very honored to have been able to collaborate with him. A truly great man may have left this earth, but his light and LIGHTS will shine bright forever! Thank you for lighting up MY LIFE Chris! Rest In Peace! oxo GD
The Winged Globe Lightbox

The Winged Globe Lightbox

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Ink-d Gallery Signs of Light Opens Friday

Ink_d Gallery

Ink_d Gallery

Hello All! Ink-d Gallery, Brighton are having a very special show – Signs of Light – that opens this friday March 21 & runs until April 21. Andy Doig, Carne Griffiths, Dan Baldwin, Tina Keane, Magnus Gjoen, Myself and other artists that work in illuminations will have glowing works on display. There is a PV tomorrow for you locals. This is a special one you don’t wanna miss! Click here or pic for more info!
oxo gd

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In the spotlight

I did a lil interview for the website – Creative Spotlights the other day. They have many interviews with all sorts of creatives, across many different platforms…Click the pic to read… oxo gd

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Exhibition Extension!

My show has been so popular down at Ketchum Pleon, that they decided to extend it until the end of May!! So there is still time to have a peek at my Pinball Lights, Psychedelic, Hyper- Colored Giclee Prints, and my Super Awesome Wedgwood Plates. . If you’re in the Brick Lane/ Liverpool Street/ Spitalfields area, pop in!! It’s right off Commercial Street at 31 – 45 Folgate St, E1. Open Monday – Friday 9 – 5. Also available for weekend views, just get in touch and I can set that up! Yay! oxo gd

Photo by Billa Baldwin


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