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A friend on facebook posted this pic & I had MAJOR FLASHBACKS! My dad had this poster on the wall in our music room. The music room was probably the most important room in our house growing up. Music was the LAW in our family. Every night after my father came home from the bar, we gathered in there to sing songs, air guitar, & my dad would give me cha cha lessons. My father was a 1970’s Hi Fi dealer and we had the full on kit. Marantz Stereo with blinking light speaker cabinets, gorilla lamps, which were these clear, colored swirly plastic cylinders that spun and created oil lamp like patterns on the walls, black lights, a blue glass hookha pipe, 2 globes of the ancient world; one which opened up into a mini bar, and the other opened up into a turntable (which I used in 3rd grade science fair to test centrifugal force on plant growth by growing bean sprouts for 30 days on the spinning turntable). My mom went through a sponge painting phase where she covered the house with sponge painted patterns. The walls in the music room were done out in bright orange & blue. And this poster (along with a Woodstock & Kung fu poster) hung on the wacky walls. I stared at it endlessly through out my growing up years. Wondering what on earth was going on. Scared and excited by it. The colors drew me in and wrapped themselves around my young mind. I did a lil search and they are very rare to find. Done by Godawful Graphics in 1970, it’s titled “Ain’t Gonna Work On Dizzy’s Farm No More”, obv referencing Bob Dylan’s song – “Maggie’s Farm”. I wish I had this on my wall now. So cool. oxo gd

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