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I LOVE the new single BROTHER – by my good friends MEATRAFFLE! And Im not just sayin it cos I did the cover art – It’s RAD! It came out last month, but as I was busy being an international jet setter, I was not able to turn you on! Anyhoo, it’s out on Moshi Moshi. You can get the 7″ here.

The B SIDE IS MEGA AS WELL! You gotta watch the vid – twisted visuals to a beautiful track = gold! Brilliant all way round – Vid & Track! So stoked to be a part of music history with me mates! More soon oxo GD


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Love is THE LAW!

GayHistory WOWOWOW! The USA has taken a big step forward in History! A long overdue step I might add! It is the law and it must be obeyed – Woo! So Happy for my gay brothers & sisters across America! Let’s hope this historic change will spread around the globe. Love conquers all! And dont forget – if you have a gay wedding to go to and need a gift I have Adam & Steve and Madam & Eve Porcelain Plates and Giclee Prints available!! Click the pic or here to see! More soon! oxo GD


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The Chicken Crusade

What a odd week it has been in America. Thousands of “Christians” lining up to eat chicken in support of Chick-Fil-A CEO – Dan Cathy’s comments against homosexuality. I thrust myself into the storm debating with people. The supporters of Cathy say “everyone is entitled to an opinion”. And I agree, everyone is. If that was all he did, voice his opinion, well it’s not really that big a deal is it? But that isn’t all. You see, Chick-Fil-A have their own non profit charity called Win Shape Foundation. Win Shape give millions of dollars to The Family Research Council. The Family Research Council has officially stated that same-sex relationships should be criminalized in the USA. They believe homosexuality is the same as pedophilia and bestiality. They want to change hate crimes laws, anti-bullying programs and repeal the military’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy. They invested $5 million (of Chick-Fil-A’s cash) to help repeal Prop 8 in California, which made many gay couples marriages null. And they also gave $25,000 in 2010 lobbying congress to NOT condemn Uganda’s “KILL THE GAYS” bill. The Southern Poverty Law Center lists them as a hate group.

It’s bigger than just an opinion, it’s funding hate groups that target & oppress certain communities in society. Not too long ago Adolf Hitler had an opinion on a group in society. People began to let him speak. Jews were rounded up and enslaved in concentration camps and murdered. This to me is eerily reminiscent of the Nazi party. When a powerful corporation spends millions of dollars trying to get laws changed to take away peoples human rights, then it dangerous and much bigger than merely one man’s opinion. And that is the real issue here. So much hate in America, and they call it Christianity… gd

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