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Electric Crazyland Ep 5 Is Your Mornin Jam!

Friday was a crackin show for sure! My buddy PJ Crittenden from Dirty Water Records dropped by and played some killer tunes of bands on his label and had some proper chat time. If you didn’t have a chance to listen live, do not fret, you can hear it right here! Track listing below! Enjoy! oxo gd

Electric Crazyland – Ep 5 by Soho Radio on Mixcloud

Track listing for Electric Crazyland Episode 5
1. The Parliaments – Poor Willie
2. Tom Waits – Romeo is Bleeding
3. ? & The Mysterians – 96 Tears
4. Super Super Blues Band – Ooh Baby Wrecking My Life
5. The Milkshakes – Please Dont Tell My Baby
6. Peyotes – El Humo Te Hace Mal
7. Evolution Control Committee – Whipped Cream Mix
8. Save – Rainy Days
9. King Salami & The Cumberland 3 – Do The Wurst
10. Gonn – Need Your Lovin
11. The Standells – Dirty Water
12. Ike Turner – The Rooster
13. 13th Floor Elevators – You’re Gonna Miss Me
14. Thee Vicars – Everyday
15. The Routes – Do What’s Right by You
16. The Pirates – Cuttin Out
17. Jessie Hill – Om Pah Pah Do
18. Hoyt Axton – Double Dare
19. Los Chicos – We Sound Amazing But We Look Like Shit
20. The Thanes – Dishing The Dirt
21. Dr Feelgood – Milk & Alcohol
22. Violent Femmmes – Gone Daddy Gone
23. Grande Dame – Ledgend In Your Mind
24. MFC Chicken – Get Outta The DJ Booth
25. MFC Chicken – Voodoo Chicken
26. Dustaphonics – Big Smoke London Town
27. The Electric Chairs – Fuck Off
28. ZZ Top – La Grange
29. Riddles – Bag of Bones
30. Hank Williams – Be Careful of Stones That You Throw

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It all worked out…

After all the drama of yesterday, I was bummed out. Once I went to the printers, I felt completely deflated. Like I had the wind knocked out of me. I came home and designed myself to being a blob in front of the TV. No cooking, no cleaning, no nothing. But then lo & behold my friend PJ from Dirty Water Records hooked me up with a DJ gig and I made back the money I spent on the expensive print! There are good people out there! I knew if I laid around all night, that would just propel me deeper into darkness, and the gig def lifted my spirits. We played at the Sailor Jerry Pop Up Bar – Hotel Street in the West End. We got to play what we want and everyone really liked it. In fact one of the managers said we were their fave so far, that he loved the tunes, we knew how to work the levels, and were the only ones who played vinyl. Ha Ha! Another plus of the night was wearing my super fab totally awesome thigh high Terry De Havilland┬áblack leather villainess boots! So as the saying goes, some clouds have silver linings… oxo gd

PS – DJ Available for weddings, bar mitzvas, corporate events – click the pick to hear our totally killer mega mix!


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Rock & Roll Trash!

Here’s a lil sample of the audio delights you can hear this Saturday night!! Garage, Freekbeat, Blues, Trash, Sleazabilly and other Rock and Roll rarities!! Pure vinyl mix! Brought to you by Moi – Le Grande Dame and Thee Watusi Head!! at the Griffin on Leonard street!

oxo tiff

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