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I LOVE the new single BROTHER – by my good friends MEATRAFFLE! And Im not just sayin it cos I did the cover art – It’s RAD! It came out last month, but as I was busy being an international jet setter, I was not able to turn you on! Anyhoo, it’s out on Moshi Moshi. You can get the 7″ here.

The B SIDE IS MEGA AS WELL! You gotta watch the vid – twisted visuals to a beautiful track = gold! Brilliant all way round – Vid & Track! So stoked to be a part of music history with me mates! More soon oxo GD


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Warmduscher & Friends Coloring Book!

WarmduscherDear Friends! My buddies in the amazing audio collective that is Warmduscher asked lil ol me if I would contribute a page to their awesome coloring/activity book!
I was honored to be asked! So many other amazing creatives have contributed, including Faile! Wow! How cool! Anton from Brian Jonestown, Zsa Zsa from Meatraffle, Saul from Fat White Family, and David Rudderforth also donated their dope artistic offerings… And you can color them in yourself!
This is my page, an homage to my homeland. Only 150 of these precious babies are being made & all profits go to Bernie For Prez in 2016! 50 pages of goodness all going to a good cause! And only 15 GBP! Wow! What a deal! You get some rare awesome art to color or not, and your $ goes in the pot to help the good guy win! DO IT NOW! Click the PIX! Woo! BERNIE FOR PREZ! oxo gd

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Electric Crazyland Ep 3 now up on Soho Radio

epp3Electric Crazyland Episode 3 is now up for your enjoyment on Soho Radio! It was a very fun show indeed! Joining me in the studio was CEO of Trashmouth Records Liam May, home to one of my fave bands Fat White Family… Also joining me was label mates of the Fats – Meatraffle – with an impromptu performance… Check it out. More soon oxo gd

Grande Dame’s Electric Crazyland – Episode 3 by Soho Radio on Mixcloud

Tracklisting for Electric Crazyland Episode 3
1. Jim Ford – Rising Sign
2. Ozark Mountain Daredevils – EE Lawson
3. Googoosh – Talagh
4. Alain Gorageur – Ten Et Medor
5. Muddy Waters – You Need Love
6. The Emperor Machine – Repetition
7. The Fleshtones – Double Dip
8. Flipper – Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha
9. The Cramps – New Kind of Kick
10. Neu – Hallogallo
11. Grande Dame – Chicken Man
12. Anti Nowhere League – So What
13. Geeza X – Isotope Soap
14. The Stooges – Tight Pants
15. The Tombstones – Snake Oil Boogie
16. Taman Shud – I Tego Arcana Dei
17. No Cars – 1, 2, 3, 4 Go Rock
18. Fat White Family – Wet Hot Beef Parts 1 & 2
19. Meatraffle – The Follow Dogs
20. Meatraffle Live – Greenfly & The Rose
21. Magic Sam – My Love Will Never Die

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Episode One – Eclectric Crazyland Up on Soho Radio!!!

Ladies & Germs! Episode One of my new live show on Soho Radio London is up! I was nervous as hell, but it went swimmingly I must say! Gonna be a delay for the next couple weeks while the live system is gettin installed, but check it out! Click here & then on Electric Crazyland! Tracklisting below! oxo gd
ps – sorry for the record scratches on Curtis Knight!! That was a late pick and forgot to wipe it! woops! 🙂

Tracklisting for Electric Crazyland Episode 1

1. The Guess Who – American Woman Intro
2. Luther Allison – Ragged & Dirty
3. Endless Boogie – Gimmie The Awesome
4. Opal – Majick Power
5. Bongwater – Obscene & Pornagraphic Art
6. Howlin Wolf – Spoonful
7. Dick Hyman – Green Onions
8. Suzi Quattro – Primitive Love
9. The Fall – Rollin Dan
10. Johnny Burnette – Train Kept A Rollin
11. Butthole Surfers – Sweetloaf
12. Oblivians – Indian In Me
13. Fat White Family – Special Ape
14. Captain Beefheart – Dropout Boogie
14. Grande Dame – The Shakes
15. The Admiral Sir Cloudsley Shovell – Electric Fogg
16. Pretty – Mustache In Your Face
17. Curtis Knight – Give You Plenty Lovin
18. John Lee Hooker – Lights Out

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Do yourself a favour – BUY THIS RECORD!

artworks-000043426358-ws842u-crop When people recommend music to me, I’m normally like “yeah whatever dude”… I don’t mean to dismiss most things, but I am admittedly a music snob. Always have been. But when my buddy Liam suggested I check out this new band he produced, I gave it a listen and was totally blown away! It made it’s way into my psyche and exploded! I haven’t been this excited about a record since I discovered Lite Storm! In fact it’s been the soundtrack to my life for the last few weeks. The music and lyrics are thoughtful and intelligent without trying. And the production is absolutely stellar. Influences of The Velvets & Captain Beefheart are evident on this brilliant debut. So if you too are a discerning listener and care about the sounds that penetrate your ear canal and make their way to your subconscious – then do yourself a favour and BUY THIS RECORD! Out now! more soon… gd

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Fat White Family New Vid!! MAD BAD & TOTALLY RAD!!!

Electronic Beats Videodrome 90 Fat White Family Cream of the Young Video-10 (dragged)A few months back I did a post about my new FAVE BAND – Fat White Family. They had their album streaming on sound cloud for a bit & it totally blew me away!! Like Velvets/ Stooges/ Beefhart/ Weird War/ Black Lips… just KILLER basically! They’ve since taken it down as it comes out March 18th on Trashmouth Records. I have been jonezin to hear it bad too… Luckily they gotta new vid out for one of their tracks – Cream of The Young… And just like their sound, the vid is heavy & mental!! Love it!! And totally crushing on the boy missing a front tooth! Hot! Check it out!! You will love them!! oxo gd

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