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Devils Plan

Getting ready for my Radio Show & for the Satanic Mojo 2 comic launch tomorrow! Tres excited! I was asked to bring some vids with witchy imagery. Growing up in the deep south, you’re constantly bombarded with fire and brimstone images and proverbs everywhere you go. Even if you didn’t grow up in a religious family (I certainly did not), there is no escaping it… It def made an impression on me as I use devils in almost everything I do… Anyhoo I whipped this lil number up today, it’s really just a mashup of clips of other vids, but to a track from my Crazy Girl album – Devils Plan. I wrote it in 1992, after the Rodney King riots.. I was living in Venice Beach at the time and my friends and I thought it would be a good idea to drive to the middle of South Central and get right in there with the mob. We were very lucky nothing happened. We blasted Public Enemies first album riding with the crowd as they threw molotov cocktails at shops. You could feel the flames on your face. One image that sticks in my mind is an Indian owned pawn shop with 6 sons outside with bullets strapped to their chests like Zapatas holding machine guns while another relative quickly welded iron bars over the windows… To me it seemed like LA was the modern day Rome, the TV was the colosseum, the gladiators were the cops… A few years later I was recording signage for a doc in my hometown, it was a Sunday and I heard this amazing music & testifying sermon going on nearby, so I stood by the back door with the vid camera and recorded the sound, so that’s what it is at the end & that’s where Devils Plan came from… I must admit it’s pretty cool. It’s nice when you leave something you made awhile back and revisit it again. Anyhoo have a listen! more soon. xxgd

DevilsPlann from Grande Dame on Vimeo.

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Newly Discovered – Rare Crazy Girl Box Sets!!!

BD – Before Dame there was Crazy Girl, a rude, crude, rough and ready menace on the London Club scene. She was in your face and tough as hell. She took no prisoners. Anything could happen at a Crazy Girl show – from nudity, to hurling insults at the crowd, to downright violence against the audience! What can I say? It was many moons ago and feels like a very different person to the one I am now!
Anyhoo, under my former moniker Crazy Girl, a ltd edition box set was released on Tummy Touch Records. Only 100 were made and all thought to be sold out years ago. Then the label was moving spaces and about 20 were discovered! Like a buried treasure from ancient times! And you too can get your mitts on one!
Each box comes numbered and signed – with the Crazy Girl – Southern Belle From Hell Album (nearly an hours worth of Rock & Roll with early CG recordings as a child!), A full length DVD (with music, videos, animations, and even some totes hilarile comedy skits!), Eclectic Crazyland Radio Show (an hours worth of rare golden nuggets of tuneage!), 5 crazy girl badges, and the creme de la creme – an 8 color silk screened crazy girl designed
t- shirt!! (American apparel) All for the low low price of £30! And FREE SHIPPING ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD!!!
This is a special opportunity to own a slice of history. Click any pic or here And also by purchasing one of these beauties, you are actually helping me pay for my new album production costs! So kill 2 birds today won’t you? Video evidence of sheer brilliance below! Thanx! oxo gd
Watch the infomercial here –

Some of the Killer Tunage here!

A million Laughs here –

Legendary Animations –

And soooooo much more!! 🙂

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Grande Dame V/S Disaster Mixtape

me&jeff My dear friend & neighbor Jeffery Disaster & I have known each other  for over a decade now. He even made a cameo appearance in the video for my hit song (under my previous moniker Crazy Girl) and electro clash anthem – Cocaine Talk. Anyhoo, yesterday we made a lil dj mix in honor of London Fashion Week. I had a dig around in ye old library & this is what we came up with – The Graveyard Mixtape. Check it out! BTW, we are available as a sound team for shows, weddings, bar & bat mitzvahs! Enjoy! oxo gd

PS – my site was temporarily hacked by evil forces earlier today, I can confirm it is fully restored and running normal!! 🙂

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Q & A with Grande Dame!

I did an interview for Plumdiddlyumcious aka Victoria Bell of the Dalston Darling’s WI. So, wanna know what makes me tick? Wanna know what life has in store for 2013? Dream Collaborations? And Fave London Haunts? Well then CLICK!. oxo gd

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My Brush With Greatness

Apologies for not keeping up with the blog posts, I have been in firmed with an abscessed tooth. Never experienced so much pain in my life! And my face is swollen like a chipmunk on one side. Luckily I’m on heavy pain killers and hopefully the antibiotics will start to kill it off…

Last night BBC4 had a cracking doc on the poetic legend & bard of Salford – John Cooper Clarke. It was brilliant! I have been lucky to meet him a few times and have to say, he’s one of the nicest people I ever met, and funniest! I didn’t discover him until 2005. I was writing my Crazy Girl album at the time. I wrote a song with car engine sound effects, kind of 60’s beatesque. I must have recorded the vocals 100 times, but they just weren’t working. Later that eve, a friend took me to see The Fall at Islington Academy. John Cooper Clarke opened for them. He started his set off with this poem called Hire Car. I totally freaked out when I heard it and said to myself “those are the lyrics to my song!” At intermission, I went to the music stand to see if I could find it on cd, but no joy. I didnt even see the whole of The Fall show (sacrilege!) cos I wanted to rush home and see if I could find it on the net. I did and cut it up and threw it into the mix. It fit perfectly! I emailed his manager, who gave me his address and sent him a cd. A week later he got in touch and said he loved it!

2 years later my band played Latitudes Festival, he was headlining the poetry tent. I went backstage before he went on to introduce myself. He was very friendly & when he went out onstage he opened his set with Hire Car and dedicated it to me! Wow! A couple of years later, I was his guest at the Mojo Music awards, where the photo above was taken. It was a surreal night and prob my fave rock & roll experience thus far. He not only started his set with Hire Car and dedicated it to me, but also spent the first couple of minutes of his set telling the entire 2,000 plus crowd about me and to go to my website! I couldn’t believe it! DOUBLE WOW! Afterwards we hung out and spoke about collaborating on stuff. He said he would call me, and I had the shock of my life the next day when he actually did! I even started working on an animation for the track, but then the opportunity to do my album project came up & I had to push it all to the side. The pic below is from my early sketches. Hopefully one day I can actually work on a project with him. He’s a brilliant man, sharp as a tack, unbelievably witty, and so friendly and down to earth. Here’s the track I made, it’s really just a demo, but works well with his words. One day Ill finish it and the vid too! Enjoy! Click either pic to watch the doc! oxo gd

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Boogaloo Stu’s Super Fab Pad!

My dear friend the uber fabulous Boogaloo Stu sent me this awesome piccie of his dining area complete with Grande Dame print – Lampshade Ladies – lovingly placed above the jukebox!!  How appropro! Stu always has an amazing pad! I wish my place looked so cool! One day! So talented, not only does he design greetings cards, create his own outfits and write music, he also was Tango Champion of the UK! Pretty effin Cool Eh! Click the pic to check out his amazing world! This vid below is from my old namesake – Crazy Girl – for my track Lusty Lady. Still an oldie but goody! Starring myself, a young child as a young me, the Stellar Entertainer Johnny Woo & The Fabulous Boogaloo Stu! He’s in the pink quiff, and he made his suit! Omg! Want! Such talent!! More soon! oxo gd

PS _ Seriously Click the above pic! He is an amazing Artist!!

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DJ Food Features Crazy Girl Showroom Dummies Cover!

Me & my old collaborator – Matty Skylab did this cover of Kraftwork’s Showroom Dummies nearly 10 years ago. It was mostly all his vision, I just sung and did engineerey / computer nerd type stuff. But lately it’s been popping up in my life. Out of the blue, my buddy Fish from Amsterdam asked me to send him a copy from hearing it years ago, I played it out at my DJ gig last week & people were asking about it afterwards, and the other day my buddy Rev Milo sent me this mix DJ Food did called Kraftwork Kover Collection DJ Mix where he featured it. It never “officially” came out, but MAN this track is pretty spesh. It’s so nice to make something and 10 years later still be proud of it. You can listen and or download the track for free below! Also click the pic to here DJ Food’s amazin mix! oxo gd

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