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Grande Dame LIVE Nov 22nd!

Ladies & Germs! In 1621 the surviving Pilgrims in Plymouth, Mass celebrated the harvest festival in America. Local Indian tribes joined them and brought Burnt Offerings. This tradition later became known as Thanksgiving. This Thanksgiving, Nov 22nd, Burnt Offerings brings you a night of Dirty Sleazy Swamp Rock Blues Trash! With a rare performance by Grande Dame! And special guest – One Man Destruction Show! Plus DJ set from Charlie Houndog! So come join us and give thanx and revel in our Burnt Offerings at the Stags Head Hoxton – 55 Orsman Road, Hoxton, London. N1 5RA. Nearest tube/station Haggerston (London overground). And it’s TOTALLY FREE! Yay! Join us on the Facebook page here! oxo gd

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Off The Scale on Etsy!!

These are my Etsy stats for yesterday. On a site like youtube or face book 700 hits isn’t a big deal, but on Etsy, it’s MASSIVE! Normally I average about 20 hits a day. When my single – Black Leather – came out I got nearly 500 in one day, but I was promoting something. Yesterday, I wasn’t promoting anything! I also get about 5 favorites a week of my items or shop, but yesterday I got 87!!! WOW! I’m mad at myself for not looking fully at the featured items on their front page. I did see that the title was called – Blue Feathers – as I noticed a cool blue feather shirt in the top left corner, but didn’t scroll down to look at the rest. But my Gemini Plate below must have been featured on there, as it alone has received over 300 views!
I’m not going to lie, I didn’t get a sale. But, I don’t mind, as the response from people has been phenomenal! And just the fact that people are checking it out, and liking my work is payment enough for now! YAY!!!! oxo gd

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Rain Sale!

Hi All! For the first time ever, I have lots of plates in stock, so I thought I would have a plate sale, but then decided to have an everything sale! As I need to raise funds to help with my computer repair expenses, & new external hard drive for my project. Just go to my shop and if you see anything you fancy, copy this code – RAINSALE25  – for 25% off!!! Plates, Prints, Lights, T Shirts, Blotter Art, 7″ Colored Vinyl; something for everyone! Happy shopping! oxo gd

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Pop Artifact Purge

Hi Friends!

My debut show – Electric Crazyland is up for 2 more weeks, it comes down the 26th of May. If you are London based and you still haven’t seen it, check it out! You’ll love it!!(That is if you like hyper-colored pop art, if you prefer more muted tones, avoid at all costs!) It’s at 31 – 45 Folgate Street around the corner from Spitalfields.

I thought I would have a 2 week spring sale as the show winds down. So if you fancy any Psychedelic Wedgwood Porcelain Plates, Framed Pop Art Giclee Prints, Unframed Prints, Blotter Art, Pinball inspired lights, T Shirts, Limited Edition Colored Vinyl and more, copy this code – GRANDESPRINGSALE – and click the pic above! 20% off of everything from now until May 26. Thanx for looking!

oxo gd

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Grande Dame = Jukebox Hero

What a weekend. Saturday was going to be me & Boo Boo’s beautifyin day but it was cut short after I had an unfortunate encounter with a pair of scissors which I inadvertently stuck in my eye. I was trimming my fringe and my hand slipped. Normally something like that would be a minor irritant, but since I am blind in one eye & the one I poked myself in was my good eye, well it left me incapacitated. My optic nerve on my right eye just isn’t connected to my brain. When I was a child they thought it was lazy eye and for 8 months when I was 9, my good eye was patched up and I was made to wear glasses. The lens was the absolute strongest prescription and was thicker than a glass coke bottle bottom. My eye was magnified 10 times. I was teased very bad for this, kids called me 3 Eyes, or Cyclops Baby. And to top it all off, I still couldnt see well. It just made things bigger, but not more clear. I was humiliated for nothing, as later doctors realized it was something else. It’s no wonder I threw out all photos of the evidence, I kinda wish I had one now, just to remind myself of the trauma. Anyhoo, I am going to be fine. I went to the doc and was diagnosed with a scratched cornea, yuk! But I got antibiotics to stave off infection, so i am on the mend. But I have to wear sunglasses even now, as my eye is super sensitive to light. It’s a scary thing to contemplate, if I lost site in my good eye I would have to change my entire life. It is a great fear and something I think about from time to time. If I did lose my sight, I would take up piano and focus on becoming the female Ray Charles. Ha Ha.

In other news, my friend Mat Smyth sent me this photo of the Jukebox at his local bowling alley. I nearly had a heart attack, why is my album that isn’t even out yet, on bowling alley jukeboxes? Very cool, but confusing. Luckily I shared the pic with my publisher who informed me that he did it when my album was supposed to be released this year, but when I pushed it back, he forgot to remove it. I might try and keep up a few tracks, like the ones that have been released, cos it’s pretty neat. So maybe it’s on your local bowling alley jukebox? Poss! oxo gd

PS – My posts will be intermittent this week cos of the ol eye….

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Happy International Record Store Day!

Today is International Record Store Day. Thousands of people the globe over will be trekking to their trusty local music shop to purchase audio delights. Sadly I do not have a physical shop for people to visit, yet. But to honor this momentous occasion, I am offering £5 off my single & free shipping anywhere in the world! You can hear the tracks below! Side A – Black Leather – A Tongue in Cheek Glam Rock Stomper & Side B – The Shakes – Middle Eastern Psychedelic Exotica Blues. All Original Material Written By Grande Dame. Included, is a signed blotter art Giclee print commemorating The Shakes. Designed by me and made by the legendary Institute of Illegal Images, San Francisco. Each comes with a certificate of authenticity in a stenciled case! How cool! Click any pic to go to my store! Sale on until Monday. Happy shopping! And Happy international record day! oxo gd

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Daisy Makeig Jone’s Fairyland Lustreware

In 1909 a 28 year old welsh woman by the name of Daisy Makeig Jones joined the Wedgwood company as a designer, and in 1915 the first Fairyland Lustreware patterns were introduced. Like her arts & crafts contemporaries, Daisy’s work revolved around nature. But this particular style she created took children’s fantasy to a whole new level.

Iridescent blues, greens, and oranges swirl around the porcelain with lovely gold outlines, while fairies & butterflies jump and flit about the flora and fauna. I’ve seen some on display in musuems before, and where ever you stand, the light bounces against it, changing the color and adding drama. Making her fairy-tale’s come to life like ceramic zoetropes.

She was a bit of a JK Rowling, as each piece had elaborate stories to go with them. They were very popular for the time, as the colors and patterns brought people out of their drab lives. But sadly like most creations of the Art Nouveau era, they fell out of fashion, and in the 1920’s her pieces declined in sales. Rather than embrace the new modern era of Art Deco, Jones kept up with the style she created, going deeper and deeper into her Fairyland world.

In 1931 Jones was asked to retire from Wedgwood. This angered her so much, that she ordered one of the workers to smash up all her lustreware sample pieces. Ha Ha! Hell hath no fury like a creative woman scorned! Gotta love that! oxo gd

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