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Grande Dame Permanent Video Installation!

Ladies & Gentlemen! I am very pleased to announce that my video installation at The St Leonard Public House has been such a success, that the owners have asked to make it permanent! Wowowow!!! My second permanent video installation in the UK! Of course Brighton folk will be familiar with my installation at the Joker Pub – Next the world! ha! Funny, cos it was a last minute idea. I had planned to have projections on the PV night. But using their projector & screen would mean a big wall of work would have to be covered. I toyed with the idea of bringing my own projector and leaving it up for the shows duration, but projectors are fiddly and can be diff to operate. Then it hit me – flat screen telly! I did a post on fb asking if any friends had old ones they wanted to sell. And it just so happened my lovely neighbors and collaborators in couture shoes – The De havilland’s – just happened to have a telly which fit perfectly in my fancy gold frame! Kismet! Yay! So, if you are in the St Leonard vicinity, pop in for a drink & Tune In & Turn On! More amazing news soon! oxo GD

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Thank you to everyone who came down last night to help me celebrate my opening!! Great to see so many familiar faces and meet many new ones! A FAB time was had by all! I cut myself, bruised myself, & even shocked myself with this show and will now today remain in bed, horizontal, licking my wounds… The show is up for a few months so if you didn’t see it – have a look! At The St Leonard Pub 16-18 London Road. Thanx to Oliver Crowther, Allen Clarke, Jo Perfect, Liz de Havilland & The St leonard for all your help… oxo GD

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Goin Back To Cali!

Well today I head out west, to the city I left my heart in – San Francisco! I have had a super chill week in the Deep South. Very relaxing, almost like a spa break… Lots of sun and heat, with the sweet fragrance of gardenias in the air. Now I’m all ready for the big group show!
Of course I am exhibiting pieces from my audio/visual installation – My Voodoo On You – which debuted at ink-d gallery last October. If you are not familiar with my work. This was a 5 year project starting with sound, animation, and then still objects – culminating in an all encompassing sound & vision capsule. An album, where each track has it’s own original piece of art, loosely illustrating the songs meaning… Above is the work for this track, the title of the show.

And below is the song for this piece – Almost & Maybes – a happy/ sad song – & def the most twangy off the Grande Dame album…
So super excited to come home to exhibit my work to my friends. Also looking forward to seeing the works by Mildred & Pacolli, & Jamie Bizness & Caroline Weaver! I will be showing 10 pieces total… 8 from my A/V show plus a couple new ones! The Last Summer runs until July 30th. And on the Private View night of June 5th I will have a few copies of my comic – The Trip, as well as a few box sets for sale. So To all my SF friends! Hope to see you at 111 Minna! oxo GD

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Shattered Flattered & Humbled…

Wow! What can I say? There are no words to describe the gratitude I have for all the people who helped me achieve this small monument of my work! I will not lie. I feel awful! War torn, like I just got back from Afghanistan. I am bruised, bloodied and broken, my voice is 5 octaves lower and I would give anything to have cuticle transplants! But the show came out even better than I imagined! I nearly gave myself a stroke putting it together. I don’t know why I do it to myself, but to me perfection is a life or death struggle, if things are not exact I will just die! Ha Ha! Luckily it did turn out perfect! Mainly because of Dan Hipkin at ink_d Gallery & Vaughan Williams of Tindogs Fine Art! They, like me are OCD on things being exact and they both went above & beyond the call of duty to help me achieve my vision – with out them, my show would not have been up to the same standard! Also I am so humbled by the turn out of everyone who came down to support me! It was a brilliant PV! Thank you all for coming down and celebrating with me! And I am happy to report that I have made sales! So yay! Bonus! I started creating things as a way to stave off depression. If I create something I like, it makes me feel better, if other people like it, that is a bonus! And if they want to buy it, it’s a double bonus! So it’s a nice feeling to come full circle and see my hard work and dedication was not a waste of 5 years, that this is my bonafide career! So Wow! Just Wow! Lastly I want to say a big thank you to my wonderful mother, without your support, none of this would have been possible! Thank you mamma for encouraging me to go after my dreams! I love you! Ok, click the pix to launch the gallery! More pix soon! And don’t forget the show is up until Nov 9th at ink_d gallery 96 North Rd, Brighton, BN1 1YE oxo GD


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