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Ladies & Gentlemen! The date is fast approaching – next Thursday Dec 7th at the fabulous St Leonard Pub – I will be making my first stage debut in 6 whole years!!! EEK! I won’t lie – I’ve was terrified at the prospect, and thought to myself “Have you lost your mind? What are you doing?” Mainly because I’ve been a bit under the weather and it has been 6 long years since I’ve graced a stage, except karaoke – and karaoke counts goddamnit! But I had an amazing rehearsal with my writing partner – keyboard virtuoso – Pete Z “King of Shag!” And after I listened back to our set I thought “Yeah! this sounds awesome! I can do this! This is fun!” I’m happy to say I’m feeling a lot better and excited to be working again in the powerful medium that is SOUND, so – it’s on!

I made a new lightbox too! Hoping to have that up and radiating Grande Illuminations. Myself, Pete & the wonderful Jo Perfect will be dropping killer tunes for you, and I am having another raffle on the night! This time I’m giving away Grande Dame Originals – but you have to be there to win. So come on down people and PARTY! Live show commences at 9pm – raffle at 9:45. So mark your date and be there to witness this rare spectacle that is Grande Dame LIVE and lets ring in the holiday season together and have some big fun! Click the pix or here for deets! Woo! oxo GD

Top pic by Nathan Thomas Jones


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Electric Crazyland Xmas!!!

Dear Friends! I have had a truly incredible show at the lovely St Leonard Pub! It’s been an amazing run, with so many sales – I have nearly run out of stock! Seriously! I sold 3 light boxes – including the very first one I did with God’s Own Junkyard – the Electric Crazyland Lady Light! And I am down to a handful of my silk screen editions! It’s been a huge success! But even more than the financial rewards, getting to know the owners – Phil & Chris – and all the friendly locals, has been so wonderful! So I decided to have another soiree to celebrate the holidays! I’m going to have a few new pieces up, plus myself and the ultra-cool Jo Perfect will be playing sonic sounds for your listening pleasure, there will be a raffle with a chance to win a Grande Dame original, and – OMG – I am going to do something I have not done in 6 years – Brace yourselves — I am going to perform live! WHAAT??? That’s right! Myself and my writing partner & keyboard virtuoso – Petar Zivkovic (King of Shag) – will be doing a little lounge act. So, mark your dates for this rare and special occasion! Thurs Dec 7th at The St Leonard Pub, 16-18 London Road, 7-11! Click here or pic for more info. Woo! More Soon! oxo GD

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Grande Dame Mini Prints!

Been meaning to put these mini prints up for ages. I made them last year. They are all bijoux versions of original works of mine. At the mo I have 4 different giclee prints available – My Voodoo On You, Almost & Maybes, Chicken Man & His Muscles Made My Stomach Flutter. Each are printed on Photorag 308 GSM Paper – 2 and 1/2″ x 3 and 1/2″. Unframed come in red Chinese Good Fortune envelopes for £5 each. Framed finish is £20, buy all 4 framed and save £5. They make perfect stocking stuffers! Click pix or here for deets. oxo GD

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Dear Friends, I have a new print on offer called REWARD FOR THE RIGHTEOUS. I did it a few months back and it is a symbol of hope. We are entering dark times. Where we are truly in a good vs evil struggle. But we are the light bearers. We practice acceptance and seek out knowledge of all cultures. We are inclusive and understanding. We honor the earth. We are on a quest for justice and truth. We are the Righteous and we WILL BE REWARDED! I was inspired by cemetery symbolism. This image of the finger pointing up can be found on old headstones – meaning of the hope of heaven. Giclee Printed on 225 Sommerset GSM, Hand Coloured with Acrylic Ink. Available unframed for £60 or framed for £110. I will be doing more colorways and sizes, I plan to cover this image all over the place. This is our badge of hope! The struggle continues… Click the pic or here for details. oxo GDS


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Prints For Sale! Yes!

allhcprints I finally got the time to go through all my recent silk screen work and number and photograph the editions!! And I am happy to announce that they are all now online and available to purchase!! Yay!
greenframedweb My first offering is – Hire Car – edition of 17/ 2 color/ A3 sized / hand pulled silk screen on Sommerset Heavy Weight Paper 300gsm. Taking inspiration from the legendary Bard of Salford – John Cooper Clarke’s fantastic poem of the same name. It’s hip, it’s groovy, it’s now,it’s WOW!! And only £150!!

gogoblueframeweb I also did a slight variation of 7 hand colored prints – Hire Car A-Go-Go – equally cool & no 2 are alike!! Get yours today for just £175!!! More variations at Ink-d Gallery.

blackleathergreenstripeweb Also available is my homage to Tom of Finland and 60’s Acid Rock!! Black Leather Silk Screen – edition of 20/ printed on A1 sized Sommerset Heavy Weight Paper 300 gsm. It comes in a variety of neon colours! It’s bold and in your face! And Tuff as Hell! This bass ass print is only £200!! And they all glow in black light!! Whoa!!

pink&yelweb And for the more bold collector, I have 15 variations of Black Leather in Neon Color Combos!. Each color is a separate edition. Also priced at £200.

gogocoraldeetwebDetail of Hire Car A-GO-GO!! Pretty rad eh??

bluedeet And here’s the colored Black Leather up close! Not to brag, but I rule!! Ha Ha!

Anyhoo, have loads more silk screens and products coming out real soon! So stay tuned for MORE MORE MORE!! oxo gd

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