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Grande Dame in Paper Mag!

I recently did an interview for Paper Mag on my animation career and rise to Sticker Stardom – Ha! I am totally shocked by the response I have received from this endeavor – but hey – I will take it! World Domination continues – Woo!  Thanx again to imojiapp, Giphy Arts and Apple for this life changing opportunity – and to Paper Mag for featuring me! Click pic or here to read. More soon oxo GD

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The Incredible Story behind the author of Strange Fruit

My dear friend Ron Turner of Last Gasp sent me an email about the incredible story behind the author of the iconic song made famous by Billie Holiday – “Strange Fruit”. The iconic civil rights protest song was written in the 1930’s by young, jewish, bronx resident Abel Meeropol, and was recently named by Time Magazine as “the song of the century”. He was, like many others, disgusted at the lynching of innocent black men in the south. He went by the pen name Lewis Allen. Meeropol was a communist and at that time the communist party were very concerned about civil rights. Back in those days there was a witch hunt against communism. Law makers did not like his song and accused him of teaching communism in school. What makes the story so incredible is Abel and his wife Anne became the adopted parents of Robert & Michael Rosenberg. Children of Ethel and Julius Rosenberg who were executed for espionage in 1953. They were sentenced to death for conspiring to give atomic secrets to the Soviet Union. The Rosenbergs had also been Communists. It was a massive story in the early 50’s. More on this unbelievable man at NPR. oxo gd

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