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Tonight’s Soiree!!!

Well I am happy to report that after 4 hours of hard manual labour yesterday, the new work has been put in it’s places and is ready for the world to see! Yay! Unfortch I left my phone at home all day yest and was not able to take a snap, but will take loads tonight! Of course as I mentioned before myself and Jo Perfect will be playin some choice tunes and there will even be a raffle or 2 to win a signed Grande Dame Print! So please come say high! Be nice to see some faces! It’s at the St leonard Pub London Road from 7- 11PM FREE! Click pic or here for Deets! More soon! oxo GD

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Electric Crazyland is a Success!!!

Not to brag but… My show is going very VERY well! In fact many classic GD pieces have been sold and will soon be leaving for their new homes; including – Shady Ladies, Big Top Light Box, Kal-Eye-De-Skull No 1, & many others! No more Hire Car Pink! Only one more Queen Bee, and 2 more Skull No 1’s! Going to have to do another big themed show just so I have some bigger pieces! WOWOWOW!!! And it’s only been 2 weeks! Thank you so much to The St Leonard for inviting me to exhibit! Ok Back to work! Woo! oxo GD

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New Print – Capote Vibes – Avail Now!

Dear friends! I have a new print available – Introducing Capote Vibes LTD Edition Giclee by Grande Dame. Of course it is the image of my current show – Electric Crazyland which is on at The St Leonard Pub for the next few months.
Make a statement with this Pop Art Portrait of Truman Capote – the legendary Southern Gothic author & party host extraordinaire! It’s LUSH TO THE MAX! The colors, as per usual, are bright and vibrant & lift you up to that feel good place! Ltd run of 100, 16″ by 20″. Printed on gorgeous Hahnemuhle Photo Rag Archival Paper 308 GSM; and will never fade! Add some fun to your walls now! Click pix or here for deets!
More soon! OXO GD

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Rad Photo & Write Up

Before my opening the other night, I told myself a dozen times to make sure to get photos on the night – and if nothing else – of my outfit! Ha – priorities! Of course once the party kicked off I was so busy scurrying around from person to person, mingling, checking the music, making sure the vids were playing, etc; that like always – I forgot! I even tried to take a selfie in the downstairs toilets but they didn’t turn out. Then right near the end of the night I happened to meet a photographer named Nathan Thomas Jones – who asked could he take my pic and directed me in the middle of London Road for a very dramatic shot! Also the one above – I’m standing infront of the Co-Op Supermarket with the Dallas Fried chicken reflecting on the windows – drama! Anyhoo, click the pic or here to see his other amazing shot and write up – Thanx Nathan! More soon oxo gd

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Grande Dame Sportswear, Houseware and More!

Ladies & Gentleman! I am very excited to debut my line of printed EVERYTHING! Well pretty much everything – Ha!

For ages I have seen various sites where you can have your designs printed on pillow or iphone cases, but I wasn’t interested in either.

Then one day I started thinking – I would like to make my own leggings – and through the magic of google I found the site RageOn. Not only do they print on leggings, but drawstring pants, boxers, yoga pants, socks, high tops, low tops, sweatshirts, tanks, dresses, hoodies, duvet covers, towels, blankets, t shirts and so much more!

And it’s totally affordable! Prices start at $8 for ankle socks and go up to $100 for a Duvet cover! Wow! Unlike fast fashion, where they make tons of articles of clothing – this is made to order, so no waste! Yay!

It’s produced in the States and Eastern Europe. And it’s a 25 day turn around.
There are so many items – literally something for everyone and I want one of everything! Seriously dying!

OMG! WANT! No – NEED! So click any of the gifs or here to get to my shop. At first you see a series of hoodies, if you click on any, at the bottom of each pic you can scroll through all the different products!

Everything looks SO LUSH! It was difficult to choose what images to make gifs of. These are just a few of my faves, but there are dresses, shower curtains – even fleece blankets! Tons of items! So Perfect for Xmas! So get ordering so I can get some outfits PLEEZE! Happy Shopping! oxo gd

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More UV Goodness…

ChickenmanUV Yesterday I went down and snapped some more pix of my work! I still can’t believe how awesome it looks in Blacklight! Wow!!
legendtemp Sadly the proper camera battery died and I just had to use my phone, but still!!! How cool!!!
StAgathaUV I’m hoping I can get back down there and snap some proper hi-def ones while I’m still here…
mstemp Seriously I’m blown away! UV is soooooo me!
LadyisadameUV It all really pops!
StomachFlutterUV Love it all! yay!

And I even got a shout out on Creep Machine Magazine! Woo! Hopefully I can get some proper images, cos I wanna make a little promo vid of it all… Or if I can’t perhaps I can sweet talk a SF based photgrapher to help… Fingers crossed! Shot some vid projections too.. Everything looks ace! yay! Stay tuned! And if you’re in San Francisco, make sure you get down to 111 Minna Gallery to check it out! oxo GD

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Journey to the Crescent City Part Trois

IMG_9571At the Masked Ball, Mamma & I ran into both of my late Uncle Diggie’s best friends – Becky Allen – who was crowned Queen; and Glade Bilby – a local New Orleans photographer, who took this photo of me when I was 9 years old! My uncle made the outfit for me. It was pretty spectacular! A mini Scarlet O’Hara with a matching rhinestone parasol!
IMG_9018 Glade bought an amazing property in the French Quarter & has been fixing it up for over 2 decades. He invited us over for a tour the next day. The house is called The Bringier – Barnett House and was built in 1848 by Henry R Denis for one of his daughers. It was one of 3 that stood on Esplanade Avenue.
IMG_9020 It stands in typical French Quarter splendor, with curling grill work framing the balconies. So grand and imposing!
IMG_9208 The ceilings on the ground level are nearly 20 feet tall! I tried to take a pic of the doors, but they were so long, they didn’t fit in the frame! This is the fabulous dining room! Glade did the decoration with the fabric himself! How wonderful! That is something I have always wanted to do – gather fabric around a centered ceiling light!
IMG_9210 The exterior gardens are just as spectacular as the interior. With lovely palms and tropical plants! Ahh to have your morning coffee here would be absolutely dreamy!
IMG_9209 And what a kitchen to cook in! A great room to entertain guests as well!
IMG_9221 New Orleans is so romantic! This is the view of the upstairs veranda…
IMG_9212 Glade definitely has impeccable taste! This is his office. I wouldn’t get much done in here, as I would want to look at everything!
IMG_9172 My Grandpa was a local New Orleans Jazz musician and band leader. This is one of his Gig posters and horns hanging on a wall in Glades upstairs guest room.
IMG_9174 This wooden palm tree was one of two that belonged to my late uncle. They were also in his living room in his apartment that was also on Esplanade. Mamma said he got them from The Sanger Theater Prop dept. I loved them so much when I was little. What a treat to see them again!
IMG_9173 In the 1980’s my uncle had a comic strip in New Orleans Magazine called – HAWT-BREAK. A very funny series about local New Orleans culture. Glade had one of the strips framed and hanging in his billiard room. I must put the one I have in a frame as well! What a great idea!!
IMG_9384 On top of getting the grand tour, we were also shown and given some of my uncles journals. This was a random page. He was such an amazing talented person! And our visit was very emotional. It was a wonderful privilege to see such a beautiful house, and one I know my uncle LOVED, as it was owned by a supposed Countess that he made friends with and spent a lot of time there, as he told my mother and I stories about her. I know my uncle would be happy his dear friend he loved so much is now living in such a beautiful place that he also loved! Tomorrow stay tuned for PART 4 – My Amazing Uncle Diggie! oxo gd

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