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Happy Birthday Carson McCullers!

Dear Friends! I had planned on waiting until after my presentation at The Carson McCullers Centre to share the video, but as today is her birthday (and as a protest to Presidents Day and the Patriarchy in general!), I decided to go ahead and release it to the world! Plus I needed a lift, as everything with this project but the video has gone sideways! I want to first thank Carson for creating her wonderful wordsmith tapestries that captured my young mind, and to Dr Virginia Carr for her fabulous biography which gave me a lifeline to persevere in the Deep South! Also Dr Carlos Dews for lighting the spark! To Pete Zivkovic and Ade Meehan for co-writing the music with me. Dominic Glover for the brilliant trumpet, Peter J Bowling for the fab mix, Audio Masters for the mastering, Rowan Bailey for the additional animation help; and lastly to Mamma for all your support! If you aren’t familiar with Carson’s incredible work – watch the vid, then go to your local library and check out a book and immerse yourself in her incredible worlds! Thank you for watching! Maybe see some local Columbusites at her childhood home later! Please share far and wide! I’ve only been working on it all year! Ha! Enjoy! More soon! oxo GD

A Star Named Carson by Grande Dame from Grande Dame on Vimeo.


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Carson McCullers Animated Short

I am very pleased and excited to announce that I will be making an animated short on the life and works of Carson McCullers! It will debut at Carson McCullers in the World: A Centenary Conference in Rome, Italy, 14-16 July 2017. I submitted a proposal to The Carson McCullers Society a few months back and got the good news this weekend! Yay! If you are not familiar with her work, she was an amazing Southern Gothic Author whose books came out in the 1940s-50s. She is also a hometown hero from Columbus, Georgia – just like me! I think I was about 12 when my mother brought home a copy of The Ballad of The Sad Cafe for me to read – A love story between a giant woman and rather small, hunchback man. The beauty of the grotesque in her book captivated my young mind and I was hooked. It also gave me hope as a young creative growing up in the stifling south. I thought, “she was from here and left and did something amazing – I can too!” She wrote other classics as well – The Heart is A Lonely Hunter, Member of The Wedding, Reflections in A Golden Eye. Some of her books were made into films, and she counted Truman Capote and Tennessee Williams as her contemporaries. A genius storyteller, years ahead of her time! So looking forward to this. If you would like to attend the conference click the pic above for info. Thank you to The Carson McCullers Society! More soon oxo

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Virginia Spencer Carr R.I.P.

I heard that Virginia Spencer Carr passed away. Allthough I did not know her, (my mother did) I was a fan of her work, especially her wonderful biog on Carson McCullars – The Lonely Hunter. If you are not familiar with Carson McCullers amazing Southern Gothic writings, then I suggest you check her out! My fave is Ballad of The Sad Cafe. Carr’s excellent biog, really takes you into the world of Carson McCullers – her quirky close knit family upbringing in Columbus, Georgia (my hometown), her frustrations of growing up there and not fitting in ( I can relate!), her inner demons and struggles, and wild partying nights in New York (been there!) – all of which contributed to her dark art & writing style. Virginia Carr’s book really captures that. She also became quite close with Tennessee Williams in the process of her research, as he was a close friend of McCullers.  William’s said of Carr – “Her face had a certain smile which gave it a certain charm and within a minute or two I had dismissed my reluctance to share with her my many reminiscences of Carson, for I knew at once that this lady from Georgia, Carson’s native state, was someone who valued the spirit and the writing of Mrs. McCullers as deeply as I did.” Aww Sweet! After McCullers books, I definitely wanted to know – who is behind this brilliant dark mind? This wonderful biog brought me a little closer and made me think – “Wow! She’s like me!” Thank you Virginia for an informative, enjoyable read! Hope you are having fun with Carson,  Tennessee, and Truman. oxo gd



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