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Electric Crazyland Xmas!!!

Dear Friends! I have had a truly incredible show at the lovely St Leonard Pub! It’s been an amazing run, with so many sales – I have nearly run out of stock! Seriously! I sold 3 light boxes – including the very first one I did with God’s Own Junkyard – the Electric Crazyland Lady Light! And I am down to a handful of my silk screen editions! It’s been a huge success! But even more than the financial rewards, getting to know the owners – Phil & Chris – and all the friendly locals, has been so wonderful! So I decided to have another soiree to celebrate the holidays! I’m going to have a few new pieces up, plus myself and the ultra-cool Jo Perfect will be playing sonic sounds for your listening pleasure, there will be a raffle with a chance to win a Grande Dame original, and – OMG – I am going to do something I have not done in 6 years – Brace yourselves — I am going to perform live! WHAAT??? That’s right! Myself and my writing partner & keyboard virtuoso – Petar Zivkovic (King of Shag) – will be doing a little lounge act. So, mark your dates for this rare and special occasion! Thurs Dec 7th at The St Leonard Pub, 16-18 London Road, 7-11! Click here or pic for more info. Woo! More Soon! oxo GD

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5 More days to Catch My Show!

GrandedameinWonderland Wow! Time flies! It’s the countdown to the end of my show… I must admit, I’m getting a bit sad about it. Wish it could stay up forever! But all good things must come to an end… If you haven’t seen it, there’s 5 more days left! So, what are you waiting for? Get down to ink_d Gallery, Brighton & check it out! Sunday Nov 30th is the last day! oxo gd

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Grande Dame In Wonderland!

Wow!!! Just got sent some snaps from my photo shoot at the gallery the other day!! THEY ARE AMAZING!! Shot by the lovely & talented Richard Hanson. Richard shot the spread of me for Pretty Litter Mag Last year. It’s funny cos the day of the show I looked in the mirror and had 2 black eyes! I wondered if I knocked into something, but nope – it was lack of sleep and exhaustion! Never had black eyes from tiredness before! On the night, the few pix that were snapped of me werent so great, as I was tired. I worried I had permanently damaged myself and had aged 10 years! No more decent photos – I was a grafter now… Ha Ha! Luckily Richard’s magic erased the fatigue! So happy! If you haven’t seen it, my show is up until Nov 30th! They are shut the next few days to rehang the downstairs. Excited to see, as it’s Carrie Reichardt! I love her work! Reopens this Saturday. Also there are a few more places open for my talk Nov 22nd, comes with a free silk screen. Book here! Click Pix to launch gallery! More soon! oxo gd

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One Month Countdown to My Show!


Wow! One month until my show opens! 5 years of work coming to an end… Kind of can’t believe it… 4 years ago I came up with the idea of doing an album art show. But didn’t really think I would do it. At the time I had only printed a couple of giclee prints, so my “art career” was in it’s infancy… Plus the animation thing was already a weighty albatross around my neck, so adding more work and tasks for myself kinda seemed insurmountable… But that is me, I like to challenge myself… I need to push myself to the brink with my work… If it doesnt nearly kill me, then it wasnt worth it… I am happy to announce nearly all my pieces are done… And I won’t lie, I am feeling quite pleased with myself! Anyhoo, here is a little sneaky peak at my pic – “When I’m Dead You’re Going To Love Me” & accompanying music! Enjoy! BTW – You can get your pre-orders for the album Vinyl Box Set & Comic here! All UK orders save on postage for the next few weeks! More soon –  plus some exciting announcements!! oxo GD

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Grande Dame Art Show A-Go-Go!

Ladies & Gents! Very pleased to announce that my World of Grande Dame Exhibition at Ink-d Gallery Brighton is on track and coming together rather swimmingly! As many of you know I am a musician first, well songwriter. The show is in conjunction with my album release. Each picture is an illustration of a song title. The above picture is called Always for Pleasure.
amost&m I was influenced growing up by the 60’s black light posters my dad had on our music room wall. Specifically “I Aint Gonna Work on Dizzys Farm No More”. I stared at that image for years. So in a way it’s a tribute to my youth, but with my own stamp I suppose.
voodoo BC – before adding color – here I am with “My Voodoo On You” picture. I will have 6 paintings in this style – large silk screens with 24kt gold leaf overlay, hand colored with fluorescent inks.
In addition to the silk screened paintings. I am hoping to have this massive embroidery – named after my song “When I’m Dead” as it will probably kill me to finish it. Ha Ha! It really is big! 1 meter by 2 meters!
BSA I’ll also have a vintage hifi listening station set up so you can hear the lovely turquoise vinyl. Plus box sets for sale. Each one comes with a ltd edition riso graph print called “Dame With A D”.
trippcomic And I’ll have a special reading chair in Grande Dame designed fabric, you can sit and read The Trip Comic! Plus Grande Dame wallpaper & Animation projections on show the entire exhibit! And maybe even a new light…Definitely something for everyone! So mark your date for October 30th – World of Grande Dame – debuting at Ink-d Gallery Brighton! Yippie! More soon! oxo gd

Grande Dame – The Shakes from Grande Dame on Vimeo.

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Grande Dame Industry News!

Wowee Weewow! They arrived yesterday! All 300 gorgeous glistening precious turquoise rare gems of the Grande Dame Album! Totally over the moon! So beautiful and beyonnnnnnd fab! Oh and they sound AMAZING too!! And my fave color! Yay! As I mentioned they are part of a ltd edition box set. Each comes with a rare Grande Dame Black Light print in a gorgeous bespoke box. Yummy!!!
CD’s are also in production at the mo for those of you who find record players too bulky. And I am pleased to say that the cd’s are available as a free give-away with each ‘The Trip’ comic purchase. The Trip Comic and Grande Dame CD are part of a Ltd Edition Set. How cool is that?? Watch out DC!
As I mentioned previously, this entire project will come out in October and culminate around an art show at Ink-d Gallery, Brighton. All the original work in the show will illustrate the songs meanings. I have been working tirelessly on several big pieces. This piece above is a massive embroidery and measures 1 meter by 2 meters! I have been having an absolute blast making it too!
Just to show you the scale, I have my trusty assistant Boo Boo Bee Bee standing alongside. Yes, it’s a biggie! It will take another 30 days of sewing at least! And to be honest, will be hard to part with! Im hoping to have one other embroidered piece, 6 paintings, and a new light, as well as Ltd Edition items that go with the project; all displayed in a Grande Dame environment with wallpaper, soft furnishings, and projected animations – yippie! Yes, it’s a lot of work, and yes, I am a bit mad, and no, I will not have much of a social life until November, but this is what makes me happy, being in the zone, creating my world, for others to experience – my audio/ visual/ tactile/ color stimulation! Hopefully some of you get to check it out! Will be taking pre orders in June…More soon! oxo gd

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Grande Dame Album A Go Go!

Well after over 4 going on 5 years in the making, I can confirm that the Grande Dame album will finally be released in 2014! Woohoo! Written in 2009, recorded in 2010, and 11 to 14 – was spent working on visuals and art to go with it. Those bits take a lot longer unfortch. And when you are just one person without a label or machine driving your project, well everything takes a gazillion times longer!

Cue sheets sent, art work sent, it’s all been delivered to the vinyl manufacturer and is now slated for production. On groovy turquoise transparent vinyl even! Like a precious rare jewel for you to treasure for a lifetime and pass down to your offspring! Classy or what? Nommmmmmmm!!

It will be part of a box set of course, and will come in a luxurious gift box adorned with art. Inside will be the jadeitite album and a print depicting the story of the album, and a choice to also add The Trip comic… Now I just have to get bizzy on the artworky bits… Planning for a summer release… So stay tuned for the Grande Dame album and more available next year! Yay! oxo GD

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