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Tonight is the night! I can’t believe it! Nearly got it all together! Just going down in a bit to fix a couple of things and hang the flat screen telly. I was just going to have a projector on the night showing visuals, but then it hit me – no – get a flat screen tv and have all the animations on a USB stick and play it throughout the duration of the show. The animation thing is so integral to my working process. In fact you will see many of the works I have in frames moving in the videos – it’s how I roll!

Here’s a few sneak peak pix. Big thanx to Oliver Crowther, Allen Clarke, & Jo Perfect for the hanging help!

How bout them lightboxes eh? Rad! So so so pleased! They really work in that space so well! Yay! Anyhoo, the other day I thought I would make a little ad for my iphone app to play in between the videos. Of course my app is the same name as the show – I kinda name every thing Electric Crazyland, it just kinda fits my lifestyle ya know? Ha! Anyhoo, it was just meant to be a lil visual addition for my show, but then I thought “why not upload it to Facebook? But then realised – it’s a minute long – I gotta have a sound track! I dug around my folders looking for old jam/ riffs – and then I found my old Soho Radio Theme Song of the same name – Electric Crazyland! I threw it in at the last minute – and it just happened to be the same length and the images change on the beat! Total accident – meant to be OBVS! So turn it up & enjoy! And if you are free tonight & in the East Sussex area – pop in and experience my colourful Electric Crazyland vibes! Ok ciao for now! Toodles oxo GD

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Grande Dame Art on Coastal Currents Official Poster!

Coastal Currents Arts Festival Official 2017 Poster is out & what a pleasant surprise to see my work from Point of Decay Installation in Bottle Alley (Coastal Currents 2015) as a featured image! WOW! WOW! WOW! It’s the black and white columns to the left! Super proud! Yay! The festival is the biggest arts festival in the Hastings/ St Leonards Area which runs from Sept 1 – Oct 2! Really looking forward to the Zeroh installation, they always pull out the stops and were the brains behind Point of Decay. I had originally planned to do an open studio during the month, but then the offer to have my show at The St Leonard Pub came up at the same time, so I did that instead. Friendly reminder – my show – Electric Crazyland opens next week Weds Aug 23rd and should be up for a few months. Going to be a fun PV – I can assure you, so if you are in the area this coming weds – pop down and say hello! New work – including 2 light boxes, plus mad visuals, screen prints, hand painted originals limited editions and more! So see you there! oxo GD

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Grande Dame Does Bottle Alley!

No, it’s not a sex act – it’s street art on Hastings iconic underground seafront promenade! The mega talented animation/ art duo – Zeroh – asked myself and about 20 other artists to contribute to their project which is also the launch of Coastal Currents Arts Festival. There are over 100 columns running along Bottle Alley and each artist has 5 to cover. The theme was “Point of Decay” – Hastings Pier and Seafront is having a much needed makeover after being in a state of decay for sometime. Before Bottle Alley gets its proper facelift, our art shall adorn the walkway. Bottle Alley was built in the 1930’s buy Hastings “Concrete King” Sidney Little. A pioneer in early recycling, he took loads of different colored broken bits of glass and made mosaic walls with concrete that line the underground deck. Not just a pretty decoration, the walls helped stabilize the beach and take the full force of the sea. Even in it’s current state, it is a treat to walk through. wecamefromthesea1
Here are a few of my images. I was inspired by some science programs I watched on how life was formed from gas, water, and heat; and how we all originally evolved from sea creatures. I call my collection – “We Came From the Sea” – this is “Early Bird” and “Tree of The Dead”. We had to work in black and white only, which was a challenge for me, but as I have said many times before – I like challenges!
These are called – “5 Stages of The Baby Coral Formation” and “Origins of Man”. There are a few more too, but you’ll have to walk down Bottle Alley and see for yourself! I must admit, this is another life goal I am ticking off the list! Grande Dame – Street Artist! Woo! Coastal Currents Opening Ceremony is August 28th. Zeroh put on quite a spectacle, so make sure you get down to Bottle Alley to witness it in all it’s glory! Art should be up for 3 – 4 months! Yay! Click Pix for info! More soon! oxo gd

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Basking In The Blacklight…

Totally blown away from last Fridays PV for The Last Summer at 111 Minna Gallery! For one – it looks so AMAZING!!! The UV has totally blown me away! Just looking at my work under the black light, brings me back to my childhood, and all those days staring at “Aint Gonna Work On Dizzy’s Farm No More” in the family Music Room. Who knew, decades later it would still be influencing me!
SLUV Shady Ladies in The UV! How effin cool???
A&MUV Almost & Maybe’s in Black Light. OMG!!!
SideEye So many friends came out to show their support! Was really touched by all the love! Old friends who I have known for decades! And new friends too! All the work, by all the artists looks incredible! Minna did a stellar job! Was a great night all way around, and I even managed to sell a few things! Yay!

A video posted by grandedame (@grandedame) on

The visual projections looked ace too!
In fact I’m going back there tonight to get proper pix of it all so I can make a little promo vid with UV fx! Again the show is up until July 30th! so if you are in San Francisco anytime between now and then – check it out! oxo gd

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I Made It!

After a hellish day of traveling, I finally made it safe & sound to my fave city in the whole world – San Francisco! The flight was over 3 hours late because of bad storms. It was over booked as well. I tried to change my seat, but everything was filled – even in first class! But somehow the gods and goddess’s of air travel looked down on me and left the only empty seat onboard to my right. Myself and the gentleman on the window were the only ones with elbow room! Yay! It made it bearable. I knew I had finally made it when I saw this sign. Only in SF is there a Yoga room at the airport! Awesome!
I got in after midnight, and was treated to the most scrumptious Thai food! Crab curry, larb, spring rolls, steak and more. It was so delish – I had it for breakfast too! Bars stay open quite late here & luckily I still had time to get a few drinkies down at the wonderful & legendary Tosca Cafe! I love that place and have many fond memories from there…
This morning I went down to 111 Minna Gallery to have some much needed coffee & to inspect my work. It’s been years since I have been there and was truly blown away by how incredible the interior is. This is the fabulous doorway! I was relieved to see all my work arrived safely and without anything breaking! Yay! Perhaps I should think of packing as a backup career plan! Ha! The curator said “I hope you aren’t offended, but your work looks a million times better in person than photographs, the detail and colours are truly magnificent!” No offence taken! 🙂
Still a wee bit jet laggy, so I’m going to lay around today and hopefully catch some rays and more sleep. This is my temporary office for the week. What a spectacular view eh?
On another note, I am over the moon to report Booboo Beebee is in love! He has a new Best Friend & playmate named Bane Evans. Can you believe this picture? Two dogs hugging! I spent years not traveling, because I worried about him too much. But I lucked out with the best doggy sitters in the world! Yay! Ok I am off to do some serious vegitating! More soon! oxo gd

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Saint Agatha In The East End Print Fair

Amelias_Magazine_TWWDNU_Grande_Dame_Saint_Agatha Pleased to announce that my Saint Agatha Giclee I created for the book “That Which We Do Not Understand” by Amelia’s Magazine, will be on show at The Proud Archivist along with the other contributors as part of The East End Print Fair! The fair runs from March 26th – May 11th, so plenty of time to get down there and check out all the amazing work! In the event you can’t make it down, there are a few prints left. A very small run of just 10 were made. Click here for info on the work or to purchase. Or swing by The Proud Archivist 2-10 Hertford Road, London N1 5ET between 26th March – 12th May 2015 to see it in the flesh! More soon… oxo gd
P.S. – Happy Spring Equinox!

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menboobootrikeAs 2014 draws to a close, I can’t help but reminisce on what a truly spectacular year it has been. Most def the greatest year of my life! It’s funny, cos this time last year I would not have imagined that it would have turned out so well. I don’t really use my blog as a platform for my personal life, but exactly this time last year I was in a dark space. Last New Years Post – I listed all the amazing things I did.  And I truly did some amazing stuff – art & design & travel… But I couldn’t appreciate it then. I put on a front saying how great my year had been, but really I was overcome with fear & self doubt. I was in a dark mental fog. I spent 4 months in the hole. Worrying about my project. Convincing myself I was doomed to fail, I bit off more than I could chew, I couldn’t afford it. How was I going to do it? I spent many sleepless nights doing gymnastics in my mind of everything I needed to do & how it was impossible & how the year before was better. That was my life from November 2013 to March 2014. Fear, worry, anguish, doubt. Repeat. Then magically in March the sun came out & my angst dissipated. It was then I realised I was sensitive to seasonal changes and winters lack of light – ha ha! But it wasn’t just SADS, all though I believe it was a contributing factor to my mounting fears. How did I get through it? I kept working for one. I find that creating new things is a great antidote for depression. If I create something new, it makes me feel good. If others like it – I feel even better! If they want to buy it – then that’s triple joy! So I persevered through my darkness and continued to work. I also made a conscious effort to stop reading news, except for weather. And an effort to only post positive things. We live in such odd, unnatural circumstances, bombarded with information overload, it’s too much for ones psyche to bear. So I try to distance myself from that world just to maintain my mental health! Those things helped me make it through. And everything worked out in the end! Not just “worked out”, but I mean was greater than I could ever have imagined! Beyond my wildest dreams! My show was a huge success, and it looked amazing, my film got accepted to my dream animation festival, my 5 year project came out, I did interior design, soft furnishing design, taught myself upholstery & gilding, my design work was featured in Vogue Italia & on Channel 4, got some great press, and my dream Booboo mobile! I made many new friends and I also became part of the community in my town, which I truly love! Moving here was the best decision I ever made! I love what my life has become. Everyday is truly a joy. But if I could set one resolution for the upcoming year, it would be – to live in the present. Not to worry about what lies ahead, or pine for what was left behind, but to live in the now & to cherish each moment. To enjoy each step on the path through life. I have spent too much time on worry. It does no good. A friend said to me once – “Whatever the outcome – good or bad – worrying will not change it, so why worry?” – and that is so true! No more worry as I live in the now! That is my goal for 2015. I wish you all the best! Thank you for being a part of my journey! Happy New Year to you all! oxo gd

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