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Electric Crazyland is a Success!!!

Not to brag but… My show is going very VERY well! In fact many classic GD pieces have been sold and will soon be leaving for their new homes; including – Shady Ladies, Big Top Light Box, Kal-Eye-De-Skull No 1, & many others! No more Hire Car Pink! Only one more Queen Bee, and 2 more Skull No 1’s! Going to have to do another big themed show just so I have some bigger pieces! WOWOWOW!!! And it’s only been 2 weeks! Thank you so much to The St Leonard for inviting me to exhibit! Ok Back to work! Woo! oxo GD

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The Last Summer Video Interview!

ShadyAssMutherFuckinBitches111MBack before The Last Summer Show opened at 111 Minna Gallery, I gave a video interview about my influences etc… Anyone who knows me, knows I have a real phobia about video interviews! I dunno why, but I do… I just freeze up for some reason in my head and worry I will project the wrong image or whatever… It’s one of my quirks, perhaps a control issue? Ha! But I think it went quite well! Actually the one part of my interview I was hoping they would cut out, is what they left in and is kinda hilaire! No point in taking ones self too seriously, eh? So check it out! Plus you can see Caroline Weaver & Jamie Bizness plus Mildred & Pacolli’s awesome works too! Ok check it out & Remember the show is up until July 30th!!Big Thanx to Abyssurdian Productions for the awesome vid! More soon oxo GD

The Last Summer from Abyssurdian Productions on Vimeo.

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More UV Goodness…

ChickenmanUV Yesterday I went down and snapped some more pix of my work! I still can’t believe how awesome it looks in Blacklight! Wow!!
legendtemp Sadly the proper camera battery died and I just had to use my phone, but still!!! How cool!!!
StAgathaUV I’m hoping I can get back down there and snap some proper hi-def ones while I’m still here…
mstemp Seriously I’m blown away! UV is soooooo me!
LadyisadameUV It all really pops!
StomachFlutterUV Love it all! yay!

And I even got a shout out on Creep Machine Magazine! Woo! Hopefully I can get some proper images, cos I wanna make a little promo vid of it all… Or if I can’t perhaps I can sweet talk a SF based photgrapher to help… Fingers crossed! Shot some vid projections too.. Everything looks ace! yay! Stay tuned! And if you’re in San Francisco, make sure you get down to 111 Minna Gallery to check it out! oxo GD

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Institute of Illegal Images in Vice Mag

My old friend and Shakes Blotter collaborator – Mark McCloud – just did an interview for Vice Mag on the history of blotter art. Mark has the biggest collection on earth and is the world’s leading authority on the subject. Basically a Blotter God! Ha Ha! His home is a museum dedicated to the beauty of acid art called The Institute of Illegal Images.
I worked with Mark on my Shakes blotter art for my Black Leather 7″. Def a dream come true! If you are interested in all things blotter click the top pic to read the smashing interview. Mark flies on his own plane, it’s a very cool plane too! You wish you were on the same flight as him, trust me! Anyhoo there’s a few Shakes Blotters left, click the bottom pic for more info. more soon oxogd

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What I did on my Vacation

What a bitch of a hols it has been! What with the weather and all… So many scary storms! The worst I have ever experienced, and I have been through tornados and hurricanes, but nothing this bad… Of course, living right on the sea makes everything way more dramatic, and nature puts on a great show! My mother has been here for the last 3 weeks and I had hoped to show her the sites, but we’ve pretty much been house bound the entire time. Also I don’t have a tv, or even a board game. So it’s been a bit dull… When I was little we used to make salt dough ornaments at Xmas time, so I pulled out some flour and salt and started sculpting…
I made some devil masks. They came out pretty good, I must say… I wanted to do some crazy elaborate paint jobs on them, but sadly I have a laundry list of other tasks i must attempt first, so for now, they’re gold… They look pretty cool, like old gargoyle relics… It’s a super simple recipe… 1 part salt, 1 part water, 2 parts flour… then bake in the over for … mine took about 5 hours… they’re pretty big… Anyhoo, next time you’re stuck indoors and need something to do for fun, I highly recommend salt dough sculpture! Cheap, easy, & fun for everyone! More soon! oxo gd

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Palace Court Artists Tonight!

BYek7_aIQAAdUpB View from the window of Trinity Gallery in Hastings of the Palace Court Artists Show! Opens tonight! With work from myself, Shuby & Disastronaut! PV is from 6 – 9 and more importantly FREE WINE! I’ll be there in spirit sipping my organic 50 proof mescal from my hammock on the beach in Tulum, Mexico. oxo gd

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Now I live INSIDE the computer!

971417_10152473642415400_1982415174_n Apologies for sporadic posts, but I am back to animating/ editing mode. I am at the very end of my short animation that I have been working on for over a year!! Ok to be fair I haven’t been working on it consistently for the last year, but if I added the time up, it’s easily pushing over 7 months!! For 5 minutes!! Agh!! I literally am at the very, very end. Instead of editing it and getting it perfectly on the timeline, which a normal brain would do – I have spent the last 3 days having fun with color.
543890_10152472998345400_776030695_n In fact too much fun that I have totally confused myself and have to go back and retrieve my old files and kinda start over.. But no worries I know exactly how to do it in my head!! It’s been so long since I have worked like this. Before I could work 15 plus hours a day for weeks on end. Now after 3, 4 days my brain turns to mash potatoes and I have to step back. On saturday I went out to walk the dog and bumped into people and could not put sentences together! When I’m pressed up against the big computer screen flashing super hyper colored animations over and over for 15 plus hours, for days on end; it’s like my brain goes inside the computer and I live there now… Only I sprained my brain and cant go back inside for a few days.. I will finish soon! Might end up in a psych ward tho! But hey art buy any means right!! oxo gd

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