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Friends & Comrades! Back in June, I did a post marking my passing 10 Million Views on Giphy! Well in 5 months I’ve passed the 66 Million Mark! WHAT??? Amazing!! Inching closer to 100 Mill!!!

Now that Facebook & Twitter have integrated gifs in the post sections, it’s totally easy to access my Giphy library! You just type in – #grandedame – and voila! My work magically appears! Apart from 2 girls at the top, dunno what they’re doing there? I’ll speak to someone about it… Crazy though! 66 Million is more than all of the UK! So world domination is happening – aww – dreams do come true!

So grab a trippy gif from me by typing in – #grandedame – and impress your friends, and help me take over the world whilst doing it! Thanx! More soon! oxo GD

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Tonight’s Soiree!!!

Well I am happy to report that after 4 hours of hard manual labour yesterday, the new work has been put in it’s places and is ready for the world to see! Yay! Unfortch I left my phone at home all day yest and was not able to take a snap, but will take loads tonight! Of course as I mentioned before myself and Jo Perfect will be playin some choice tunes and there will even be a raffle or 2 to win a signed Grande Dame Print! So please come say high! Be nice to see some faces! It’s at the St leonard Pub London Road from 7- 11PM FREE! Click pic or here for Deets! More soon! oxo GD

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Stuckey’s Ltd Edition Print Available Now!

Dear Friends! I have a new print available for purchase! Introducing Stuckey’s ltd edition giclee by Grande Dame. Stuckey’s – the mecca where bad taste and confections converge to break up the monotony of your road trip. That magical oasis from many American childhoods, reimagined in a pop art, hyper colored, classic car fantasy.

Printed on Somerset Velvet Enhanced 255 GSM Paper. Print is 11″ x 14″ and comes unframed. An edition of 60 for £60. These babies are going fast, so order yours now! Click any pix or here for more info. More soon! oxo GD

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Electric Crazyland is a Success!!!

Not to brag but… My show is going very VERY well! In fact many classic GD pieces have been sold and will soon be leaving for their new homes; including – Shady Ladies, Big Top Light Box, Kal-Eye-De-Skull No 1, & many others! No more Hire Car Pink! Only one more Queen Bee, and 2 more Skull No 1’s! Going to have to do another big themed show just so I have some bigger pieces! WOWOWOW!!! And it’s only been 2 weeks! Thank you so much to The St Leonard for inviting me to exhibit! Ok Back to work! Woo! oxo GD

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Grande Dame Stickers for Facebook!

World Domination is happening! Introducing Grande Dame animated stickers for Facebook! The universe heard my call and sent all the biggies at once! When it rains it pours – Ha! I custom designed this sticker pack especially for them. It’s called Kaleidoscope. There are a cast of fun characters to help you express yourself in my signature trippy color palette. Above is Jazz Cat. Not pictured – Lamby, Owl Babies, Milly Mandrill, Bouncy B’day Alien, Sowwy Rooster, Chick and Spidey. I designed this pack as a more all an ages/ kid friendly collection, as I have a more rock and roll one dropping on there later in the year. Massive thanx again to Amelia Gregory for setting me on this life changing path! And to Facebook & the FB sticker team for being so cool. Here’s a little promo vid I made. So click the pic or here and start stickin!

PS – Google, Adobe, Epson- let’s talk! 🙂

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Grande Dame Talks to Whistleblower Gallery!

There’s a new gallery in Brighton and I am very happy to be one of the represented artists. Whistleblower Gallery is Dan Hipkin’s new project. Dan is a super amazing guy and was the former head curator of ink-d Gallery, Brighton. It was Dan’s keen eye for upcoming talent that really helped put ink-d on the map. He curated shows for Ryan Callanan, Carrie Reichardt, Modern Toss, Eelus, James Cauty, Jake-Wood Evans, Eine, Jon Burgerman, Peter Kennard, Sir Peter Blake, Sarah Shaw, Dan Baldwin, Lady Aiko, Paul Scott, Matt Smith, Maria Rivans, Alex Binnie, Pinky, Petro, Jamie Hewlett, Ian Hodgson, Andy Doig, Snub, Sten & Lex, Req, and myself; as well as many more talented artists.
I sat down with him a few weeks back and discussed many things, from growing up in the deep south, to early influences, animation, embroidery and more! Click either pic or HERE to read. So excited to be a part of this new artist hub! Watch this space! oxo GD
*Pics @whistleblowergallery

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I Give Good Gif!

giphypage1 People have been saying to me for a few years “You should be a GIF artist!” I always thought thought that was a silly idea. My reply would be “I’m so sure! I am a storyteller! An animator! My work takes months, sometimes years! Gifs are only a few frames!” Initially I was put off because it didn’t seem challenging enough. I could do gifs in my sleep. I’m used to working on things that nearly kill me, not something I can do in a few minutes… But in this click society we live in, peoples attention spans are compromised. To ask someone to watch a 5 min animation, is asking them to invest their time. And 9 out of 10 people, will not give you their time. But see, gifs are forced upon you – kinda like eyeball rape. You have no choice. You will see it whether you want to or not!

Last year I started noticing Huff Po Arts and Juxtapose writing about Gif Artists, so I decided that I would go through my library of work and compile a number of gifs, but then my computer died in Sept and it took me a few months before I could replace it. I vowed to myself – as soon as I get a new computer I will spend the first month compiling gifs. Once I reach 100, I will email GIPHY and ask them if I could be a featured artist. I started making them mid Dec and last week I reached 97 – I had one more day to go to reach 100, then I would email them. But before I reached my goal, they emailed me! “We came across your Giphy channel and think your custom gifs are truly awesome! As a result, we went ahead and upgraded your account from “user” to “artist”. We love your work!” How rad is that??? Totally blown away! Just in the short time I have been doing them I have gotten a lot more followers, likes, & shares. And I have been featured several times on their front page! I guess in retrospect, I have always been a gif artist. My style lends itself better towards visual loops than actual stories. So, perhaps this is my calling? It certainly feels like it! Goal Reached! Woo! Anyhoo, the coolest thing about being a GIPHY Artist – is that they have a player looping all my gifs! The other day I had it playing while I was listening to music – it goes great as a visual accoutrement to any sound! So, put some tunes on and watch below! Or check out all the gifs here on my Giphy Channel! Yay! On to the next goal! oxo gd

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