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Grande Dame in Paper Mag!

I recently did an interview for Paper Mag on my animation career and rise to Sticker Stardom РHa! I am totally shocked by the response I have received from this endeavor Рbut hey РI will take it! World Domination continues РWoo!  Thanx again to imojiapp, Giphy Arts and Apple for this life changing opportunity Рand to Paper Mag for featuring me! Click pic or here to read. More soon oxo GD

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New Video for Alabama 3 by ME!!! WOO!

Ladies and Gentleman! I am very pleased¬†to share my new work with you! I directed the latest video for Alabama 3’s new single – (I’ll Never Be) Satisfied. I kinda can’t believe I just wrote that! But yes – it’s true! I had a 3 year break from videos after The Trip, and honestly wasn’t sure when or if I would ever do another one – but was over the moon when they got in contact and plucked me out of video retirement! Of course it is psychedelic and a bit rude – natch – that’s the way I roll! Ha! It’s a killer track and was honestly a labour of love! I am super proud of it and still pinching myself that I got to work with my heros! Woo! Big thanx to Steve Finnerty from A3 for making it happen! And ladypat for the special fx help! Please share the link and as always – ENJOY! oxo gd
Facebook Vid Below click pic or here for you tube!

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Amy Winehouse 1983 – 2011

I would totally be lying if I said I had her records and was her number one fan. I didn’t need to buy her music, you were bombarded with it everywhere. But there was no mistaking her incredible talent and range.

A gifted, tortured soul, who knows what else she had in her? But years of drug abuse corroded that gift. Perhaps it’s for the best and she’s gone now, rather than having 20 years of being messy.

I had a lump in my throat all night last night over it. Rest in peace girl!


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