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I LOVE the new single BROTHER – by my good friends MEATRAFFLE! And Im not just sayin it cos I did the cover art – It’s RAD! It came out last month, but as I was busy being an international jet setter, I was not able to turn you on! Anyhoo, it’s out on Moshi Moshi. You can get the 7″ here.

The B SIDE IS MEGA AS WELL! You gotta watch the vid – twisted visuals to a beautiful track = gold! Brilliant all way round – Vid & Track! So stoked to be a part of music history with me mates! More soon oxo GD


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Countdown to Spiritland!

London Friends and Comrades! In less than 2 weeks time I shall be playing records on the BEST SOUND SYSTEM ON EARTH at the incredible Spiritland! I can NOT wait! Been buying loads of new/old/rare tunes for your listening pleasure. I’m even having my records professionally cleaned – It’s that heavy! And what a treat it will be for our ears. Even Vanity Fair gave them a write up – wow!

Also joining me on the decks for an hour or 2 is the amazing, gorgeous bass playing, rock and roll powerhouse Simone Marie of Primal Scream and Soho Radio! Click the pic to hear her bad ass radio show! It’s gonna be a killer night, the system is so heavy, there will be loads aural pleasures to experience!
Check out the video below of their set up. OMG – I’m not worthy Garth! Ha! Again the event is Weds, Feb 1st, from 8pm – 1am. And it’s Totally Free!!! Spiritland 9 – 10 Stable Street, N1C 4AB – See You there! oxo GD

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Satanic Mojo #4 is Out!

I had an absolute blast at the launch for Satanic Mojo Issue 4 at Orbital Comics in London last friday! Jason Atomic & Savage Pencil did a slideshow talk on how the comic came about. It was very interesting to hear, as I too became obsessed with occult art at a young age from seeing a Devil & Miss Jones spread in one of my dads old Playboys – so really dug hearing their early artistic influences too! Plus I met so many cool people – amazing artists, new friends and old ones. I even got asked for my autograph – which made me feel like a star! London was always so good to me – I miss that excitement and must make more of an effort to visit. The new issue is AMAZING! Well done Jason on getting this scene off the ground and going – can’t wait to collaborate on more! I also got a very rare S. Clay Wilson Checkered Demon Pin – I shall wear it with pride! If you aren’t familiar with his work – he is a legendary San Francisco based, underground comic artist. He was one of the original artists from the late 60’s/70’s Zapp/ Last Gasp/ Robert Crumb Era. A huge influence on generations of artists and massive one for Jason. Very subversive and dark – a total genius! In 2008 he was severely attacked and left for dead on an SF street. He suffered major brain injuries and has to have constant care. Jason is organizing a special poster with the rest of the Satanic Mojo collective to help raise funds for him. So stay tuned for that! You can find out more about the S. Clay Wilson Special Needs Trust here. Click the pic or here to get your own very rare copy of Satanic Mojo #4! Woo! Thank You Jason Atomic and The Satanic Mojo Collective for asking me to be a part and making me feel special! More soon… oxo GD

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My Donation For The Auction For Calais

A few weeks ago I was laying in bed feeling sorry for myself. Then I watched a documentary on the poor child refugees from Syria and I quickly realised how trivial my pity party actually was. When I was asked to donate work for The Auction For Calais – to raise money for the Refugee Community Kitchen – I gladly gave one of my embroidered Cosmic Reflectors aka Magic Eggs… Thank goddess that these people exist and work tirelessly day and night to help those so desperately in need. I wish I could do more. People should not have to suffer like that – especially innocent children… The auction takes place Nov 21st at The Queens Arms Pub in Walthamstow. Lots of amazing work to be had – and all going to such a selfless cause! Click the pic or here to find out more. Thank you. oxo GD

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Grande Dame’s Cosmic Reflections in London Nov 10th!

Grande Dame’s Cosmic Reflections. Magic Power Shields to deflect bad energy. Made with love always. No 2 are alike. Each one handmade from original Grande Dame designed fabric remnants. Hand stitched, with machine embroidery and sequin and spangle embellishments. They will be on display at Philip Normals Shop in Brixton Village. On Thurs Nov 10th I will be having a PV. So please come down and say hello and have a look! I am hoping to have around 40 eggs in total. Each one made with love and care from my fabric design scraps. I will have 3 sizes available selling at £30/£50/£70 each – so totally affordable art! Perfect xmas prezzies too! The PV starts at 6pm and runs until 9. Be great to see some old faces! Click here or pic for info! Toodles! oxo GD



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Grande Dame & Satanist Cartoonist Collective Fri Nov 4th

London Friends! I will be having a special screening of the video I directed for Alabama 3 – Friday November 4th at Orbital Comics in London. I will be joining my fellow comrades in the Satanist Cartoonist Collective to celebrate the release of Satanic Mojo Issue #4! Woo! There will be more screenings, live music, art and comic book signings! So come one come all! And Hail satan! Click the pic or here for more info! Toodles! oxo GD

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My Voodoo at Fee Fee La Fou HQ & More!

feefee How mega awesome does My Voodoo On You look in the window of London’s coolest shop – Fee Fee La Fou HQ?!!! Perfect fit! Honestly I love it so much, I would be happy for it to hang there forever – ha! But it is for sale, so if you are in London, pop in and say hello! Also a little reminder that tomorrow night from 7-10pm I will be one of 10 speakers giving a slideshow presentation for Pecha Kucha for International Women’s Day at Bexhill’s iconic – De La War Pavilion! All sorts of interesting topics will be spoken about – including my little animation show. Should be a fun night for sure! Click the pic for info! More soon… oxo GD

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