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Rad Photo & Write Up

Before my opening the other night, I told myself a dozen times to make sure to get photos on the night – and if nothing else – of my outfit! Ha – priorities! Of course once the party kicked off I was so busy scurrying around from person to person, mingling, checking the music, making sure the vids were playing, etc; that like always – I forgot! I even tried to take a selfie in the downstairs toilets but they didn’t turn out. Then right near the end of the night I happened to meet a photographer named Nathan Thomas Jones – who asked could he take my pic and directed me in the middle of London Road for a very dramatic shot! Also the one above – I’m standing infront of the Co-Op Supermarket with the Dallas Fried chicken reflecting on the windows – drama! Anyhoo, click the pic or here to see his other amazing shot and write up – Thanx Nathan! More soon oxo gd

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Grande Dame Sportswear, Houseware and More!

Ladies & Gentleman! I am very excited to debut my line of printed EVERYTHING! Well pretty much everything – Ha!

For ages I have seen various sites where you can have your designs printed on pillow or iphone cases, but I wasn’t interested in either.

Then one day I started thinking – I would like to make my own leggings – and through the magic of google I found the site RageOn. Not only do they print on leggings, but drawstring pants, boxers, yoga pants, socks, high tops, low tops, sweatshirts, tanks, dresses, hoodies, duvet covers, towels, blankets, t shirts and so much more!

And it’s totally affordable! Prices start at $8 for ankle socks and go up to $100 for a Duvet cover! Wow! Unlike fast fashion, where they make tons of articles of clothing – this is made to order, so no waste! Yay!

It’s produced in the States and Eastern Europe. And it’s a 25 day turn around.
There are so many items – literally something for everyone and I want one of everything! Seriously dying!

OMG! WANT! No – NEED! So click any of the gifs or here to get to my shop. At first you see a series of hoodies, if you click on any, at the bottom of each pic you can scroll through all the different products!

Everything looks SO LUSH! It was difficult to choose what images to make gifs of. These are just a few of my faves, but there are dresses, shower curtains – even fleece blankets! Tons of items! So Perfect for Xmas! So get ordering so I can get some outfits PLEEZE! Happy Shopping! oxo gd

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Grande Dame in Preserve Magazine!

I’m a week late with this post, as I like many others around the world have been distracted by the UK imploding on itself… But I was pleasantly surprised when I received a copy of the superbly printed Preserve Magazine by my friend Jack Booth. I am truly honoured to have been asked to be featured. There are several amazing works by many other inspiring artists inside too! I can honestly say I have never seen my work printed to such a high standard as Jack has accomplished in a magazine. The colors are spot on and the paper weight is SO LUSH! Seriously, these pages are good enough to frame and hang on the wall! Well done Jack! It’s really more like an artbook than a mag! And at £10 – a bargain! So Click HERE or the pix to get your copy! FAB! More soon! OXOGD

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Grande Galleries Open!

This is a long time overdue, BUT I finally got around to putting my art archives up online! To be honest, it’s not EVERYTHING I have done, but a good majority of my work. I joined this new site PRZM. It’s cool because unlike ETSY, you can feature work for sale, but also show previous sold works, which is great, as I have many! And unlike Flickr, where you just have images, you can also have buy options! Pretty cool! It took me ages to put it together, and I am still adding to it, but a good portion of my creations are up and viewable to the world. There is a lot to see! So make a cup of tea and have a gander! If you see anything that catches your eye, get in touch! Click pic or here! More soon! oxo GD

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Burning Man Bound!

dangcruise Tomorrow morning I set off on my journey – headed to Burning Man to assist with interior design on this awesome ride – The Dang Gang Imperial Cruiser!! And other mad vehicles!! Is this real? Part of me still can’t believe it, but the other part can, because I have done a lot of work & now I’m starting to physically feel it! ha!
dangfabric All the fabric I designed came out beyond my expectations! Fabpad are the best fabric printers in the UK! Really over the moon!
danggangcush It’s hard to pick a favorite one! But this is a strong contender! I did 60 cushions in all, ranging in various sizes & patterns – some are even as big as beds! 5 feet by 5 feet! Wow!
dangbunting I even used some of the cushion remnants to make bunting! Waste not want not!
danggangflag My original design has become the official logo for Dang Gang Car Crew. If you’re at Burning Man this year – they should be flying at 8:45 between K & L – as well as on a few vehicles! So look out for them!
dangembroidery I also made an embroidery of the Dang Gang Dragon mascot – called Chairman Dang of Gang – hoping it will have a space to hang out there…
dangmumu2 And I made a few mumus – because – why not?
dangmumu1 I had an Aunt who, once she turned 40, all she wore was Mumus – that’s how I see myself! Ha! I’m going into my Mumu Phase! This one was inspired by Sun Ra’s “Space is the Place”…
boodang Boo Boo knows something is up! Sorry boy… I also took the logo image & other chinoiserie type drawings and made some trippy videos and loops! There is one car with a huge sail that the vids will be projected on!! OMG! HOW COOL!!! Some have accused me of overdoing it – but what can I say? I like to work in loads of different mediums! Most people have life goals of owning homes and having kids – mine are to explore as many creative avenues as possible! And what a great platform for me to exhibit my wares & collaborate with other talented artists! Plus it’s going to be beyond taking in the all the mad spectacle – Thank You UNIVERSE! Follow me on instagram if you want to keep up with my mad cap adventures!!! Ok toodles yall! oxo gd

A video posted by grandedame (@grandedame) on

A video posted by grandedame (@grandedame) on

A video posted by grandedame (@grandedame) on

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My Clown Shoes In The News

MICHELLE KEEGAN - RSH Yesterday I posted a picture of UK Soap Actress Michelle Keegan wearing my Isis design wedges for Terry de Havilland. Well today it is an actual story in the Daily Mail that she wore the Coco Clown Shoes! Ha! The headline is – “What a circus! Michelle Keegan jazzes up pretty lemon dress with crazy clown shoes as she juggles a busy day” – Cracks me up!
She posted a pic on her instagram feed and that made it into the story too – “The 27-year-old actress wowed in a lemon midi dress as she arrived at the ITV Studios to film an appearance for Alan Carr’s Chatty Man.
But the real style statement was Michelle’s choice of shoes, with the star gushing over her designer clown print heels on Instagram.” Over 36,000 people have liked the photo but there are some funny comments under the pic – esp from foot fetishists! Ha! Funny, I wore them yesterday too! Must have been International Clown shoe day! 🙂 More soon… oxo GD

Editors Update – Seems the Clown Shoes are making headlines all over the Tabloids! They’re actual stories in OK & Look Mags! And loads of other celeb journo sites too. Mental! Extra Extra! Actress Wears Wacky Clown Shoes! Ha Ha!

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My Shoes on The Telly

My Isis design for Terry de Havilland were on TV yesterday. Worn by UK actress Michelle Keegan on ITV show This Morning. They look smashing too if I do say so myself! This colorway was my original design but wasn’t put into production. A blue version was released instead. There are a few pairs left. Click the pic for info… Who knows, maybe these will come out too! They look fab on her! Yay! 🙂 xxGD

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