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Tonight is the night! I can’t believe it! Nearly got it all together! Just going down in a bit to fix a couple of things and hang the flat screen telly. I was just going to have a projector on the night showing visuals, but then it hit me – no – get a flat screen tv and have all the animations on a USB stick and play it throughout the duration of the show. The animation thing is so integral to my working process. In fact you will see many of the works I have in frames moving in the videos – it’s how I roll!

Here’s a few sneak peak pix. Big thanx to Oliver Crowther, Allen Clarke, & Jo Perfect for the hanging help!

How bout them lightboxes eh? Rad! So so so pleased! They really work in that space so well! Yay! Anyhoo, the other day I thought I would make a little ad for my iphone app to play in between the videos. Of course my app is the same name as the show – I kinda name every thing Electric Crazyland, it just kinda fits my lifestyle ya know? Ha! Anyhoo, it was just meant to be a lil visual addition for my show, but then I thought “why not upload it to Facebook? But then realised – it’s a minute long – I gotta have a sound track! I dug around my folders looking for old jam/ riffs – and then I found my old Soho Radio Theme Song of the same name – Electric Crazyland! I threw it in at the last minute – and it just happened to be the same length and the images change on the beat! Total accident – meant to be OBVS! So turn it up & enjoy! And if you are free tonight & in the East Sussex area – pop in and experience my colourful Electric Crazyland vibes! Ok ciao for now! Toodles oxo GD

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Grande Dame at Sentient Gallery

I have been meaning to blog this for ages, but as I was working on a new animated vid for the last 4 months – everything in my life fell by the way side – oops! Anyhoo, the amazing neon light designer and all around glamour puss Rebecca Mason has opened up a new gallery in Folkestone called Sentient Rooms, and I am happy to say they are stocking my work! Super stoked to be showing in such a cool space with so many other rad artists! And pleased to tell you, that my work has been flying outta there! Yay! She really has a great eye and there are a lot of pieces that I would like to have in my home too. So, if you are in the Folkestone area, pop in and have a look! There is something for every taste and budget! More soon! oxo gd

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Grande Dame in Palace Show!

Finally a blog post ha! I did not go away! Nope, I have been busy down in my bunker for the last few months creating a new video for The Alabama 3! Woo! Yes! That is correct! And I have to say it’s the coolest video I have ever made! Can not wait to share it with you! In the meantime I am happy to announce I will be showing work alongside some very talented local artists in the ballroom of my old building at Palace Court! It’s part of the Coastal Currents Arts Festival. Opens this Saturday and runs until the 11th. I’ll be there with Booboo & bells on, so come say hello and grab a deal! Click flyer or HERE of deets!! oxo GD

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Grande Galleries Open!

This is a long time overdue, BUT I finally got around to putting my art archives up online! To be honest, it’s not EVERYTHING I have done, but a good majority of my work. I joined this new site PRZM. It’s cool because unlike ETSY, you can feature work for sale, but also show previous sold works, which is great, as I have many! And unlike Flickr, where you just have images, you can also have buy options! Pretty cool! It took me ages to put it together, and I am still adding to it, but a good portion of my creations are up and viewable to the world. There is a lot to see! So make a cup of tea and have a gander! If you see anything that catches your eye, get in touch! Click pic or here! More soon! oxo GD

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Love is THE LAW!

GayHistory WOWOWOW! The USA has taken a big step forward in History! A long overdue step I might add! It is the law and it must be obeyed – Woo! So Happy for my gay brothers & sisters across America! Let’s hope this historic change will spread around the globe. Love conquers all! And dont forget – if you have a gay wedding to go to and need a gift I have Adam & Steve and Madam & Eve Porcelain Plates and Giclee Prints available!! Click the pic or here to see! More soon! oxo GD


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Happy Collectors

Nothing makes me happier than seeing photos of my work in peoples homes. It’s a great feeling to know they are pleased with my creations, and that something I created, could bring a bit of happiness into their lives. It’s my small part that I can do.
To me, color is therapy and the brighter – the better! It has healing powers and can lift you up out of the doldrums… Well it does me anyway & I know others are affected by it. When I had my solo show at PR Firm Ketchum Pleon a few years back, a few employees thanked me and told me what a joy it was to come to work and be greeted with the bright colors, that it started off their days on a positive footing! I was over the moon!
I am so pleased that they are pleased! It’s win win all the way round! If you need a color lift to brighten up your world, then click the pix and let the bright hues do their magic and put a smile on your face today! I promise it totally works! More soon… oxo gd

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Grande Dame Print Editions At Art Republic!

Legendary Print Gallery Art Republic have just added my work to their roster of artists! Wow! And they did a smashing blog post about me too! You can read it here! So honoured to be in the company of so many mega icons of the art world! WOWOWOW!!! Still a few days left to get your gifts in! Check out my gallery on their site here! Awesome! 🙂

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