Grande Dame, aka Tiff McGinnis, is a self-taught multimedia artist: an audio/visual storyteller, who writes music, creates animations and makes an array of art in different mediums from the images in her animations. Her process is laborious, starting with sound, then moving image, then still art. Originally from the Deep South of Columbus, Georgia, she has been based in the UK since early 2001. As a child, Tiff was heavily influenced by the rich sounds of the Mississippi Delta, psychedelic cartoons, iconography, pinball, Art Nouveau, 60’s black light and Fillmore East Posters – all of which are evident in her creations.

DeluxeBoxSetIn 2001 Tiff came to the UK to pursue a career in music and signed an album deal with Tummy Touch records under her old moniker Crazy Girl. Since then she has had her music licensed for various TV shows, ads, and the Coen Brothers Film, Burn After Reading. She is a published writer with Touch Tones Music.

Shortly after arriving in the UK, Tiff began to teach herself animation by creating colorful videos for her songs. Her unique style gained attraction, and she built a career making videos for bands including Alabama 3, Adrian Edmundson’s Bad Shepherds, viral ads for KPM Music, video game art for MTV Networks and more. Her work has been shown in festivals around the globe including Spike & Mike’s Sick & Twisted Festival of Animation She is a featured artist on Giphy. Makes animated sticker packs for Facebook. And her animations are heavily featured throughout, as well as the main promo image for Apple’s iphone 7 -Stickerfight Campaign.

Tiff created psychedelic fabric patterns for legendary couture shoe designer Terry de Havilland and collaborated with celebrated light designer the late Chris Bracey of God’s Own Junkyard on a series of light boxes. In Feb 2012 she had her first solo exhibition at PR giant Ketchum Pleon’s corporate headquarters in London’s Spitalfields, and October 23, 2014 Tiff had her solo exhibition – Grande Dame’s Voodoo On You (original art inspired by her music) – upstairs at ink-d gallery Brighton, which was so successful they extended it 3 weeks. Esteemed art blog People of Print said – “Everything you see is fantastically printed, illustrated and designed by Grande Dame, from the wallpaper and the curtains to the framed artwork, the candles and the vinyl on the record player.”


Since her humble beginnings she has moved into silk screening, embroidery, painting, portrait art, gilding, soft furnishings, comic books, fabric, wallpaper, Jukebox design and much more. Tiff’s designs for Terry de Havilland have been featured in Italian Vogue, Metro, The Times, Stylist and her Coco Clown heels caused a viral sensation making headlines in The Daily Mail, Heat, Look & More. Her designs have even been seen in a mutant vehicle at Burning Man.

In a relatively short span of time, Tiff has gained a strong following of music, animation, and art & design fans around the globe. She is a dedicated, creative maverick, with a keen eye for detail. Her work is thought provoking, funny, colorful and exciting; her sound is big, and her style is large – she is GRANDE DAME.

Photo by Nathan Thomas Jones

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  1. Kirsten

    amazing, love the videos, art, music
    mind blowingly awesome
    so proud and impressed by all your work

  2. jessie

    love, love, love!!!

  3. chris mc muck

    You fucking RULE tough girl. I love you! xxxx

  4. ainst

    hello tiff! doing well? thanks for great gift! was very kind of you! a.

  5. Mariah

    I am loving everything about your site. Thank you for keeping the flame of fabulouslessness alive. You’re inspiring me to make more art and become more grand. It’s my 36 birthday and it seems fortuitous that I found your blog today.
    Have an amazing, artful 2012.

    – Mariah

  6. Víctor

    I loved the concept of music, images and videos, I look so colorful, full of feeling and so much fun, especially fun. that bit of joy that we lack many times in our lives. Greetings from Mexico.

  7. All right-y then Miss Grande Dame. I bow down to your Goddess-ness of Fabulousity and say; “You are the Toast of the Town!” Congratulations on a beautiful and well presented opening last week. The slide show was terrific. Your dedication and hard work are definitely paying off. Hope to meet you soon in person whether I there or you here. Let’s hope the door swings both ways. (I won’t go there… this time. HA!) You’re the Best! Sincerely, Mr. Edward Taste Valentine@Taste Studios… Art, Beauty, and Design. San Francisco ];*)))

  8. very nice graphic, like the style. should do a show in the sticks of norfolk and at he same time get a tattoo from me, i’ll swop art with you, you could be my canvas for the day hahahah loves hewy

    • Thanx for checking my work out! Dunno when I’ll make it up to Norfolk, but if I do, I’ll look you up! take care! tiff

      • Well as you are or was brought up in the good old US of A, it would be like doing a show in Alaska haha Norwich has a good arty seen if you into painting the coast line or the Norfolk boards as once sung about in a David bowie song. Well saying that i’ ve been doing oil painting with a 80 year old who does classic heavy horse piantings total opposite to your work. Good talking to you and kisses on both cheeks lovelies, hewy p.s I would come down to london to see your work in all its colourful glory but I get a nose bleed if I go to far from home x

  9. Sophie Townsend

    Absolutely love your Grande Dame album, i have some of your previous stuff on Tummy touch, it must be you on the twitchin track featuring Chantilly Peach? thats a wicked little track, i used to play it quite a bit in my dj sets. Your recent exhibition looked fantastic also and have been loving the videos Adrian Meehan showed me. I really hope we can work with you at AWAL doing any digital distribution you might need for the album. love Sophie x

    • Thanx Sophie!! OMG! That track! Ha Ha! Hoping to put a new release out in the next w=few months.. Had to push the album back till next year, cos the vids are taking so long to make, but it will be worth it! Thanx for getting in touch! Def be in touch soon! oxo tiff

  10. jucamoon

    Thanks Tiff for turning me on to this. Can’t wait to see what you do next.

  11. BP

    I’m on a killer deadline – tonight will be an all-nighter. My zillion track iTunes is cranked up, & out of the woodwork popped “Regs” – I think I robbed it off your MySpace years ago. It made me want to jump up & down on my desk, scream like a slapped step-child & piss all over my computer! I have no time for distractions now but I just had to track down your website & see wether you are playing any gigs anytime soon?
    x BP

  12. Hi Grande Dame, I’m one half of a shoot film event that’s running four themed events at The Cinema Museum from Sept-Dec this year. We’re called THE ONE REELER FILM CLUB. You can find us here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/415233621950132/?fref=ts

    I found FEVA on the Shooting People Gallery, loved it, and would really like to include it in our MAGNIFICENT OBSESSION themed opening event on Sept 9. It’s a night to socialise with with other film folk as much as anything and so ideally you’d come along for a Q&A to talk about that, the death of Crazy Girl, reincarnation of Grande Dame and what’s cooking for you right now.

    Please contact me and I can fill you in on the details.


  13. Eamon

    Like it; esp the artwork- keep on truckin- Eamon Everall

  14. We truly wish you a psychedelic thank you xxx

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